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17:23 Changeset [7407] by abeham

#1614: worked on GQAP

16:50 Changeset [7406] by bburlacu

#1756: Fixed line chart behavior for cases when the data point series are not continuous (some indices are not consecutive).

16:23 Changeset [7405] by sforsten


  • changed TestPartition and trainingPartition of SpatialCoevolution
  • put a method from RegressionBenchmark to BreimanOne
14:24 Changeset [7404] by sforsten


  • branch has been adjusted
  • bug fix in DataAnalysisSolutionView
13:49 Changeset [7403] by spimming


  • Replace specific views with ViewHost
  • DeploymentView initial commit
13:48 Changeset [7402] by spimming


  • Enum for instance size of roles
  • Set reference to subscription in hosted services and deployments
  • Add properties for subscription in hosted services and deployments
  • Extend properties in RoleInstance
13:33 Changeset [7401] by ascheibe

#1744 updated branch from trunk

12:29 Changeset [7400] by ascheibe

#1765 deactivate close menu item if there are no open views

12:27 Ticket #1765 (Close menu item doesn't get deactivated if there are no open views) created by ascheibe
As reported by Johannes Karder, this leads to a …


17:14 Changeset [7399] by sforsten


  • implemented SetEnabledStateOfControls in RegressionSolutionView
  • fixed bug in NamedDataAnalysisSolutionView (If OnContentChanged creates a new DataAnalysisSolutionView, it sets Locked and ReadOnly as it is set in the current view.)
16:47 Changeset [7398] by epitzer

#1696: tune picture generator and add additional problems

16:07 Changeset [7397] by ascheibe


  • updated plugin dependencies
  • updated Island GA sample
  • updated Island GA unit test
13:56 Changeset [7396] by sforsten


  • deleted unnecessary code


23:17 Changeset [7395] by ascheibe

#1745 moved new Island GA to trunk

22:53 Changeset [7394] by ascheibe

#1745 fixed typos

22:23 Changeset [7393] by ascheibe

#1745 added a view for reduction operations based on the permutation type view

22:02 Changeset [7392] by ascheibe

#1745 implemented reviewing comments for the data reducer and the local random generator

15:08 Changeset [7391] by ascheibe

#1745 removed target operations, use reduction operations instead

00:04 UsersUrlRedirects edited by swagner


23:54 UsersUrlRedirects created by swagner
16:03 Changeset [7390] by spimming


  • Reposition elements
  • HostedServiceView initial commit
14:34 Changeset [7389] by spimming


  • Show subscription view when node is selected
  • Subscription view adapted for data


22:11 Changeset [7388] by bburlacu

#1763: Added a new context option for leaf nodes (ConstantTreeNode or VariableTreeNode) to change the value or variable weight respectively.

  • Added new dialog: SymbolicExpressionTreeNodeChangeValueDialog
  • Added new SymbolicExpressionTreeNodeChanged event and handler
  • Changed the double click behavior to account for node value/weight changes

Overall the behavior has been slightly changed: if a node was folded(replaced by a ConstantTreeNode), then it is possible to change its value via the context menu. For all changed nodes the original value is kept in a dictionary, so the first double click will restore it. After that, a second double click will unfold the node.

16:54 Changeset [7387] by spimming


  • Collection for hosted services added to CloudManagerClient
  • Disable controls while loading subscription
  • Stop and dispose timer
  • Rebuild treeview content on OnContentChanged event
16:52 Changeset [7386] by spimming


  • Added property to refer to the corresponding subscription
  • Added new methods to azure management utils
15:02 Changeset [7385] by ascheibe

#1174 removed RandomSeed from Run

14:18 Changeset [7384] by ascheibe

#1174 renamed UserId to UserGroupId

13:52 Changeset [7383] by ascheibe

#1745 merged trunk changes into branch

13:41 Changeset [7382] by ascheibe

#1174 removed the authentication service and client as this is now covered with the access service and clients

13:26 Changeset [7381] by ascheibe

#1174 added access service user view to problem view

13:24 Changeset [7380] by ascheibe


  • fixed user query ws methods
  • improved user view
10:08 Changeset [7379] by mkommend

#1746: forgot to commmit corrected plugin frame file.

