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19:39 Changeset [7059] by ascheibe


  • Permissions can now be deleted
  • fixed overlay icons for permissions
  • fixed overlay icons in job list
18:12 Changeset [7058] by gkronber

#1081: added unit tests for directional symmetry and Theil's U and multi-step forecasts

17:58 Changeset [7057] by mkommend

#1579: Removed test method attribute from CodingConventionsUnitTest.

16:49 Changeset [7056] by ascheibe


  • disabled drag and drop for Hive Jobs
  • fixed adding and deleting of Hive Tasks
  • show Statelog after a Job is downloaded
14:52 Changeset [7055] by mkommend

#1653: Forgot to set CopyLocal = true for WinForms.Docking in HeuristicLab.Tests.

13:34 Changeset [7054] by mkommend

#1654: Corrected multi mutation operators for GP and fixed SymbolicExpressionMultiTreeView.

10:42 Changeset [7053] by mkommend

#1654: Corrected TreeCreator unit tests.

09:55 Changeset [7052] by mkommend

#1654: Changed discovery in multi operators as the discovery by specifying a plugin description does not work in the LightWeightApplicationManager and therefore the classes were not useable in unit tests.

09:34 Changeset [7051] by mkommend

#1579: Removed unused variable from StatisticsCalculatorsTest.

09:29 Changeset [7050] by mkommend

#1653: Set CopyLocal back to true for HeuristicLab.Tests as this project is not built to the common bin directory.

09:21 Changeset [7049] by mkommend

#1612: Corrected ctor access modifier for ConstantRegressionSolution.

00:06 Changeset [7048] by ascheibe


  • removed duplicate events
  • got rid of compiler warnings


21:27 Changeset [7047] by ascheibe


  • use transactions for status page
  • removed speed up charts because they are only working with user statistics
18:32 Changeset [7046] by ascheibe

#1672 added Hive and Benchmarking project dependencies to HeuristicLab-3.3 project

18:13 Changeset [7045] by ascheibe

#1672 switch more service calls to IsolationLevel=ReadUncommitted transactions to prevent db deadlocks

16:52 Changeset [7044] by sforsten

#1669: real world problems have been added

16:21 Changeset [7043] by mkommend

#1612: Created mean model for RegressionSolutionErrorCharacteristicsCurveView.

15:26 Changeset [7042] by abeham


  • Readded the ExperimentView from r6425 and renamed it to ExperimentListView
  • Tested it briefly
15:17 Ticket #1687 (Add an experiment list view as alternative to the tree view) created by abeham
The tree view does not support multi drag and drop, which is why I …
14:56 Changeset [7041] by abeham


  • Added else branch for resetting parameters when loading instances without solution file
14:54 Changeset [7040] by abeham


  • Fixed permutation view and changed label
  • Fixed problem in the RTS operator when all moves are tabu (the original code continues when all moves are tabu, so this is also the case here)
  • Changed the Analyzer parameter type in RTS, a FixedValueParameter is not appropriate for operator parameters
14:29 Changeset [7039] by abeham


  • Removed unused !SilverLight2 configuration in ProtocolBuffers
  • Changed CopyLocal to false for references in HeuristicLab.Tests
14:23 Changeset [7038] by mkommend

#1686: Improved LatexFormatter for SymbolicExpressions.

14:22 Ticket #1686 (Improve LatexFormatter for SymbolicExpressions) created by mkommend
* Remove \left( and \right) parenthesis * Escape underscore …
13:34 Changeset [7037] by mkommend

#1654: Implemented MultiSymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeCreator.

13:30 Changeset [7036] by bburlacu

#1683: Added SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionSemanticSimilarityCrossover operator

13:29 Changeset [7035] by bburlacu

#1682: Added base class SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionCrossover for data analysis crossovers (crossovers that also perform evaluation for computing distance metrics). Made adjustments to other classes to accommodate the new crossovers (some methods became more general and were moved), changes affect CutPoint.cs, SubtreeCrossover.cs, SymbolicExpressionTreeNode.cs and others.

