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22:20 Changeset [8722] by ascheibe

#1886 improved the DuplicateSolutionsAnalyzer

21:53 Changeset [8721] by ascheibe

#1331 added a view for SingleObjectiveSolutionSimilarityCalculators

18:59 Changeset [8720] by jkarder

#1899: applied the changes suggested by ascheibe in comment:6:ticket:1899

13:46 Changeset [8719] by sforsten

#1963: if possible all solutions are added/removed at once, otherwise one solution is added/removed at a time

13:31 Ticket #1963 (Adding and removing multiple solutions in an ensemble takes too long) created by sforsten
If you add or remove multiple solutions in an ensemble, it takes a lot …
12:50 Changeset [8718] by ascheibe

#1959 removed string comparison

11:59 Changeset [8717] by mkommend

#1915: Corrected class names in classification penalties views. Additionally I corrected a bug regarding the copy constructor, as the penalties were reset before.

09:52 Changeset [8716] by mkommend

#1915: Corrected constructor of classification problem data to take class names into account.

09:49 Changeset [8715] by sforsten


  • added csv import dialog for regression
  • improved existing dialog (tool tip, design, preview of dataset)
09:27 Changeset [8714] by svonolfe

Added support for dynamic dial a ride

08:49 Changeset [8713] by sforsten

#1942: branch additional project


22:58 Changeset [8712] by mbot
22:53 Changeset [8711] by ascheibe

#1886 added a combined operator for mutation

20:44 Changeset [8710] by mbot


00:16 Changeset [8709] by ascheibe

#1886 added an operator that combines all operators that need to be executed after crossover


21:23 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/Compile HeuristicLab under Linux edited by ascheibe
18:36 Changeset [8708] by ascheibe

#1959 implemented reviewing comments

10:49 Changeset [8707] by jkarder

#1712: added user queue used to schedule tasks


14:07 Changeset [8706] by gkronber

#1960: fixed assembly version (set revision number to AutoDiff repository revision)

13:56 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/Compile HeuristicLab under Linux edited by ascheibe
13:49 Changeset [8705] by gkronber

#1960: added x64/x86 build configurations

13:44 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/Compile HeuristicLab under Linux created by ascheibe
12:58 Changeset [8704] by gkronber

#1962 changed SymbolicRegressionConstantOptimizationEvaluator to calculate gradients using AutoDiff.

12:54 Ticket #1962 (Use analytic gradient for constant optimization of symbolic regression ...) created by gkronber
The gradients are estimated using differencing now, but with alglib …
12:01 Changeset [8703] by gkronber

#1960 added HL wrapper plugin for AutoDiff

11:44 Changeset [8702] by ascheibe

#1959 added a comparer for sorting the jobs in the Hive Job Manager by date


14:10 Ticket #1961 (CMAES algorithm implementation) created by gkronber
13:54 Ticket #1960 (Add AutoDiff to external libraries) created by gkronber AutoDiff provides a simple and …
09:58 Ticket #1959 (The Hive JobManager should show the jobs per user sorted by date) created by mkommend
The JobManager currently shows the job sorted alphabetically, which …


16:16 Changeset [8701] by sforsten


  • add combo boxes to DataAnalysisImportTypeDialog to select csv settings
  • get branch ready
15:02 Changeset [8700] by ascheibe

#1882 reverted changes of r8688 and r8692 because I think I found now the real cause for all these problems

12:39 Changeset [8699] by ascheibe

#1952 fixed the documentation of the GetMonoType method

12:29 Changeset [8698] by ascheibe

#1952 implemented reviewing comments

11:06 Changeset [8697] by sforsten

#1942: delete incorrectly branched project

11:05 Changeset [8696] by sforsten

#1942: branch project "Problems.Instances.DataAnalysis.Views"

11:04 Changeset [8695] by sforsten

#1942: add project "HeuristicLab.Problems.Instances.DataAnalysis"

11:01 Changeset [8694] by sforsten

#1942: create branch for remaining features and features of #1819

10:57 Changeset [8693] by sforsten


  • fixed type "Shuffel"
  • removed icon and control box
10:15 Changeset [8692] by ascheibe

#1882 fixed collecting runs in the OptimizerHiveTaskView


20:40 Changeset [8691] by jkarder

#1890: fixed searchButton.Enabled state check in the Hive Job Manager

20:38 Changeset [8690] by jkarder

#1958: fixed resource selection

18:48 Changeset [8689] by sforsten


  • NaN values are used, if the calculation is invalid (e.g. missing values, infinity etc.)
  • Variables can now be filtered. Initially allowed input variables and target variable are shown, but with a right click a dialog can be opened to select variables, which shall be shown
15:44 Changeset [8688] by ascheibe

