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14:15 Changeset [8552] by mkommend

#1919: Corrected event handling regarding changing of thresholds in DiscriminantClassificationSolutions.

14:02 Changeset [8551] by mkommend

#1919: Adapted forgotten evaluator to r8550.

13:52 Changeset [8550] by mkommend

#1919: Changed threshold calculation methods to instance instead of static methods.

13:47 Changeset [8549] by abeham

#1924: Divided penalty by the number of evaluated fitness cases

12:18 Ticket #1925 (IndexOutOfRangeException in SetClassDistributionCutPointThresholds) created by abeham
Probably a corner case that doesn't occur to often, but can lead to an …
12:13 Changeset [8548] by abeham

#1924: Added evaluator that calculates the penalty-weighted accuracy score

10:40 Changeset [8547] by mkommend

#1890: Added more meaningful assert message in 'InstatiateAllCreateables' unit test.


16:24 Changeset [8546] by spimming


  • fast binary heap added
  • 4-ary binary heap added
  • FibonacciHeap initial commit
16:09 Changeset [8545] by fschoepp


  • Controller is now capable of gathering Hive Jobs
  • Hive Jobs will be mapped to independent Job-Class (shared between Controller and Frontend)
  • HiveScenarioManager is capable of gathering Hive Jobs + their results
  • Job Results will be mapped to string properties
  • Frontend renders all Results after opening the job details
  • Misc: Frontend now passes User-object to Controller so that it is able to connect to the Hive Service (hardcoded values removed)
16:08 Changeset [8544] by jkarder

#1853: ValueView now uses the TypeSelectorDialog instead of the ObjectSelectorDialog

12:12 Ticket #1924 (Evaluator for classification problems that considers classification ...) created by abeham
According to mkommend, the penalties are currently only accounted for …
11:56 Changeset [8543] by mkommend

#1292: Removed the feature correlation from the data analysis problem data as the implemenation is not yet finished and otherwise it could lead to persistence breaks.

11:47 Changeset [8542] by mkommend

#1292: Integrated correlation analysis of datasets in the trunk.

11:25 Changeset [8541] by spimming

#1894: renamed heap implementations

11:20 Changeset [8540] by spimming

#1894: fixed assignment issue in BinaryHeap


18:18 Changeset [8539] by spimming


  • Dijkstra version with no decrease key
  • used wrong index in BinHeap implementation
  • implement interface in BinaryHeap
16:53 Changeset [8538] by mkommend

#1292: Merged trunk changes in preparation of the branch reintegration.

16:43 Changeset [8537] by mkommend

#1292: Improved drawing of feature correlation view.

10:36 Changeset [8536] by mkommend

#1923: Reverse merged r8531 (changes in application managers) as this introduced errors in the type discovery.

09:22 Changeset [8535] by jkarder


  • enhanced combinations count calculation
  • restructured code
  • minor code improvements
  • added license information


16:13 Changeset [8534] by sforsten


  • merged r8508:8533 from trunk into branch
  • AverageThresholdCalculator and MedianThresholdCalculator can now handle multi class classification
  • changed combo boxes in ClassificationEnsembleSolutionView to drop down list
16:09 Ticket #1880 (Provide Qualities Histogram during algorithm runs) closed by mkommend
duplicate: An analyzer with the described behavior was already implemented in #1465.
15:50 Ticket #1858 (DeleteColumnGroupCommand should support multiple ColumnGroups) closed by mkommend
15:48 Ticket #1639 (Sorting values in a column should be stable) closed by mkommend
15:47 Ticket #1633 (Display column index for columns in a columngroup to simplify ...) closed by mkommend
15:08 Ticket #1923 (CheckTypeCompatibility does not check constraints on generic type ...) created by mkommend
The CheckTypeCompatibility in all ApplicationManagers could be …
15:04 Changeset [8533] by sforsten

#1920: corrected typo

14:59 Changeset [8532] by mkommend

#1820: Refactored and corrected data importer save as problem data functionality and corrected project references.

13:11 Changeset [8531] by mkommend

#1919: Refactored calculation of thresholds for SymbolicDiscriminantFunctionClassficationModels and removed the automatic recalculation of thresholds during solution creation.

11:48 Changeset [8530] by abeham

#1922: Used the culture's defined list separator in CSV export

11:46 Ticket #1922 (Improve CSV export) created by abeham
The CSV export should use the system defined list separator and not …
11:44 Ticket #1921 (Problem exporting a data analysis problem as csv) closed by abeham
worksforme: could not reproduce this in the latest trunk version


17:59 Changeset [8529] by sforsten


  • BackgroundWorker is now reused in FeatureCorrelation
  • renamed some variables
  • ComboBoxes are now DropDownLists
  • FeatureCorrelation doesn't calculate the elements in the constructor anymore
  • small changes in the views
16:55 Changeset [8528] by mkommend

#1920: Changed CreateSolution method in all DataAnalysisModels to transform the handed IProblemData to the correct type.