13:20 Changeset [7034] by bburlacu

#1654: Fixed bug in the RampedHalfAndHalfTreeCreator

11:00 Changeset [7033] by abeham

#1579: changed build script to not clean by default and use Rebuild instead of Build

09:58 Changeset [7032] by ascheibe

#1672 reverted change that exceptions are thrown in the job manager

09:53 Changeset [7031] by sforsten

#1669: A few mistakes have been corrected. All benchmark problems now generate problem data without throwing an error.

08:09 Changeset [7030] by abeham

#1621: removed .resx reference in .csproj file


20:33 Changeset [7029] by ascheibe

#1672 fixed a small bug when refreshing permissions

19:08 Changeset [7028] by gkronber

#1621: fixed bugs in response function view and added scatter plot of original data as a reference.

16:31 Changeset [7027] by gkronber

#1685: fixed a bug in the InteractiveSymbolicDiscriminantFunctionClassificationSolutionSimplifierView. The drawback is that the threshold calculation is much more complex now and can lead to an unresponsive UI as we do not calculate impacts in the background.

16:27 Changeset [7026] by abeham


  • added graphic that describes scope transformations for the ChildrenCreator
16:25 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/OperatorsChildrenCreator edited by abeham
16:23 Changeset [7025] by sforsten

#1669: benchmark problems of Nguyen, Korns and Keijzer from have been added. The benchmark problems from have been adapted to the ones from Vladislavleva.

Not all benchmarks are working correctly so far, but they will be tested soon.

16:16 Changeset [7024] by gkronber

#1592 removed 'Model' item from the itemList showing all results for classification and regression ensemble solutions.

16:06 Operators edited by abeham
16:05 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/OperatorsChildrenCreator edited by abeham
16:04 ChildrenCreatorScopeTransformation.png attached to Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/OperatorsChildrenCreator by abeham
visual explanation of the scope transformation that the …
16:04 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/OperatorsChildrenCreator created by abeham
15:40 Changeset [7023] by gkronber

#1656: fixed a bug in the calculator for the normalized Gini coefficient for classification solutions.

15:38 Changeset [7022] by gkronber

#1675 fixed a bug in the ClassificationEnsembleSolutionEstimatedClassValuesView

15:34 Ticket #1685 (The simplifier for symbolic classification solutions behaves ...) created by gkronber
15:13 Changeset [7021] by gkronber

#1653 corrected a number of direct references to .dll files (sometimes to a x86 version) which were missed in r6866 and changed the 'copy local' property for references to ExtLib .dlls to 'false'.


18:34 Changeset [7020] by ascheibe


  • increased max. object graph size which can be serialized to allow downloading of big jobs
  • removed more magic numbers
  • increased job polling interval
13:55 Changeset [7019] by spimming

#1680: manage multiple app.config files with pre-build event


16:36 Changeset [7018] by mkommend

#1479: Hid the ProgramRootSymbol and the DefunSymbol in SymbolicExpressionGrammarEditorView.

16:34 Changeset [7017] by mkommend

#1684: Made Regression- and ClassificationProblem storable by implementing IStorableContent.

16:20 Ticket #1684 (Classifcation- and RegressionProblems cannot be saved) created by mkommend
This is only possible for the symbolic version
14:59 Changeset [7016] by ascheibe

#1659 deleted benchmarking branch

14:18 Changeset [7015] by ascheibe

#1659 removed .resx files and moved Benchmark to Algorithms category

14:11 Changeset [7014] by ascheibe

#1652 increased HB interval to 20 secs

14:09 Changeset [7013] by ascheibe

#1652 implemented reviewing comments:

  • deleted resource files
  • moved UpdateTitle and OnInitialized code to Optimizer*MainForm
11:51 Changeset [7012] by bburlacu

#1654: Updated Full-, Grow- and RampedHalfAndHalf tree creators so that the Create call has the exact same signature for all of them (including the probabilistic tree creator); adjusted tests. Added CreateTree interface method and tree creator selection mechanism in the Sample Tree View.

