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23:54 Ticket #13 (Review and unify drag and drop support) closed by swagner
wontfix: This issue has been resolved in HeuristicLab 3.3 and will not be fixed …
23:53 Ticket #14 (Improve performance of SGA plugin) closed by swagner
wontfix: The SGA does not exist in this form in HeuristicLab 3.3 anymore, as …
23:50 Ticket #27 (Adapt installer for Windows Vista) closed by swagner
wontfix: This ticket is not relevant anymore, as HeuristicLab 3.3 is deployed …
23:48 Ticket #181 (Create and release new setup file for HL3 stable) closed by swagner
wontfix: This ticket is not relevant anymore, as HeuristicLab 3.3 has already …
23:44 Ticket #275 (Define appropriate directory structure for branches) closed by swagner
fixed: The directory structure of branches has been defined in the context of …
23:40 Ticket #499 (Exception is thrown during saving of engines if the opened file is not ...) closed by swagner
fixed: This issue has been resolved in HeuristicLab 3.3 and will not be fixed …
23:39 Ticket #504 (It should be possible to explicitly give a name and a description for ...) closed by swagner
wontfix: This issue has been resolved in HeuristicLab 3.3 and will not be fixed …
23:38 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
23:38 Ticket #517 (Extend SGA GUI plugin with OperatorInjector for post-generation processing) closed by swagner
wontfix: This issue has been resolved in HeuristicLab 3.3 (Analyzers) and …
23:37 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
23:36 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/AdditionalMaterial created by mkommend
23:34 Ticket #685 (HL crashes when saving running engines) closed by swagner
fixed: This issue has been resolved in HeuristicLab 3.3 and will not be fixed …
23:28 Ticket #16 (Implement analysis of variable infos to identify invalid data dependencies) closed by swagner
wontfix: VariableInfos have been replaced by Parameters in HeuristicLab …
23:19 Ticket #115 (CombinedOperator GUIDs in the scope tree should be invisible) closed by swagner
wontfix: In HeuristicLab 3.3 this is not an issue anymore, as the way how a …
23:15 Ticket #714 (Mousecursor is not set back to standard after a "Save..." action) closed by swagner
wontfix: This issue has been resolved in HeuristicLab 3.3 and will not be fixed …
23:12 Ticket #789 (XmlException is not handled when trying to open a non-XML file) closed by swagner
21:47 Changeset [4057] by gkronber

set svn:ignore properties #1089

21:46 Changeset [4056] by gkronber

Added new plugins for multi-variate regression. #1089

16:17 Ticket #1090 (Problems replace the operators collection after deserialization) created by mkommend
Most problems have a StorableHook.AfterDeserialization that calls …
16:15 Ticket #1089 (Plugin for multi-variate data analysis problems) created by gkronber
15:09 Changeset [4055] by mkommend

removed warning in Encodings.SymoblicExpressionTreeEncoding (ticket #915)

14:58 Changeset [4054] by mkommend

improved Analyzers for SymoblicRegressionProblems (ticket #1074)

13:46 Ticket #1088 (Deployment not possible) closed by cneumuel
13:46 Changeset [4053] by cneumuel

fixed broken deployment of Hive.Server due to errors in build-path (#1088)

13:45 Ticket #1088 (Deployment not possible) created by cneumuel
Deployment of Spring.NET and Hive.Server.LINQDataAccess isn't possible …
12:32 Ticket #1087 (Implement multiobjective test functions) created by abeham
There are a number of popular test functions for multiobjective …
11:21 Changeset [4052] by abeham


  • Added maximization parameter in constructor
08:52 Changeset [4051] by kgrading

#828 checked in everything to restore build ability

08:50 Changeset [4050] by kgrading

#828 checked in everything to restore build ability


17:31 Changeset [4049] by mkommend

adapted bubble chart to handle TimeSpanValues correctly (ticket #1047)

17:07 Ticket #1086 (LocalSearch doesn't wire the SampleSize parameter) closed by abeham
fixed: r4048 * Fixed local search to wire sample size parameter of …
17:07 Changeset [4048] by abeham


  • Fixed local search to wire sample size parameter of IMultiMoveGenerators
17:05 Ticket #1086 (LocalSearch doesn't wire the SampleSize parameter) created by abeham
16:53 Ticket #1085 (The VRP problem should provide a default problem instance upon creation) created by abeham
Currently the problem parameters are all empty. A custom defined …
16:50 Changeset [4047] by abeham


  • Removing all foreign move evaluators in the TSP
  • Put the AlbaTranslocationMove operators under an interface of their own
16:33 Ticket #1084 (Foreign move operators appear within the TSP) created by abeham
In the TSP it is possible to choose the move operator wrappers from …
15:44 Changeset [4046] by abeham