16:37 Changeset [8527] by spimming


  • introduced heap interface
  • various heap implementation used as priority queues
  • very simple logger added
  • various versions of Astar algorithm
13:44 Changeset [8526] by mkommend

#1292: Corrected build configurations in DatasetCorrelation branch.

12:18 Changeset [8525] by mkommend

#1292: Added bin directory and resharper files to list of SVN excluded files.

10:39 Changeset [8524] by jkarder


  • added problem instance selection to CreateExperimentDialog
  • adopted experiment creation
  • minor code improvements


13:54 Ticket #1921 (Problem exporting a data analysis problem as csv) created by abeham
When exporting a data analysis problem as CSV, the whole line is …


17:55 Changeset [8523] by abeham

#1913: added classification penalty into fitness function and gradient

15:05 Changeset [8522] by ascheibe

#1886 added relative error and possibility to add fitted line to charts

11:21 Changeset [8521] by ascheibe

#1886 added gradient to statistical tabular view


19:14 Changeset [8520] by spimming


  • extended datasource interface to get routing graph for a specific vehicle type
  • use ICostCalculator to calculate edge weights
  • moved common enums in own file
  • removed method to estimate cost from graph; use ICostCalculator
17:26 Changeset [8519] by jkarder


  • fixed project references
  • fixed threading
16:33 Changeset [8518] by jkarder

#1853: fixed resource references

16:21 Changeset [8517] by jkarder


  • created branch for ParameterConfigurationEncoding
  • added CreateExperimentDialog that uses the extracted encoding
11:46 Changeset [8516] by spimming


  • solution restructured
  • removed obsolete and outdated parts


16:20 Changeset [8515] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed cloning and resetting of the scatter plot helper

15:53 Changeset [8514] by spimming

#1894: experimented with different settings in cost and heuristic function

14:10 Changeset [8513] by sforsten

#1758: merged r8023:8509 from trunk to branch to make it useable again

13:40 Changeset [8512] by spimming

#1894: tweaking of max edge speeds and heuristic cost function

13:32 Changeset [8511] by ascheibe

#1886 added an option so that the scatter plot helper can now also produce data tables

13:27 Changeset [8510] by sforsten

#1776: added AUC to ClassificationEnsembleSolutionAccuracyToCoveredSamples

11:05 Ticket #1920 (Models of an Ensemble may get a different problem data if loaded) created by sforsten
The AfterDeserialization method in *EnsembleSolution give the …
10:23 Ticket #1919 (Classification ensemble cannot be loaded if no samples are in training) created by sforsten
If an classification ensemble is created and the problem data is …


17:32 Changeset [8509] by spimming

Dijkstra: get node with a specific rank
graph interface extended: get vertices
fixed bug in ReadData method
methods to perform routing algorithm benchmark added to test program

17:24 Changeset [8508] by sforsten

#1776: merged r7864:8507 trunk into branch

16:34 Changeset [8507] by sforsten

#1776: adapted ClassificationEnsembleSolutionAccuracyToCoveredSamples

13:00 Changeset [8506] by fschoepp


  • Web project now creates custom html for each type we want to enter / display
  • Added endpointConfigurationName to HiveServiceLocator (because Web Project contains more than one endpoint configuration)
  • Removed logging statement from ConfigurationService to prevent exception during failure of loading ConfigurationSettings
  • ApplicationManager: Changed default implementation to WebApplicationManager (instead of LightWeight) for testing purposes within Web Project
  • WebApplicationManager: The application manager which returns plugin descriptors from the currently loaded assemblies (instead of LightweightAppManager)
  • HiveService: Fixed a transaction bug
  • IControllerService: Created a method to dispatch Scenarios to certain IScenarioManager (in this case HiveScenarioManager)
  • Added more mappable types to ControllerModel
  • PlaceholderControllerService dispatches all Scenarios to the HiveScenarioManager
  • Web project now dispatches the scenario to the controller after pressing "Run Job"
12:40 Changeset [8505] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed cloning and storing

11:39 Changeset [8504] by spimming

#1894: new read data method using NameTable for better performance

10:17 Changeset [8503] by ascheibe

#1886 switched rows and columns of statistical tabular view


20:34 Changeset [8502] by ascheibe

#1886 added a run collection view that shows statistical information for data table rows

15:56 Changeset [8501] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed cloning and made helper classes items


21:21 Changeset [8500] by ascheibe

#1861 applied persistence patches

09:45 Changeset [8499] by ascheibe

#1886 improved crossover analyzer and added duplicate parent counting

00:15 Changeset [8498] by ascheibe

#1886 added helper classes for generating charts


14:32 Changeset [8497] by svonolfe

Fixed behavior of VRP analyzers related to constraint relaxation (#1177)

11:54 Changeset [8496] by ascheibe

#1886 removed deprecated code and cleaned up plugin dependencies

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