01:43 EvoSoft/2012 edited by swagner


23:33 Changeset [7378] by ascheibe

#1174 fixed icons of algorithm view

18:02 Changeset [7377] by ascheibe

#1648 fixed an icon

17:56 Changeset [7376] by ascheibe

#1174 added the access service user selection control to the algorithm view of the administrator

17:51 Changeset [7375] by ascheibe

#1648 switched user controls to a CheckedItemListView

17:45 Changeset [7374] by spimming


  • Methods to create a deployment added
  • Download blob block from public blob container
  • Constants for deployment and storage api version added
17:33 Changeset [7373] by abeham

#1614: Worked on GQAP

17:04 Changeset [7372] by bburlacu

#1763: Intermediate commit with work done on the SymbolicExpressionTreeChart view (proxy right click events to nodes, methods for changing the weight/value of variable/constant nodes).

15:15 Changeset [7371] by spimming


  • start diagnostic monitor only when a connection string is specified
  • constants file added
13:59 Changeset [7370] by ascheibe

#1722 added a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+H) for the Hive Job Manager

13:41 Ticket #1764 (The Hive Status page should show which resources are allowed to ...) created by ascheibe
Also "Available cores" should only count cores which are currently …
10:29 Changeset [7369] by abeham

#1759: Added processor architecture detection


21:33 Changeset [7368] by ascheibe

#1648 added first version of an access client, access items and views for displaying them

17:21 Changeset [7367] by ascheibe


  • updated frame files
  • added a lightweight user dto for non-admin users
  • added access service roles
  • some more minor changes
17:06 Changeset [7366] by spimming


  • Constants for deployments added
  • worker for creating a deployment added
  • create hosted service
17:04 Changeset [7365] by bburlacu

#1763: Added HeuristicLab.Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views project to branch/solution, added missing file, updated folder structure.

16:56 Changeset [7364] by abeham


  • added ICrossover interface
16:55 Changeset [7363] by abeham


  • worked on GQAP
14:58 Changeset [7362] by spimming


  • Check if password is valid for pfx file
  • progress bar is now marquee style
  • control flow refactored
13:09 Changeset [7361] by bburlacu

#1763: Updated project references, added build and solution files.

13:09 Documentation/Howto/Setup OKB Server edited by ascheibe
13:04 Changeset [7360] by ascheibe

#1174 the administration and run creation service now verify that the user has the appropriate roles

12:41 Changeset [7359] by bburlacu

#1763: Branch for the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeSimplifier

12:32 Ticket #1763 (Support changing of constants and variable weights in the simplifier ...) created by bburlacu
The SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeSimplifier should offer users …
12:00 Changeset [7358] by ascheibe


  • added a service locator for access services
  • fixed role verifier interface
11:51 Changeset [7357] by spimming


  • removed unnecessary invoke-calls
  • moved method call to disable controls out of the worker
10:59 Changeset [7356] by ascheibe

#1648 changed output dir so that assemblies can be easily referenced by OKB

10:36 Changeset [7355] by ascheibe


  • added a role verifier for checking if the current user has a certain role
  • updated year in license headers and frame files
09:41 Changeset [7354] by spimming


  • Methods to create hosted services added
  • Method to add a certificate to a hosted service
  • update bindinglist from worker
02:34 Changeset [7353] by swagner

Fixed PluginInfrastructure unit tests as all plugins and products have been deleted in the deployment DB due to compatibility issues (automatic update from HL 3.3.5 to HL 3.3.6 fails). (#1722)


23:56 Changeset [7352] by abeham


  • Added simple command file to execute FxCop rules from HeuristicLab.FxCop.dll on all HeuristicLab.*.dll files in the bin directory
23:54 Changeset [7351] by abeham


  • fixed some problems that were identified with the first existing FxCop rules (duplicate storable hook in ExternalEvaluationProblem, multiple wrong names)
  • generally renamed AttachEventHandlers to RegisterEventHandlers to be consistent
  • fixed some backwards compatible regions to use the format from the snippet and the comment
23:28 Changeset [7350] by abeham


  • Changed storable hook name rule to correctly distinguish between BeforeSerialization and AfterDeserialization hooks
  • Added a new rule that checks if more than one storable hook is defined in a class
21:48 Changeset [7349] by ascheibe

#1174 some minor changes:

  • set the database location to the default location of SQL Server 2008R2 in the Create OKB script
  • added the certificate key of my machine to the client app.config
  • added OKB roles
19:05 Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers edited by bburlacu
19:04 Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers edited by bburlacu
19:03 Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers edited by bburlacu
18:57 83lyxpreview1.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers by bburlacu
18:56 77lyxpreview1.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers by bburlacu
18:55 73lyxpreview1.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers by bburlacu
18:55 72lyxpreview1.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers by bburlacu
18:53 71lyxpreview1.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers by bburlacu
18:48 Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers created by bburlacu
16:23 Changeset [7348] by bburlacu

#1682: Updated license information, removed redundant inheritance from ISymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionCrossover, deleted misplaced files.

