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20:54 Changeset [9627] by mkommend

#1734: Improved data importer usability:

  • new closing message
  • rename column reacts on lost focus
  • updated copyright info
19:45 Changeset [9626] by mkommend

#1730: Implemented new features for the excel export:

  • The menu item is enabled if any view containing a symreg solution is displayed.
  • Classifications are not longer supported.
  • Export is performed asynchronously.
  • Inputs are sorted in the same order if a dataset is passed.
17:50 Changeset [9625] by pfleck

Insert charts on index page for CPU utilization, cores and memory usage.
Added html helper for generating chart javascript.
Added ChartDataController for generating JSON data for the charts.

13:34 Changeset [9624] by mkommend

#2070: Corrected changes made in r9623 to DataAnalysisImportTypeDialog designer file.

13:02 Changeset [9623] by mkommend

#2070: Corrected anchors of error textbox in DataAnalysisImportDialog.

12:22 Ticket #2071 (Refactor TableFileParser) created by abeham
Currently, the table file parser uses a heuristic to determine the …
11:20 Changeset [9622] by gkronber

#1967: fixed generation of GPR problem instances (sampling from Gaussian processes) to work together with the current trunk version

10:58 Ticket #2067 (Relative error is calculated incorrectly in the ...) closed by mkommend
done: r9621: Merged r9568 in the stable branch.
10:57 Changeset [9621] by mkommend

#2067: Merged r9568 in the stable branch.

08:49 Ticket #2032 (Polynomial covariance function) closed by gkronber
08:41 Changeset [9620] by gkronber

#2032: merged r9515:9516 and r9535 to stable branch


16:34 Changeset [9619] by spimming


  • Added new BillingService methods
  • Disabled proxy generation and lazy loading!
  • Extended see method with additional test data
  • Added properties to order and invoice model
  • initial commit of BillingEngine module
15:16 Changeset [9618] by mkommend

#2038: Updated Samples.

15:10 Changeset [9617] by pfleck

Started integrating Hive statistics into statistics web project.
Added jqPlot library for charting.

15:02 Changeset [9616] by ascheibe

#2030 merged trunk into hive performance branch

14:04 Ticket #1634 (Command for data importer to calculate a time series of percental ...) closed by mkommend
14:03 Ticket #1471 (Functionality for preprocessing of large datasets as preparation for ...) closed by mkommend
13:54 Changeset [9615] by mkommend

#1734: Updated copyright information in all DataImporter classes.

13:32 Changeset [9614] by mkommend

#1734: Added StorableConstructor to all storable DataImporter classes.

13:30 Ticket #2068 (New columns are inserted in the wrong position) closed by mkommend
13:15 Changeset [9613] by mkommend

#1971: Adapted ItemCollectionView and RunCollectionView to use batch events if the content supports them.

13:05 Changeset [9612] by ascheibe


  • fixed error handling for external program calls
  • added missing StorableClass attribute
11:41 Changeset [9611] by mkommend

#2070: Removed flag NumberStyles.AllowTrailingSign in the TableFileParser.

08:33 Changeset [9610] by sforsten

#2070: corrected resource instance provider

05:29 Changeset [9609] by melkaref


  • Added EmptyEvent.cs
  • Modified Grammar.cs to allow EmptyEvent as a child in place of all Event Methods except for Run and OnScannedEvent


21:41 Changeset [9608] by sforsten


  • changed parse methods in TableFileParser to accept a bool which defines, if the first line contains variable names
  • added methods in TableFileParser to check if the first line contains variable names
  • adapted unit tests
  • adapted DataAnalysisImportTypeDialog so that a checkbox can be set to define if the first line contains variable names
  • added the flag NumberStyles.AllowTrailingSign for parsing doubles
17:00 Ticket #2070 (TableFilesParser does not parse correctly) created by sforsten
TableFilesParser does not parse doubles with the exponential format …
16:37 Changeset [9607] by sforsten

#1730: added cell formatting

13:54 Changeset [9606] by sforsten

#1980: forgot to delete a file

13:32 Changeset [9605] by sforsten


  • set plugin dependencies
  • added smart initialization
  • added hierarchical selection
  • fixed major and minor default rule
  • fixed several smaller bugs
  • some refactoring has been done
10:40 Changeset [9604] by pfleck

Set up basic webpage layout based on WebApplication branch.
Added Asp.Net MVC packages and some helper packages.
Implemented login.


