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14:08 Changeset [9184] by ascheibe

#2005 merged changes from trunk into branch

14:05 Changeset [9183] by ascheibe

#2005 reverted changes of r9174 as the trunk now contains the correct memory leak fixes (#2006)

10:18 Changeset [9182] by mkommend

#1997: Added reevaluation of elits to symbolic data analysis island ga and changed evaluator to combine the fixed and random samples.


22:57 Changeset [9181] by mkommend

#2006: Changed GhostFactory to not hold a reference to the View object and completely removed the TextEditor tool as it was not in use.

22:53 Changeset [9180] by mkommend

#2006: Disposed menu items of the ViewHost correctly.

22:51 Ticket #2006 (Fix memory leaks in MainForm.WindowsForms and the ...) created by mkommend
* Menu items of the ViewHost are not disposed correctly * …
16:49 Changeset [9179] by abeham

#1890: Moved HeuristicLab project to first place in solution (so that it's selected as default startup project in a fresh checkout)

16:46 Changeset [9178] by mkommend

#1996: Corrected OperatorGraph.Iterate to include AlgorithmOperators.

16:46 Changeset [9177] by abeham

#1423: Renamed project to add version number (3.3) and fixed build number

13:39 Changeset [9176] by gkronber

#1508 updated trading plugin to work with current trunk version


16:33 Changeset [9175] by sforsten


  • added BestTrainingXCSSolutionAnalyzer and CurrentXCSSolutionAnalyzer
  • fixed bug: Equals method was not correct in CombinedIntegerVector
09:05 Changeset [9174] by ascheibe

#2005 fixed memory leaks in GraphVisualization and Docking


01:34 EvoSoft edited by swagner
01:27 EvoSoft/2012 edited by swagner


10:26 Changeset [9173] by ascheibe


  • fixed naming of event handlers that were forgotten when the naming from experiment to job was changed
  • fixed some more memory leaks


10:51 Changeset [9172] by mkommend

#1997: Improved wiring of SymbolicDataAnalysisIslandGA.


15:27 Changeset [9171] by gkronber

added comments suggesting a solution for calculating the EMA using a cache.

14:21 Changeset [9170] by ascheibe

#2005 fixed handling of unobservable exceptions

11:13 Changeset [9169] by ascheibe


  • renamed some events and methods
  • fixed some memory leaks
11:01 Changeset [9168] by ascheibe

#2005 created branch

11:00 Ticket #2005 (Add Unload Jobs in the Hive Job Manager) created by ascheibe
It should be possible to unload jobs in the Job Manager so that the …


15:52 Changeset [9167] by sforsten


  • change standard parameter settings in ConditionActionClassificationProblem
  • fixed bug: if a parent is copied instead of a crossover, the new individual is inserted in the population correctly
  • added missing attributes to ConditionActionClassificationProblemData
15:50 Changeset [9166] by fschoepp


  • Model: OptimizationScenario may be a tree of algorithms (and problems)
  • Model: Renamed InputParameters to ProblemParameters (as they are the parameters of a problem)
  • Model: Added JobExecutionDetails which contain Repetitions + Group (resource to use)
  • ScenarioParser parses the new XML scenario files
  • Website + Model: You are now able to add/remove rows from a table (no JavaScript involved yet)
  • Website + Controller: Added repetitions (enables batch jobs) and group (resource to use) to OaaS which will be used by the controller to schedule the job
  • Website: Updated templates to use new model structure
  • Website + Scenarios: Added the new algorithm Benchmark Algorithm
  • Controller: Added a singleton to make the (Azure/Mockup)-DAL exchangeable
  • Controller: Added mockup classes for DAL + IScenarioManager
  • Website/Result Page: Line Diagrams will be added via JavaScript, crawling their data using AJAX
  • Website: Most configuration parameters can be set in the ServiceDefinition directly
  • Added a mockup for the Membership classes: These can be used if no network connection is available or if other parts of the app shall be tested
  • Scenarios: Updated TSP mappings to new xsd
14:21 Changeset [9165] by mkommend

#1837: Corrected selection pressure base sliding window analyzer and added new sample algorithms.

13:56 Changeset [9164] by mkommend

#1837: Added validation to sliding window algorithms.

13:25 Changeset [9163] by mkommend

#1837: Merged trunk changes into branch.

13:19 Changeset [9162] by mkommend

#1837: Refactored sliding window analyzers and updated the provided algorithm.

11:18 Changeset [9161] by sforsten


  • added training and test partition to ConditionActionClassificationProblemData
  • ClassifierFetcher only uses training partition
10:47 Changeset [9160] by sforsten


  • added problem instance provider to import csv files for ConditionActionClassificationProblemData
  • adapted LCSAdaptedGeneticAlgorithm to use the crossover probability
  • fixed a bug in XCSModelView
09:44 Changeset [9159] by mkommend

#2003: Added the ICheckedMultiOperator interface to CheckedMultiOperator.

09:33 Changeset [9158] by abeham

#1961: improved wiring slightly, added check in OnStarted and fixed name of placeholder


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16:51 Changeset [9157] by shuttere
16:20 Changeset [9156] by mkommend

#2001: Removed commented code from ResourceRegressionInstanceProvider.