11:46 Changeset [7011] by mkommend

#1656: Added AfterDeserializationHook to ClassificationSolutionBase to add the gini results.


19:08 Changeset [7010] by ascheibe

#1653 renamed services frame files to go along with new naming scheme

19:04 Changeset [7009] by ascheibe

#1672 moved the Hive services parts to services project as suggested by swagner

18:40 Changeset [7008] by ascheibe

#1659 added an empty view for IBenchmark so that "No view available" won't be displayed in HL

18:24 Changeset [7007] by ascheibe

#1659 fixed small typo

17:37 Changeset [7006] by ascheibe

#1659 merged benchmarking algorithms branch back to trunk

16:53 Changeset [7005] by spimming


  • enable Remote Desktop Connection to roles
  • adapt connection string for Azure Storage in cloud configuration
  • add diagnostics to worker role
16:48 Changeset [7004] by ascheibe


  • renamed benchmarking algs to Benchmark where it was missing
  • merged from trunk
16:44 Changeset [7003] by spimming

#1680: update to Windows Azure SDK for .NET (Version 1.6)

16:37 Changeset [7002] by ascheibe


  • fixed errors found by unit tests
  • set references to copylocal=false
  • added missing platforms to project files
15:14 Changeset [7001] by mkommend

#1479: Changed default value of maximum subtree count for newly added symbols.

15:07 Changeset [7000] by ascheibe

#1659 updated branch from trunk

13:58 Changeset [6999] by mkommend


  • Renamed symbolic classification sample.
  • Updated samples unit test to use new features of the SymbolicExpressionGrammar.
  • Updated symbolic regression and classification sample.
  • Filtered symbolic in AllowedChildSymbolsView.
13:52 Changeset [6998] by ascheibe

#1672 Changed again how plugin discovery works because of Hive. The reason is that it must be possible to move the plugin and working directories away from the original slave working directory. This is needed for the Slave App and also in the future for the windows service because we don't want it to run as the LocalSystem user.
I have removed setting the PrivateBinPath and am now setting the ApplicationBase. This doesn't effect HL (because ApplicationBase is set by default to pluginDir anyway) but makes Hive work. The reason why setting the PrivateBinPath doesn't work with moving plugin and working directories is (from msdn): "Private assemblies are deployed in the same directory structure as the application. If the directories specified for PrivateBinPath are not under ApplicationBase, they are ignored."

10:25 Changeset [6997] by ascheibe

#1672 added missing invoke

10:21 Changeset [6996] by bburlacu

New branch for #1682


14:14 Ticket #1683 (Semantic similarity crossover) created by bburlacu
This type of crossover works under the assumption that the exchange of …
11:57 Ticket #1682 (Probabilistic functional crossover) created by bburlacu
This crossover operator increases the probability of a beneficial …
11:06 Changeset [6995] by ascheibe

#1672 fixed typo which led to false assembly paths in the Slave App


22:44 Changeset [6994] by ascheibe


  • removed dead code
  • added Hive assembly references to Tests project
  • fixed problems found by tests
17:17 Changeset [6993] by ascheibe


  • removed unused files
  • changed the plugin cache path of the Slave HL App so that HL doesn't discover Hive assemblies
  • cleaned up config files
  • incremented version number of installers to 3.3.6
  • removed Execution time on Hive from Status page because it can't be calculated without the user statistics
17:12 Changeset [6992] by spimming

#1680: azure projects added

17:08 Changeset [6991] by sforsten

#1669: First version with a simpler design as discussed with Michael Kommenda has been implemented and will be tested soon. Currently only the KotanchekFunction.cs is changed accordingly. Other benchmarks are going to follow soon.

The classes for the different distributions are not needed any longer. Static methods in RegressionBenchmark replace them.