#1882 fixed collecting runs from deeply nested tasks

15:24 Changeset [8687] by jkarder

#1712: initial commit

14:27 Ticket #1958 (Resource selection with the resources dialog only works when the ...) created by ascheibe
If a resource is selected with the resource selection dialog in the …
12:16 Changeset [8686] by swagner

Created personal branch for Mati Bot

09:44 Changeset [8685] by abeham


  • Removed list separator in variable names if present
  • Changed export to output all variables in the dataset
09:40 Ticket #1957 (CSV exporter does not export columns in the data set which are not ...) closed by abeham
duplicate: Tracking changes to the CSV exporter in #1922.


12:46 Changeset [8684] by gkronber

#1902 fixed a bug related to the virtual call to RecalculateResults in the constructor of DiscriminantFunctionClassificationSolution

12:23 Changeset [8683] by gkronber

#1902 added missing cloning method override in DiscriminantFunctionClassificationSolution

12:17 Changeset [8682] by gkronber


  • fixed bug in cloning constructor of CovarianceMask
  • removed throwing Exceptions in CovariancePeriodic (the behaviour of the periodic covariance function now matches the GPML implementation again.
00:31 Changeset [8681] by abeham

#1913: Added regularization term introduced by Yang and Laaksonen 2007


19:03 Changeset [8680] by gkronber

#1925 : minor code improvements

18:48 Changeset [8679] by gkronber

#1902 changed DiscriminantFunctionClassificationModel and DiscriminantFunctionClassificationSolution to non-abstract. Classification based on GPR uses these classes to create a classification solution from a GaussianProcessRegressionModel.
Also added view classes for DiscriminantFunctionClassificationModel

18:45 Changeset [8678] by gkronber

#1902: added masking covariance function and made necessary changes to interface and utility class.

14:41 Changeset [8677] by jkarder

#1926: refactored argument handling infrastructure based on the changes suggested by ascheibe in comment:7:ticket:1926

12:18 Ticket #1957 (CSV exporter does not export columns in the data set which are not ...) created by gkronber
For instance columns that contain only string values are not added to …
10:19 Changeset [8676] by mkommend

#1956: Changed AddNewProgrammableColumnCommand to respect the currently selected columns.

10:12 Ticket #1956 (All AddColumn commands should take into account if any columns are selected) created by mkommend
Currently the AddDoubleCommand respects if columns and inserts the …
10:11 Changeset [8675] by abeham


  • Added disposing of StreamReader to prevent file locking after parsing
  • Fixed regular expression pattern to match double values (hacky)
09:15 Changeset [8674] by abeham


  • Unversioned Plugin.cs and put on ignore list
  • Renamed AssemblyInfo.frame to AssemblyInfo.cs.frame
  • Fixed references and hint paths
  • Corrected output path for all platforms
  • Removed reference to System.Data.SQLite


23:58 Ticket #1861 (Port HeuristicLab to Mono) closed by ascheibe
obsolete: I'm closing this ticket because the changes have already been moved to …
23:55 Changeset [8673] by ascheibe

#1861 removed mono branch as the changes are already in the trunk

23:47 Ticket #1568 (`IFixedValueParameter` is problematic for `MetaOptimization`) closed by ascheibe


21:40 Changeset [8672] by gkronber

#1912: fixed input variables for Friedman-II regression benchmark instance

14:14 Changeset [8671] by svonolfe

Removed operators that will not be included in the first version of the addon (#1955)

14:07 Changeset [8670] by svonolfe

Added first version of the dynamic vehicle routing addon (#1955)

13:51 Changeset [8669] by svonolfe

Added folder for dynamic vehicle routing addon (#1955)

13:50 Ticket #1955 (Create addon for dynamic vehicle routing) created by svonolfe
An addon should be released for HeuristicLab that supports dynamic …


12:56 Changeset [8668] by mkommend

#1043: Implemented display of calculated repetitions of a batchrun in the experiment tree view by adapting the text of the batchrun node to "Batchrun-Name x/y".

12:53 Changeset [8667] by mkommend

#1951: Corrected symbolic regression sample unit test.

12:49 Ticket #1644 (RepetitionsCounter is not displayed in the BatchRunView) closed by mkommend
duplicate: This is an duplicate of #1043.
09:18 Ticket #1954 (MetaOptimization trunk integration) created by jkarder
This ticket is for tracking the trunk integration of the Meta …
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