16:18 Changeset [7347] by sforsten


  • Bug fix in ItemCollectionView: Content events are deregistered in Dispose method
  • Bug fix in ItemCollectionView: Item events are deregistered in OnContentChanged method
  • small changes in RegressionSolutionView
16:06 Changeset [7346] by bburlacu

#1682: Removed unnecessary files.

15:23 Changeset [7345] by abeham


  • added first version of GRASP+PR algorithm
15:18 Changeset [7344] by bburlacu

#1682: New branch format: removed unnecessary files, merged remaining.

15:14 Documentation/Howto/Setup OKB Server created by ascheibe
14:32 Changeset [7343] by bburlacu

#1682: Switched to new branch format for ProbabilisticFunctionalCrossover and friends.

14:21 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
13:00 Ticket #1762 (Move Hive Progress Control to MainForm.WindowsForms) created by ascheibe
Move the Hive Progress Control from Clients.Hive.Views.Progress to …
12:51 Changeset [7342] by ascheibe

#1761 added a delay when switching to the tab page on which an item is dragged on

11:14 Ticket #1761 (Add a delay to the DragOverTabControl) created by ascheibe
When dragging an item over a tab page header there should be a delay …
11:11 Changeset [7341] by ascheibe

#1722 switched the tab control in the Hive Job Manager to a DragOverTabControl

00:23 Ticket #1760 (Processing time of optimizers increases when optimizers are executed ...) created by swagner
When executing a batch run which contains an optimizer with a rather …


23:45 Changeset [7340] by abeham

#1759: added project to include FxCop rules for HeuristicLab 3.3

23:43 Ticket #1759 (Add FxCop rules to HeuristicLab) created by abeham
There's a tutorial on the …
18:24 Changeset [7339] by spimming


  • List-Operations added to Interface and AzureProvider
  • AddCertificate- and AddAzureService-Dialog added
17:56 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ReviewGuidelines edited by swagner
17:06 Changeset [7338] by sforsten

#1758: first version to change the data set in a model has been implemented

17:04 Changeset [7337] by sforsten

#1752: some methods were added to Dataset to easier obtain string and Datetime values

17:02 Changeset [7336] by sforsten


  • bug fixed in RegressionBenchmark
  • adapted trainings partitions of some benchmark problems
16:59 Changeset [7335] by bburlacu

#1756: Also removed the InsertEmptyPoints call from inside the ToggleSeriesData method.

15:42 Changeset [7334] by ascheibe

#1174 added StaticItemImage property to the OKB Item, Algorithm and Problem

15:23 Changeset [7333] by bburlacu

#1756: Fixed series color for empty points.

15:11 Changeset [7332] by ascheibe

#1174 adapted frame filenames to new naming scheme

14:57 Changeset [7331] by ascheibe


  • switched to new build style for branches and improved config merging
  • updated year in license headers and assembly infos
  • updated version in plugin files and assembly infos
13:32 Changeset [7330] by sforsten

#1758: create branch for 'Change Dataset of RegressionModel'

13:29 Ticket #1758 (Change Dataset of RegressionModel) created by sforsten
A new button will be added in the RegressionSolutionView to import a …
10:01 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ReviewGuidelines edited by abeham
added points from swagner (diff)


14:47 Ticket #1757 (Hive slave tray icon loses connection after recovering from sleep) created by abeham
When recovering the operating system (Windows 7) from sleep, the tray …
00:59 Changeset [7329] by ascheibe

#1745 added a random number generator creator for subscopes to make island ga runs reproducible


21:33 Changeset [7328] by sforsten

#1669: corrected mistake while generating the dataset

01:47 EvoSoft/2012 edited by swagner


18:16 Changeset [7327] by bburlacu

#1756: Fixed speed issue in RegressionSolutionLineChartView. The problem was an unnecessary call to the InsertEmptyPoints procedure. The MSDN website ( specifies the context in which this method is useful: when the data points have no Y value. In our case however there are no such points, so by removed the calls the performance becomes similar to the scatter plot (which also does not insert empty points).

