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13:45 Changeset [9209] by mkommend

#1890: Corrected copy & paste error in SymbolicRegressionConstantOptimizationEvaluator.

12:30 Changeset [9208] by sforsten


  • added wisconsin breast cancer problem instance
  • corrected iris dataset
  • changed classification data descriptors to be able to set training and test partition as well as input and target variables (in the same way as it is done in regression)


21:22 Changeset [9207] by ascheibe

#1890 disabled parallel task uploading as this produces a lot of failed db transactions and aborted uploads and therefore does not speed up uploading

13:04 Changeset [9206] by sforsten

#1980: branch project Problems.DataAnalysis


16:26 Changeset [9205] by sforsten

#1980: forgot to remove the reference to any specific encodings in the LearningClassifierSystems project

16:16 Changeset [9204] by sforsten


  • deleted not needed interface IMatching
  • finished VariableVector encoding
  • the algorithm LearningClassifierSystem is now independent of a specific encoding. It still needs the ConditionActionEncoding.
  • merged r9191:9203 HeuristicLab.Core from trunk to branch
15:56 StatisticalAnalysis edited by abeham
15:07 Changeset [9203] by abeham


  • Removed plugin HeuristicLab.SharpDevelop-
  • Added plugin HeuristicLab.SharpDevelop-3.2.1
    • Contains custom built binaries from SharpDevelop's 3.x branch
  • Changed dependency in HeuristicLab.CodeEditor-3.3
  • Removed log4net from ExtLibs
14:59 Ticket #2012 (Remove log4net dependency from SharpDevelop) created by abeham
SharpDevelop's ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Dom provides a LoggerService …
13:21 StatisticalAnalysis edited by abeham
H0 (diff)
13:10 StatisticalAnalysis edited by gkronber
Significant ;) (diff)
13:08 significant.png attached to StatisticalAnalysis by gkronber


16:17 Changeset [9202] by ascheibe


  • add repeating of failed tasks and task datas
  • added an additional ws method that loads lightweight tasks without the statelogs
16:02 Changeset [9201] by ascheibe

#2005 merged changes from trunk into branch


10:45 StatisticalAnalysis edited by abeham


22:24 Changeset [9200] by abeham

#1961: Fixed serialization of paused algorithm

22:17 Changeset [9199] by abeham


  • Switched to ALGLIB's high quality normal distributed random number generator
  • Added automatic restriction to bounds after mutation in case MaxTries > 1 and no valid solution could be obtained
14:59 StatisticalAnalysis edited by ascheibe
14:39 Changeset [9198] by ascheibe

#1886 added calculation of the overall parameter influence

13:13 Changeset [9197] by ascheibe

#1886 don't do testing if there aren't enough groups

11:03 Changeset [9196] by ascheibe


  • fixed a cloning bug
  • fixed forgotten event handler deregistration
  • added a run collection view for analyzing parameter influences
10:54 Ticket #2011 (GeneticAlgorithm's way of wiring the population size is not optimal ...) created by mkommend
This is severe malfunction, because if one changes the population size …


14:39 Changeset [9195] by mkommend

#1427: Moved actual value caching and execution contexts from Paramater to LookupParameter.


17:54 Changeset [9194] by sforsten


  • added necessary interface ICondition, IAction, IInput
  • removed not used class MatchSelector and interface IMatchSelector
  • added constructors to ItemDictionary
  • added new encoding
15:27 Changeset [9193] by ascheibe

#2005 simplified refreshing of jobs in the Hive client as this isn't needed anymore

15:18 Changeset [9192] by ascheibe

#1886 RunCollectionStatisticalTabularView now respects RunCollectionFilters

14:33 StatisticalAnalysis edited by ascheibe
added page with an overview of different tests (diff)
12:22 StatisticalAnalysis edited by gkronber
12:19 StatisticalAnalysis edited by gkronber
12:18 StatisticalAnalysis edited by gkronber
10:59 StatisticalAnalysis created by abeham
08:33 Changeset [9191] by sforsten

#1980: branch project HeuristicLab.Core


21:15 Ticket #2010 (Some TSP instances do not load) created by ascheibe
If you try to load some TSP instances (e.g. pla33810, pla7397 or …
16:22 Ticket #2009 (Statistical significance checking in box plot view) created by abeham
16:20 Changeset [9190] by abeham

#2008: Added option to obtain a matrix representation of a bubble chart view

15:05 Changeset [9189] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed unwanted mutations analyzer

14:42 Ticket #2008 (Add option to get data matrix from bubble chart grouping) created by abeham
09:54 Ticket #2007 (Update AlgLib to 3.7.0) created by mkommend


17:20 Changeset [9188] by ascheibe

#2005 implemented unloading of jobs

12:55 Changeset [9187] by ascheibe

#2005 merged changes from trunk into branch

12:46 Changeset [9186] by ascheibe

#2006 fixed disposing of ViewContextMenuStrip

01:06 Changeset [9185] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed scaling of qualities


14:08 Changeset [9184] by ascheibe

#2005 merged changes from trunk into branch

14:05 Changeset [9183] by ascheibe

#2005 reverted changes of r9174 as the trunk now contains the correct memory leak fixes (#2006)

10:18 Changeset [9182] by mkommend

#1997: Added reevaluation of elits to symbolic data analysis island ga and changed evaluator to combine the fixed and random samples.

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