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19:37 Changeset [6689] by ascheibe

#1233 some more renaming to be more consistent with OKB

19:27 Changeset [6688] by ascheibe

#1233 some renaming to be more consistent with OKB

17:42 Changeset [6687] by epitzer

Extend calculator to support other data types, literals, stack manipulations and conditionals (#1622)

15:05 Changeset [6686] by epitzer

Add RunCollectionGroupCreater for re-grouping a RunCollection (#1622)

11:52 Changeset [6685] by abeham


  • Updated branch from trunk
  • Changed ReferenceEqualityComparer<T> to become a non-generic class (generic implementation probably was only made because of lacking support for co- and contravariance in C# 3.5)
  • Added finished experiment from sample algorithms to the tests
  • Wrote a unit test to instantiate every IDeepCloneable type, clone it and compare the objects in the object graph for equal references
  • Wrote a unit test to load the experiment, clone it and compare again the objects in the object graph
  • Preliminary fix for a potential bug in ThreadSafeLog
  • Preliminary fix for a potential bug in OperatorGraphVisualizationInfo
  • Preliminary fix for a potential bug in Calculator (and added license headers)
  • Preliminary fix for a potential bug in ScrambleMove
11:26 Ticket #1628 (Create a test for the deep cloning behavior of IDeepCloneables) created by abeham


17:48 Changeset [6684] by mkommend

#1579: Changed cloning of SymbolicExpressionTreeNodes.


17:04 Changeset [6683] by ascheibe

#1233 replaced the CreateHiveDatabaseApplication HL App with a Windows Forms application


17:19 Blog: Chart export dialog for publication ready images edited by abeham
changed picture to attachment
17:19 exportDialog.png attached to Blog: Chart export dialog for publication ready images by abeham
17:18 Blog: Chart export dialog for publication ready images edited by abeham
changed category to upper-case
13:02 Blog: HeuristicLab Google Group created by swagner


21:49 AdditionalMaterial edited by abeham
corrected link (diff)
14:16 Changeset [6682] by mkommend

#1471: Corrected references and plugin dependencies of DataImporter.

13:13 Changeset [6681] by mkommend

#1624: Minor code quality fix in Constraint.

13:12 Changeset [6680] by mkommend

#1592: Improved ClassificationEnsembleSolutionEstimatedClassValuesView with coloring of classification results.

12:18 Blog: New Feature for System Identification: Model Response View created by gkronber
11:15 Changeset [6679] by mkommend

#1627: Implemented new features in RegressionSolutionLineChart and RegressionSolutionScatterPlotView.


15:51 Ticket #1627 (Improve RegressionSolutionEvaluationViews) created by mkommend
The LineChartView shows the estimated values for the training and …
14:38 Changeset [6678] by epitzer

Check for null before converting to string to enable checking of inhomogeneous run collections. (#1626)

14:36 Ticket #1626 (Crash in RunCollectionEqualityConstraint when querying non-existing ...) created by epitzer
RunCollectionEqualityConstraint causes a NullReferenceException when a …
13:18 Blog: Chart export dialog for publication ready images created by abeham
10:30 Changeset [6677] by epitzer

Enable modifications of order and number of runs in RunCollectionModificationEvaluator and implement RunCollectionSorter (#1622)


14:50 Ticket #1625 (The experiment tree view allows to overwrite optimizers and the plus ...) created by abeham
It has happened to me that I replaced the optimizer of an existing …
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10:16 Changeset [6676] by abeham


  • Added some range checks in the DataRowVisualPropertiesControl
  • Added a check to prevent axis minimum and maximum equality to avoid a crash
  • Added AfterDeserialization hooks to the visual properties to detect the illegal .Net default configuration
09:35 Changeset [6675] by mkommend

#1479: Integrated trunk changes.


11:34 Changeset [6674] by mkommend

#1624: Forgot to commit necessary changes in ItemCollectionView.

11:25 Changeset [6673] by mkommend

#1624: Implemented RunCollectionContentConstraint to hide specific runs.

11:16 Ticket #1624 (Implement manual RunCollectionFilter) created by mkommend
Currently it is not possible to hide specific runs with constraints. …
11:12 Changeset [6672] by mkommend

#1592: Implemented new estimated class values view for ClassificationEnsembleSolutions.


16:33 Ticket #1623 (DataTable- and DataRowVisualProperties are not fully backwards compatible) created by cneumuel
The quality charts of older runs cannot be viewed anymore. HL crashes …
13:00 Changeset [6671] by epitzer

Remove unnecessary suffix parameter and correctly include grouping clause in generated item name (#1622)

09:24 Changeset [6670] by epitzer

Also register events in cloning constructor (#1622)

08:43 Changeset [6669] by epitzer

Add missing plugin dependency (#1622)


17:52 Changeset [6668] by epitzer

Enable grouping before fuzzification (#1622)

17:43 Changeset [6667] by epitzer

Modify run collection to force update of cached values (#1622)

14:37 Changeset [6666] by mkommend

#1592: Enabled creation of empty ensemble solutions and problem data changes.

14:34 Ticket #1593 (Cache evaluation results of data analysis solutions) closed by mkommend
duplicate: This is a duplicate to #1604.
13:54 Changeset [6665] by epitzer

Add RunCollectionValueRemover modifier and disallow name change in RunCollectionFuzzifier (#1622)

13:49 Changeset [6664] by epitzer

Include RunCollection modification into RunCollection View (#1622)

13:28 Changeset [6663] by epitzer

Add concrete run collection modifiers to add calculated values and discretized values (#1622)

13:20 Changeset [6662] by epitzer

Create RunCollectionModificationEvaluator that evaluates IRunCollectionModifiers (#1622)

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