16:06 Ticket #1756 (Line chart is slow for large regression problems) created by bburlacu
When the problem data contains a large number of rows (20000-50000), …
16:01 Changeset [7326] by spimming


  • New model classes
  • New service operation methods added
  • License information added
14:21 Changeset [7325] by ascheibe

#1745 added result storing operations for the reducer

13:45 Changeset [7324] by spimming


  • Methods to add and remove Subscription in CloudManagerClient
  • AddSubscriptionDialog integrated
  • OnContentChanged implemented
00:13 Changeset [7323] by ascheibe

#1745 added multiple reduction operations


22:03 Ticket #1755 (Plugin manager may describe a missing dependency as a dependency cycle) created by abeham
To reproduce: 1. Download HeuristicLab 3.3.6 1. Extract it and …
19:31 Changeset [7322] by ascheibe


  • disabled parallel solution creation and evaluation because of the hive engine
  • improved parameter lookup in reduction operators
  • added ReductionTypes
18:37 Changeset [7321] by epitzer

#1696: Tweak appearance of VRP visualization

17:14 Changeset [7320] by ascheibe

#1744 fixed a bug in the job scheduler for hive engine tasks


17:47 Changeset [7319] by abeham

#1614: worked on GQAP (added operators, assignment view)

17:44 Changeset [7318] by abeham

#1754: Added copy & paste support for StringConvertibleArrayView similar to StringConvertibleMatrixView

17:14 Changeset [7317] by spimming


  • Use IItemLists for data
  • Show CloudResourceView in HiveCloudManagerView
16:55 Ticket #1754 (Copy & Paste support for StringConvertibleArrayView) created by abeham
It would be nice to be able to copy a column or a row from Excel into …
15:07 Changeset [7316] by svonolfe

Added Picture generator (#1696)

13:05 Changeset [7315] by epitzer

#1696: Add VRP depot excentricity metrics

13:03 Changeset [7314] by epitzer

#1696: Update ALGLIB references

10:34 Changeset [7313] by abeham

#1722: changed year in license snippet

09:19 Changeset [7312] by abeham

#1614: added views project

09:16 Changeset [7311] by abeham


  • updated GQAP


23:27 Changeset [7310] by ascheibe


  • moved island analyzer to islands
  • fixed bug which lead to bad performance compared to the original island GA
17:36 Changeset [7309] by sforsten

#1752: -data set is exported exactly in the way it is stored in the Dataset class

17:34 Changeset [7308] by sforsten

#1669: added a dialog to select benchmark problems

17:32 Changeset [7307] by sforsten

-adjusted some benchmark problems from Keijzer

17:25 Ticket #1753 (Move GanttChart control from Clients.Hive.Views to ...) created by ascheibe
17:13 Ticket #1752 (Export Dataset to CSV) created by sforsten
A new button in DataAnalysisProblemView will export the problem data …
17:11 Ticket #1751 (Tasks overview doesn't get refreshed when refreshing the job) created by ascheibe
17:04 Changeset [7306] by gkronber

#1750 added results for the support vector regression.

17:03 Ticket #1750 (Support vector regression and classification algorithms should provide ...) created by gkronber
Currently only the solution is returned as result.
17:01 Changeset [7305] by gkronber

#1746 removed constants in alleles considered by the SymbolicDataAnalysisAlleleFrequencyAnalyzer.

16:56 Changeset [7304] by gkronber

#1738 changed tooltip for data rows in the DataTableView

15:23 Changeset [7303] by bburlacu

#1682: Override of the CanChangeName property, added friendly names for the crossover operators.

13:18 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/BestPractices edited by abeham
13:16 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DeveloperGuidelines edited by abeham
added information on .resx files (diff)
13:03 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ReviewGuidelines created by abeham
first version of the review guidelines
13:03 Changeset [7302] by mkommend

#1746: Added solution for constant optimization.

12:48 Changeset [7301] by mkommend

#1746: Branched working copy version of the symbolic regression plugin.

12:45 Changeset [7300] by mkommend

#1746: Renamed branch to ConstantOptimization.

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