17:38 Changeset [9603] by ascheibe

#2069 fixed object disposed exception in CodeNodeView that occurred when switching the viewhost

16:32 Changeset [9602] by spimming


  • Workaround for enums in model classes
  • Implemented dao methods for model
  • Added test data in db seed method
  • changed EF configuration
  • Implemented some BL methods
15:48 Changeset [9601] by ascheibe


  • fixed cloning in Solution so that the SolutionCodeView can run a battle
  • fixed a compiler warning in CodeNodeView
15:41 Ticket #2069 (Implement GP problem for code generation) created by ascheibe
This works at the moment for RoboCode but should be generalized in the …
13:45 Changeset [9600] by sforsten

#1730: added "ABS" again in the calculation of the relative error which was removed in r9585. If the target is negative, the absolute value prevents that the formula would result in a negative relative error.


12:58 Changeset [9599] by jhelm

#1966: Bugfixing; Refactoring; Performancetuning;


15:35 Changeset [9598] by jhelm

#1966: Fixed a bug which caused the stacking-contraint to be wrongly enforced; Did some cleanup;

12:13 Changeset [9597] by mkommend

#1632: Corrected persisting the SavitzkyGolay filter in the data importer.

01:20 Changeset [9596] by jhelm

#1966: More refactoring; Added more sophisticated structures for packing-plan and bin-packing representation; Transferred parts of the decoding-algorithms to these structures; Did some more refactoring and cleanup;


17:57 Download edited by gkronber
17:56 Download edited by gkronber
17:53 Download edited by gkronber
17:52 Download edited by gkronber
17:48 Download edited by gkronber
Updated wording (diff)
17:11 Ticket #1549 (DebuggerVisualizer for ISymbolicExpressionTreeNodes) closed by gkronber
14:50 Changeset [9595] by mkommend

#2068: Corrected insert position in new column commands.

14:49 Ticket #2068 (New columns are inserted in the wrong position) created by mkommend
If the new column command is used in a macro the insert position is …
07:32 Ticket #2053 (Update implementation of covariance functions to match GPML version ...) closed by gkronber
done: r9594: merged r9544 into stable branch for release
07:32 Changeset [9594] by gkronber

#2053: merged r9544 into stable branch for release

03:12 Changeset [9593] by jhelm

#1966: Applied some heavy refactoring on the decoder-classes and cleaned up the code a bit;


17:52 Changeset [9592] by abeham

#2038: Added tagging comment

15:28 Changeset [9591] by mkommend

#2038: Added backwards compatibility regions into the modified algorithms for elites reevaluation.

14:59 Changeset [9590] by mkommend

#1730: Corrected output path of epplus.

14:53 Changeset [9589] by pfleck

Added MVC project and all required libraries.
Added publish profile to web services and web pages.

14:19 Changeset [9588] by fschoepp


  • Removed readme from scaler
  • Added BillingEnabled flag to configuration files
14:18 Changeset [9587] by mkommend

#1730: Integrated excel export for symbolic datanalysis solutions in the trunk.

14:09 Changeset [9586] by fschoepp


  • Billing Component may now be deactivated by setting the BillingEnabled flag within the OaaS service configuration.
  • Added views for invoices and usage data.
  • Changed appearance of the SaveOrder view.
11:40 Changeset [9585] by mkommend

#1730: Added necessary plugin dependency and improved error handling.

10:33 Changeset [9584] by mkommend

#1730: Minor code changes and organization in the export to excel functionality.

10:14 Ticket #1319 (The background of tab pages is not correclty redrawn) closed by mkommend
worksforme: Tested it also on my Windows 7 machine and found no problems.