15:37 Changeset [9155] by abeham

#1961: commit of project files

15:23 Changeset [9154] by sforsten


  • added XCSSolution, XCSModel, XCSClassifier to represent the xcs classifier
  • XCSSolution also shows the current accuracy (training and test partition has to be added)
  • added XCSSolutionAnalyzer to create a XCSSolution during the run of the algorithm
  • added XCSModelView to show the xcs model
  • fixed a bug in XCSDeletionOperator (sometimes it deleted less classifiers than it should)
  • moved some parameter from ConditionActionClassificationProblem to ConditionActionClassificationProblemData
14:54 Changeset [9153] by mkommend

#1985: Removed unused enum TimeLimitRunAction.

13:14 Changeset [9152] by mkommend

#2004: Add an update flag to the best solution symbolic data analysis analyzers (single- and multi objective).

13:03 Ticket #2004 (Flag to determine if the best solutions should be updated regardless ...) created by mkommend
Currently the symbolic data analysis analyzers that track the best …
10:29 Changeset [9151] by mkommend

#2003: Added new interface ICheckedMultiOperator and derived IMultiAnalyzer from it, to allow the UserDefinedAlgorithm to add disabled, problem dependent analyzer to its multi analyzer.

10:13 Ticket #2003 (UserDefinedAlgorithms enable all provided analyzers by default) created by mkommend
The UserDefinedAlgorithm does not take the enabled by default flag …


01:45 EvoSoft edited by swagner
01:44 EvoSoft edited by swagner
01:36 EvoSoft created by swagner
01:08 Changeset [9150] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed successor configuration and added successful mutation chart


17:28 Changeset [9149] by abeham

#2002: fixed plotting of points when axis were set to logarithmic

17:28 Changeset [9148] by abeham


  • Added Logarithmic flag also to AxisRatio
  • Fixed some bugs regarding initial iterations
  • Removed the PredefinedRealVectorCreator and instead added a NormalDistributedRealVectorCreator
    • When sigma is 0 this is the same as the PredefinedRealVectorCreator
14:36 Changeset [9147] by gkronber

changed int constants to double constants to prevent future mistakes

14:19 Changeset [9146] by mkommend

sluengo branch: refactored interpretation of EMA symbol

13:03 Changeset [9145] by mkommend

#1837: Improved Sliding Window Analyzers to work with user defined algorithms.

12:30 AdditionalMaterial edited by abeham
added note on IEEE TII paper (diff)


13:19 Changeset [9144] by mkommend

#2001: Corrected range of tower dataset and adapted SGP regression sample and the according unit test.

09:50 Changeset [9143] by epitzer

#1696 implement repeated up-down walks and multi-trajectory aggregation of up-down walks

09:48 Changeset [9142] by epitzer

#1696 enable information analysis on very short walks

00:53 Changeset [9141] by abeham

#2002: Added Analysis, Analysis.Views and ability to scale axes logarithmically


23:30 Changeset [9140] by abeham

#1961: Added creator to project, fixed wiring in CMA-ES algorithm, fixed visualization of random landscape, removed useless function in test functions

20:30 Ticket #2002 (Support for logarithmic scaling in charts) created by abeham
There should be a visual property to choose between linear and …
20:04 Changeset [9139] by sluengo
20:03 Changeset [9138] by sluengo
19:55 Changeset [9137] by sluengo
19:38 Changeset [9136] by sluengo
16:27 Changeset [9135] by sforsten


  • OneR handles missing values separately
  • adapted OneRClassificationModelView to show the class of missing values
  • with a double-click on the row header in ClassificationSolutionComparisonView the selected solution opens in a new view
  • put a try catch block around linear discriminant analysis solution (it is only shown, if it doesn't throw an exception)
14:59 Changeset [9134] by sforsten

#1992: number of checked items also gets now updated when items are added, removed, moved, replaced or when the content is reset

14:56 Changeset [9133] by sforsten


  • removed IRealWorldRegressionDataDescriptor and RealWorldResourceRegressionDataDescriptor
  • simplified regression data descriptors as suggested by mkommend
11:47 Changeset [9132] by abeham


  • Removed optimization plugin as no changes are necessary there
  • Changed analyzer to plot mean solution instead of best offspring
  • Added a realvector creator that can inject a predefined point
10:50 Changeset [9131] by sforsten


  • renamed RegressionRealWorldInstanceProvider to RealWorldRegressionInstanceProvider
  • added IRealWorldRegressionDataDescriptor and RealWorldResourceRegressionDataDescriptor to set the training and test partition for real world regression problem instances
  • shuffled housing dataset and renamed TowerData.txt to Tower.txt in
10:31 Ticket #2001 (Some Real World Regression Problem Instances are not correct) created by sforsten
The training and test partition of the tower problem instance is …
10:15 Changeset [9130] by ascheibe

#1712 deleted Hive Scheduler branch

04:23 Changeset [9129] by abeham


  • Changed CMA-ES to reference RealVector directly and work with that encoding only (separation of algorithm and encoding was not trivial to achieve)
  • Simplified operator graph (also improves performance)
  • Simplified strategy parameters (those used only during update are initialized in update)
  • Added many termination criteria (same as in Hansen's Java version)
  • Added different ways to calculate the mean (different weightings)
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