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16:47 Changeset [9306] by sforsten


  • renamed the structs and methods in IStringConvertibleMatrix
  • added MatrixValuesChangedEventArgs in IStringConvertibleMatrix
  • added methods SetValues(MatrixValues<T>) in ValueTypeMatrix
  • fixed bugs in StringConvertibleMatrixView: DataGridView has now at least one column and dataGridView_CellValidating does not set e.Cancel to true anymore.
14:40 Changeset [9305] by fschoepp


  • Added an Update / GetExperiment... methods to the controller for updating and querying experiments.
  • The AlgorithmConverter class now properly converts from/to JSON format.
  • Integrated backbone js as MVC provider for JavaScript + jquery.
  • Added experiment.model.js + experiment.view.js + experiment.controller.js containing the MVC impl. for the Experiment pages.
  • Added new methods to the ExperimentController usable by the backbone js model implementation.
  • Added the experiment dialog from HL 3.3.7 (variate experiment parameters). It's capable of variating the algorithm parameters.
13:39 Changeset [9304] by ascheibe

#2019 UpdateTaskState has to return a complete task object


16:05 Changeset [9303] by abeham

#1961: Improved performance slightly (thx to mkommend)

14:53 HeuristicLab.Algorithms.CMAEvolutionStrategy-3.3.dll attached to Blog: CMA-ES Implementation in HeuristicLab by abeham
Any CPU release build of current implementation
14:52 Blog: CMA-ES Implementation in HeuristicLab created by abeham
14:51 Changeset [9302] by abeham

#1961: updated analyzer to match the output of Hansen more closely

14:13 cmaes-rastrigin.png attached to Pictures by abeham
CMA-ES performance on 10-D Rastrigin test function
14:13 cmaes-rosenbrock.png attached to Pictures by abeham
CMA-ES performance on 10-D Rosenbrock test function
14:09 cmaes-sphere.png attached to Pictures by abeham
CMA-ES performance on 10-D Sphere test function
13:02 Changeset [9301] by abeham

#2020: fixed index out of range in NormalDistributedRealVectorCreator

12:17 Changeset [9300] by abeham

#2020: Added files from last commit to project


17:16 Changeset [9299] by abeham

#1961: removed comment

16:46 Changeset [9298] by abeham

#1961: fixed bug introduced in last commit regarding initialization of cCov

16:13 Changeset [9297] by abeham


  • Improved performance of CMA-ES without ALGLIB
    • All CMA-ES parameter are standard .NET types instead of HL types
15:39 Changeset [9296] by bburlacu

#1772: Updated analyzers.

15:24 Changeset [9295] by mkommend

#2020: Added merge info from CMA-ES branch to HL.Analysis and HL.Analysis.Views.

15:23 Changeset [9294] by mkommend

#2020: Commited remaining files of CMA-ES branch integration to HL.Problems.TestFunctions.

14:53 Changeset [9293] by bburlacu

#1772: Added new similarity measures and moved them to separate class SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeSimilarity.cs.

14:49 Changeset [9292] by bburlacu

#2021: Reverted r9290 as it is actually slower than the initial implementation.

11:33 Documentation/FAQ edited by mkommend
11:32 Unblock DLLs.png attached to Documentation/FAQ by mkommend
Screenshot showing how to unblock DLLs in windows
11:31 Documentation/FAQ edited by mkommend
Added section on HL crash during startup (diff)
10:22 Documentation/FAQ edited by mkommend
Adapted the size of screenshots on the FAQ wiki page (diff)


17:33 Changeset [9291] by abeham

#1961: Removed dependency to ALGLIB in CMA-ES implementation (code is commented)

10:32 Changeset [9290] by bburlacu

#2021: Removed double field from Instruction.cs, added separated double array for computing the values.


19:05 Changeset [9289] by mkommend

#2007: Corrected changes in HL.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression.csproj

19:01 Changeset [9288] by mkommend

#2007: Adapted trunk projects to use AlgLib 3.7.0.

18:45 Changeset [9287] by mkommend

#2007: Adapated rng of AlgLib 3.7.0 to the changes in #1968.

16:37 Changeset [9286] by sforsten


  • added new methods to the interface IStringConvertibleMatrix as well as two structs. Also the event ItemChanged has been changed to ItemsChanged
  • class ValueTypeMatrix now implements IStringConvertibleMatrix instead of the classes which inherit from it
  • small changes have been applied to a lot of classes to correctly implement the changed interface IStringConvertibleMatrix
  • solution file, Build.cmd and PreBuildEvent.cmd have been added
16:12 Changeset [9285] by sforsten

#2018: branch project Problems.ArtificialAnt

16:10 Changeset [9284] by sforsten

#2018: branch project Problems.QuadraticAssignment

16:09 Changeset [9283] by sforsten

#2018: branch project Problems.VehicleRouting

16:08 Changeset [9282] by sforsten

#2018: branch project Problems.TestFunctions

16:06 Changeset [9281] by sforsten

#2018: branch project Problems.TravelingSalesman

15:51 Changeset [9280] by sforsten

#2018: branch project Analysis

15:20 Changeset [9279] by sforsten

#2018: branch project Optimization

15:18 Changeset [9278] by sforsten

#2018: branch project Problems.DataAnalysis

14:40 Changeset [9277] by abeham

#1789: fixed image assignment

14:25 Changeset [9276] by abeham

#1789: Added possibility to set transparency of the bubbles

10:47 Changeset [9275] by sforsten

#2018: branch project Data.Views

10:46 Changeset [9274] by sforsten

#2018: branch project Data

10:46 Changeset [9273] by sforsten

#2018: create new branch


15:16 Changeset [9272] by abeham

#1913: removed scaling of data

14:43 Changeset [9271] by bburlacu

#2021: Initial implementation of the SymbolicExpressionTreeLinearInterpreter.