16:45 Changeset [9583] by sforsten

#1730: added error handling, if estimated value evaluates to an error like #NAN or #NUM in Excel

16:30 Changeset [9582] by fschoepp


  • Added an overview for users to inspect their orders
  • Order Administrators may now suspend or reactivate orders
  • When creating an order, its necessary to enter payment information (paypal, credit card,...) before
  • Also, the billing period and type must be entered during the creation of an order.
16:12 Changeset [9581] by sforsten


  • accidently added bin directory
  • changed svn properties
16:08 Changeset [9580] by sforsten


  • added SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionExcelFormatter
  • changed modifiers in SymbolicExpressionTreeChart of methods SaveImageAsBitmap and SaveImageAsEmf to public
  • added menu item ExportSymbolicSolutionToExcelMenuItem to export a symbolic solution to an excel file
  • added EPPlus-3.1.3 to ExtLibs
14:57 Changeset [9579] by spimming


  • Revised model classes
  • Modified relationship definitions according to model types
13:18 Changeset [9578] by pfleck

Task statistics contains only current state and no change history.
Statistics calculation is no longer based on increment updates.
TaskId is primary key in task statistics and EndTime is nullable.
Added TaskState to Task statistics.

11:05 Changeset [9577] by spimming


  • Added dal and service interfaces and implementations
  • Added dbcontext for billing
10:59 Changeset [9576] by spimming


  • Added billing test client
  • Use entity framework for DAL
  • Modified service interface and model classes
09:34 Changeset [9575] by fschoepp


  • Added missing AssemblyInfo.cs files
09:04 Changeset [9574] by sforsten

#1730: branch project Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views


16:23 Ticket #1677 (Rows in the RunCollectionTabularView don't respect filters) closed by mkommend
done: r9573: Merged r9505 and r9506 in the stable branch.
16:22 Changeset [9573] by mkommend

#1677: Merged r9505 and r9506 in the stable branch.

16:20 Ticket #2066 (TimeSeriesProblemData does not adapt training and test ranges) closed by mkommend
done: r9572: Merged r9552 in the stable branch.
16:19 Changeset [9572] by mkommend

#2066: Merged r9552 in the stable branch.

15:18 Changeset [9571] by pfleck

Calculating total waiting-, transfer- and calculating time for task statistics.

15:02 Changeset [9570] by melkaref

Fixed SolutionCodeView to use the specified Path variable

14:43 Ticket #1554 (Implement a RunCollectionView for aggregating DataTables) closed by mkommend
obsolete: Replying to gkronber: > I believe this has been …
14:39 Changeset [9569] by mkommend

#2038: Added reevaluation of elites in ES, IslandGA, IslandOSGA, OSGA, SASEGASA, and RAPGA.

14:27 Changeset [9568] by sforsten

#2067: relative error is now calculated by dividing the absolute error by the target value

14:21 Ticket #2067 (Relative error is calculated incorrectly in the ...) created by sforsten
The relative error in the view RegressionSolutionEstimatedValuesView
12:11 Changeset [9567] by melkaref

Removed need to load xml file in Evaluator.cs;

08:23 Changeset [9566] by gkronber

#1967 removed auto-generated files and set svn:ignore properties

07:07 Changeset [9565] by melkaref

Robocode Plugin code without Mutation Operators

00:22 EvoSoft edited by swagner
00:21 EvoSoft edited by swagner


21:55 Ticket #2062 (Analyzer that tracks the best symbolic expression tree in the results) closed by gkronber
done: r9564: integrated r9530:9531 into the stable branch
21:52 Changeset [9564] by gkronber

#2062 integrated r9530:9531 into the stable branch

04:26 Changeset [9563] by jhelm

#1966: Implemented additional Operator-Wrappers for PackingSequence and GroupingVector; Implemented additional problem-class for Rosenbauer-Problemstatement; Added marker-interfaces for decoder-types;


17:20 Changeset [9562] by gkronber

#1967 worked on Gaussian process evolution.

16:10 ChangeLogPending edited by abeham
15:46 Changeset [9561] by pfleck

Simplified and optimized query for task fact statistics.

11:20 Changeset [9560] by pfleck

Query last client for task facts and calculate task fact data.
(TotalRuntime/Wait/TransferRime pending)

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.