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23:01 Changeset [9327] by mkommend

#2024: Corrected plugin dependencies of HeuristicLab.ParallelEngine.Views.

22:53 Changeset [9326] by mkommend

#2024: Forgot to initialize the degree of parallelism in the ParallelEngine.

21:02 Changeset [9325] by sluengo
16:56 Changeset [9324] by fschoepp


  • DAL: Added a Delete method which deletes by experiment id.
  • HL DataTables will now be transposed and mapped as double[ROWS][COLUMNS] (transposed)
  • JS: Moved all classes into "modules" to prevent namespace pollution (using OAAS_MODEL for model classes, OAAS_VIEW for views and OAAS_CONTROLLER for controllers)
  • JS: Moved DatatypeMapper classes into Backbone views
  • JS: Models now correctly send DELETE requests
  • Added a new job overview page (which also renders run details) using AJAX
  • Using moment.min.js to format DateTime as string
  • Controllers now inherit from BaseController which provides a RedirectToLoginIfNecessary-method
  • Added loading animations to several AJAX bound places (loading experiments / scenarios)
  • Added a section to _Layout.cshtml which allows page-specific JavaScript includes (<script> only for a certain page)
  • Fixed Build/Edit of experiment menu redirecting to the wrong page
  • The Experiment Variation Dialog disables input fields, if the property has not been activated before
16:51 Changeset [9323] by mkommend

#2024: Changed parallel engine to use parallel.foreach instead of spawning task manually to enable more options for parallelization.

11:03 Changeset [9322] by mkommend

#1890: Deactived performance related asserts in unit tests, due to build server problems.

10:34 Changeset [9321] by svonolfe

Fixed possible race condition (#1953)


22:06 Ticket #2024 (Make the degree of parallelization configurable in the ParallelEngine) created by mkommend


19:29 Changeset [9320] by ascheibe

#1886 some more improvements for the statistical testing view

15:08 Changeset [9319] by ascheibe

#1886 improved view and added documentation

13:39 Changeset [9318] by ascheibe

#1886 added test for normality and pairwise statistical testing


11:15 Ticket #1982 (Update log4net to 1.2.11) closed by abeham


16:32 Changeset [9317] by ascheibe

#1886 started working on a statistical testing run collection view


16:21 Changeset [9316] by ascheibe

#1886 implemented Kruskal-Wallis Test


21:52 Changeset [9315] by mkommend

#2023: Adapted bubble chart to fire the ViewChanged event, if the selected runs are changed. Added event forwarding for the ViewChanged event in the ViewHost and updated the CreateEnsembleMenuItem to work with the selected runs from the bubble chart.FF

17:56 Ticket #2023 (The CreateEnsemble MenuItem should utilize the selected Runs of the ...) created by mkommend
The bubble chart allows the selection of runs according to certain …
16:59 Changeset [9314] by sforsten


  • the properties of Item are cached
  • added solution file and build commands
16:21 Changeset [9313] by mkommend

#2016: Corrected text alignment of the newly introduced buttons in the bubblechart.

16:11 Changeset [9312] by mkommend

#2016: Changes in the bubblechart:

  • Added possibility to select runs.
  • Added option to hide all selected runs.
  • Performance improvements regarding coloring, filtering and selection.
  • Corrected minor bug regarding categorial values in the bubblechart and boxplot view.
12:31 Changeset [9311] by sforsten

#2022: branch project Core

12:30 Changeset [9310] by sforsten

#2022: branch project Core.Views

12:29 Changeset [9309] by sforsten

#2022: created branch

12:27 Ticket #2022 (Updating items in ItemListView is rather slow) created by sforsten
Even if just a series of IntValues are incremented, the …
12:20 Changeset [9308] by sforsten


  • added column names to the ValueTypeArray and StringArray
  • added batch update methods to IStringConvertibleArray similar to methods in IStringConvertibleMatrix
09:26 Changeset [9307] by sforsten

#2018: restored original behaviour of StringConvertibleMatrixView


16:47 Changeset [9306] by sforsten


  • renamed the structs and methods in IStringConvertibleMatrix
  • added MatrixValuesChangedEventArgs in IStringConvertibleMatrix
  • added methods SetValues(MatrixValues<T>) in ValueTypeMatrix
  • fixed bugs in StringConvertibleMatrixView: DataGridView has now at least one column and dataGridView_CellValidating does not set e.Cancel to true anymore.
14:40 Changeset [9305] by fschoepp


  • Added an Update / GetExperiment... methods to the controller for updating and querying experiments.
  • The AlgorithmConverter class now properly converts from/to JSON format.
  • Integrated backbone js as MVC provider for JavaScript + jquery.
  • Added experiment.model.js + experiment.view.js + experiment.controller.js containing the MVC impl. for the Experiment pages.
  • Added new methods to the ExperimentController usable by the backbone js model implementation.
  • Added the experiment dialog from HL 3.3.7 (variate experiment parameters). It's capable of variating the algorithm parameters.
13:39 Changeset [9304] by ascheibe

#2019 UpdateTaskState has to return a complete task object


16:05 Changeset [9303] by abeham

#1961: Improved performance slightly (thx to mkommend)

14:53 HeuristicLab.Algorithms.CMAEvolutionStrategy-3.3.dll attached to Blog: CMA-ES Implementation in HeuristicLab by abeham
Any CPU release build of current implementation
14:52 Blog: CMA-ES Implementation in HeuristicLab created by abeham
14:51 Changeset [9302] by abeham

#1961: updated analyzer to match the output of Hansen more closely

14:13 cmaes-rastrigin.png attached to Pictures by abeham
CMA-ES performance on 10-D Rastrigin test function
14:13 cmaes-rosenbrock.png attached to Pictures by abeham
CMA-ES performance on 10-D Rosenbrock test function
14:09 cmaes-sphere.png attached to Pictures by abeham
CMA-ES performance on 10-D Sphere test function
13:02 Changeset [9301] by abeham

#2020: fixed index out of range in NormalDistributedRealVectorCreator

12:17 Changeset [9300] by abeham

#2020: Added files from last commit to project


17:16 Changeset [9299] by abeham

#1961: removed comment

16:46 Changeset [9298] by abeham

#1961: fixed bug introduced in last commit regarding initialization of cCov

16:13 Changeset [9297] by abeham


  • Improved performance of CMA-ES without ALGLIB
    • All CMA-ES parameter are standard .NET types instead of HL types
15:39 Changeset [9296] by bburlacu

#1772: Updated analyzers.

15:24 Changeset [9295] by mkommend

#2020: Added merge info from CMA-ES branch to HL.Analysis and HL.Analysis.Views.

15:23 Changeset [9294] by mkommend

#2020: Commited remaining files of CMA-ES branch integration to HL.Problems.TestFunctions.

14:53 Changeset [9293] by bburlacu

#1772: Added new similarity measures and moved them to separate class SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeSimilarity.cs.

14:49 Changeset [9292] by bburlacu

#2021: Reverted r9290 as it is actually slower than the initial implementation.

11:33 Documentation/FAQ edited by mkommend
11:32 Unblock DLLs.png attached to Documentation/FAQ by mkommend
Screenshot showing how to unblock DLLs in windows
11:31 Documentation/FAQ edited by mkommend
Added section on HL crash during startup (diff)
10:22 Documentation/FAQ edited by mkommend
Adapted the size of screenshots on the FAQ wiki page (diff)


17:33 Changeset [9291] by abeham

#1961: Removed dependency to ALGLIB in CMA-ES implementation (code is commented)

10:32 Changeset [9290] by bburlacu

#2021: Removed double field from Instruction.cs, added separated double array for computing the values.

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