14:42 Ticket #2021 (SymbolicExpressionTreeLinearInterpreter) created by bburlacu
Initial tests show that a linear interpreter (as in, non-recursive) …


18:32 Changeset [9270] by abeham

#1913: Changed NCA to use LM-BFGS optimization algorithm, added model/solution creators, added operator for gradient calculation

16:19 Changeset [9269] by mkommend

#2007: Updated ExtLib.sln with the new projects for AlgLib 3.7.0.

16:14 Changeset [9268] by mkommend

#2007: Added AlgLib 3.7.0 to the external libraries.

15:05 Changeset [9267] by abeham

#2008: fixed remaining issues (view is readonly, matrix is not sortable, categorical values are displayed in the cells)

14:25 Changeset [9266] by ascheibe

#2019 disable lazy loading in some methods to avoid deadlocks

13:55 Changeset [9265] by abeham

#2020: review comments

12:19 Changeset [9264] by abeham

#1961: removed all other plugins from the branch


23:50 Changeset [9263] by sluengo
23:48 Changeset [9262] by sluengo
20:34 Changeset [9261] by ascheibe

#2019 because GetUser sometimes fails try to repeat it

16:05 Changeset [9260] by mkommend

#1961: Adapted CMA-ES solution to contain only the algorithm projects as all the other changes have already been integrated in the trunk in r9258.

15:57 Changeset [9259] by ascheibe

#2019 improved resource assigning method

15:38 Changeset [9258] by mkommend

#2020: Integrated changes developed in the CMA-ES branch by abeham in the trunk.

15:35 Ticket #2020 (Integrate new features from the CMA-ES branch into the trunk) created by mkommend
In addition to the new CMA-ES algorithm some other features were …
13:57 Changeset [9257] by ascheibe


  • added missing transactions in the Hive service
  • split scheduling transaction into smaller transactions
  • improved speed of job uploading (AddTask)
  • changed highest isolation level from Serializable to RepeatableRead as phantom reads shouldn't be a problem
13:50 Ticket #2019 (Improve the use of db transactions in the Hive server) created by ascheibe
There are still some webservice methods that don't use transactions …
09:29 Changeset [9256] by fschoepp


  • Added missing nuget references (Json).
09:26 Changeset [9255] by fschoepp


  • Added missing nuget reference (Json).
09:23 Changeset [9254] by fschoepp


  • Added missing respositories.config for nuget (Heuristiclab/branches/OaaS/packages).
09:09 Changeset [9253] by fschoepp


  • Fixed build of OaaS-HL (removed an unnecessary reference to a .resx file).
  • Build order is as follows: HeuristicLab.ExtLibs, HeuristicLab 3.3, HeuristicLab 3.3 Services (Administrator)


21:55 Changeset [9252] by ascheibe

#1886 automatically calculate statistical values for each run

16:03 Ticket #2018 (Pasting values in a StringConvertibleMatrix is rather slow) created by mkommend
This is especially an issue if more than 10,000 values are updated. My …
14:13 Changeset [9251] by ascheibe

#1890 increased receive timeout on hive server and improved disposing of HiveTasks

13:31 Changeset [9250] by bburlacu

#1772: Updated LineageExplorerView and added functionality for highlighting common fragments in a given tree. Fixed view layout and element anchoring.

13:24 Changeset [9249] by bburlacu

#1772: Updated matching criteria to BoolValues in SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeMatching.cs.

13:23 Changeset [9248] by bburlacu

#1772: Added Analyzers/SymbolicExpressionTreeEvolvabilityAnalyzer.cs.

13:21 Changeset [9247] by bburlacu

#1772: Fixed serialization bug of DirectedGraph/Vertex.cs. Modifier behavior of the SymbolicExpressionTreeGenealogyGraphBuilder so that now instances of an elite individual are connected in the graph, which makes it easier to deal with lineages.

13:16 Changeset [9246] by bburlacu

#1772: Removed commented code from TracingSymbolicExpressionTreeManipulator.cs. Updated project file.


15:49 Changeset [9245] by mkommend

#1961: Corrected another bug regarding the bounds check in the CMAMutator.

14:20 Changeset [9244] by mkommend

#1961: Corrected bounds update in CMAMutator.

11:24 Changeset [9243] by ascheibe

#1961 removed readonly properties from cmaes as this lead to an exception in Hive


12:37 Changeset [9242] by sforsten


  • fixed several bugs (crossover, subsumption, serialization etc.)
  • added ModuloOperator
  • CombinedIntegerVectorClassificationProblem\Data and VariableVectorClassificationProblem\Data inherit from ConditionActionClassificationProblem\Data
  • it can now be set how often the analyzers have to be executed
  • VariableVectorAction, VariableVectorCondition and VariableVectorInput now inherit from Item
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