17:06 Changeset [6990] by spimming


  • AzureClient initial commit
  • Azure project added
  • WorkerRole for starting the slave core
16:53 Ticket #1681 (Drag & Drop support for the allowed InputVariables of ProblemData ...) created by mkommend
Currently it is not possible to drag & drop the allowed input …
16:25 Changeset [6989] by spimming


  • start client communication service optionally
  • make slave client communication interchangeable ('PipeCom', 'TraceCom')
14:42 Changeset [6988] by spimming

#1680: heuristiclab branch for azure integration

14:41 Ticket #1680 (Add Azure integration for Hive) created by spimming
14:12 Changeset [6987] by spimming


  • removed uncommented code
  • removed ‘Benchmark Name’ and ‘Benchmark Type’ from result collection
  • placed Getters/Setters after data members
  • added input validation
  • updated parameter description


19:24 Changeset [6986] by epitzer

#1679 Add simple run remover that removes all currently visible runs. All existing filters can be used to remove runs selectively.


23:14 Ticket #1678 (Assigning null to a LookupParameter throws an exception) closed by abeham
worksforme: As of now this change is not necessary, my requirement was to store an …


15:03 Ticket #1679 (Implement a RunCollectionModifier for removing runs) created by abeham


23:29 Ticket #1678 (Assigning null to a LookupParameter throws an exception) created by abeham
Line 153 in LookupParameter.cs checks if the type being assigned to …
21:14 Ticket #1677 (Rows in the RunCollectionTabularView don't respect filters) created by abeham
The tabular view always shows all runs, no matter what filters are …
16:27 DevelopersHiveFutureIdeas created by ascheibe
16:19 Changeset [6985] by ascheibe

#1672 added documentation for Hive

15:39 Changeset [6984] by ascheibe

#1233 #1215

  • The Hive Engine probably won't make it into 3.3.6 so i moved it to the MetaOpt branch because the Hive-3.4 branch should not be used anymore. The Hive Engine will then be released together with MetaOpt.
  • Updated MetaOpt to compile to new trunk binary directory and reference assemblies in this folder.
14:25 Changeset [6983] by ascheibe


  • added the Hive Services and Slave projects
  • added missing svn ignores
13:06 Ticket #1676 (RegressionErrorCharacteristicsCurveView should display the constant model) created by mkommend
The advantage would be, that then the quality measures from a constant …
13:04 Changeset [6982] by mkommend

#1675: Corrected emtpy solution ensembles and adapted views to handle empty ensembles correctly.

12:10 Ticket #1675 (Infinity looping occurs in empty solution ensembles) created by mkommend
This is due to the fact that a call to !Enumerable.All always returns …
11:24 Ticket #1674 (Implement multi-objective external evaluation problem) created by abeham
Feature requested on the mailinglist. This ticket must be released …
11:03 Ticket #1673 (The Title of RunCollectionViews should be more specific) created by mkommend
Currently the title of all RunCollectionViews is built like …
09:27 Changeset [6981] by mkommend

#1647: Sorted variable frequencies by the variable name and added NaturalStringComparer.

09:22 Changeset [6980] by mkommend

#1579: Removed unnecessary local variables in OnlineWightedDirectionalSymmetryCalculator.


18:09 Changeset [6979] by ascheibe

#1672 fixed plugin dependencies

17:15 Changeset [6978] by bburlacu

#1661: Added SymbolicExpressionTreeLengthAnalyzer. Added new scalingFactory visual property for table data rows (for dynamically adjusting the histogram scale depending on the number of bins) + scaling logic inside the tree length analyzer, adjusted DataTableView.

17:02 Changeset [6977] by ascheibe


  • removed unused files
  • added missing license headers
16:16 Changeset [6976] by ascheibe

#1672 integrate the Hive client projects into trunk (Hive Job Manager and Administrator)

16:11 Ticket #1672 (Hive trunk integration) created by ascheibe
This ticket is for tracking the trunk integration of HeuristicLab …
14:32 Changeset [6975] by mkommend

#1579: Corrected handling of underscores in SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionLatexFormatter.

10:59 Changeset [6974] by gkronber

#1081: cleared up definition of accuracy metrics for time series prognosis to make the distinction between one n-step forecast and n one-step forecasts clearer. Implemented calculators for time series accuracy metrics to support the calculation of the average accuracy over m n-step forecasts and adapted the unit tests accordingly.

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.