  • Added a stochastic move generator for insertion moves
15:43 Ticket #1083 (Add additional move operators for permutation) created by abeham
15:24 Changeset [4045] by abeham


  • Added first possibly working NSGA-II
  • Added Maximization parameter to IMultiObjectiveProblem and IMultiObjectiveSelector
14:36 Changeset [4044] by mkommend

added statistical comperator operator for SymReg OSGP (ticket #1082)

13:01 Ticket #926 (Replace LeftSelector and RightSelector by BestSelector and WorstSelector) closed by abeham
fixed: r4043 * Added LeftSelector and RightSelector (reverted some …
13:01 Changeset [4043] by abeham


  • Added LeftSelector and RightSelector (reverted some changes in r3096)
12:53 Ticket #926 (Replace LeftSelector and RightSelector by BestSelector and WorstSelector) reopened by abeham


22:16 Changeset [4042] by kgrading

#828 added various improvements to the plugin cache manager, the execution engine, the transaction handling on the serverside and the server console

00:24 Changeset [4041] by abeham


  • Added CrowdedTournamentSelector


01:20 Changeset [4040] by abeham


  • Changed license text and organized usings
01:17 Changeset [4039] by abeham


  • Ported the other two operators


12:52 MoveEvaluators edited by mkofler


14:01 Changeset [4038] by mkommend

corrected bug in SymbolicRegressionEvaluator (ticket #1082)

13:20 Changeset [4037] by mkommend

corrected namespace of RunCollectionVariableImpactView and changed test direction (ticket #1011)


12:46 Changeset [4036] by mkommend

corrected compilation errors in SymbolicRegressionProblem (ticket #915)

11:23 Changeset [4035] by mkommend

added check for start and end values in SymbolicRegressionEvaluator (ticket #1082)

10:45 Changeset [4034] by mkommend

implemented first version of partially evaluation of samples (ticket #1082)

10:43 Changeset [4033] by mkommend

changed access modifiers of properties in SymbolicRegressionProblem (ticket #915)

10:31 Changeset [4032] by mkommend

changed access modifier of storable hook to private in RegressionSolutionAnalyzer (ticket #915)

10:27 Changeset [4031] by mkommend
  • changed access modifier of serializable ctor to private in the Dataset because it is a sealed class
  • added variable values access methods

(ticket #1082)

10:25 Ticket #1082 (Partial evaluation of training samples) created by mkommend


17:09 Changeset [4030] by mkommend

added null checks for content in CellValidatingEvent of StringConvertibleArray and -MatrixView (ticket #968)

14:20 Changeset [4029] by mkommend

removed resource file for LaggedVariableView (ticket #1081)

11:48 Changeset [4028] by gkronber

Ported pruning operator for symbolic regression solutions from version 3.2 to version 3.3. #125


18:46 Changeset [4027] by gkronber

Moved code for calculation of covariance from the scaled MSE evaluator into a separate online evaluator. #1081

08:47 Ticket #1046 (Implement HeuristicLab.Services.Authentication prototype) closed by bfarka
08:47 Ticket #1078 (Create Docu of RoleProvider) closed by bfarka


19:45 Changeset [4026] by fruehrli

added comment for roleprovider (#1046)

17:22 Changeset [4025] by bfarka

delete unused test (#1046)

17:19 Changeset [4024] by bfarka

last bugfixes for project #1046

17:06 Changeset [4023] by gkronber

removed commented code #1081.

17:01 Changeset [4022] by gkronber

Worked on symbolic regression classes to prepare for time series prognosis plugin. #1081

17:00 Ticket #1081 (Plugin for symbolic time series prognosis with GP) created by gkronber


23:13 Changeset [4021] by bfarka
21:48 Changeset [4020] by bfarka

implemented first working authorization test!

21:34 Ticket #1079 (Create Docu of MembersipProvider) closed by jwolfing
21:30 Changeset [4019] by jwolfing

added comments of the other methods (#1079)

15:33 Ticket #1061 (FindUserByEmail FindUserByName GetAllUsers) closed by bfarka
15:32 Ticket #1080 (Implement Methods in MembershipProvider) closed by bfarka
15:29 Changeset [4018] by bfarka

all needed methods of membershipprovier are implemented and all testes are passing (#1046)

12:43 Algorithms created by mkofler
12:28 Changeset [4017] by abeham


  • Ported CrowdingDistanceAssignment operator
  • Added parameters to the alg and the main loop
    • main loop behavior is copied from the GA
11:31 Changeset [4016] by svonolfe

Fixed crash in VRP solution view (#1039)

11:23 Changeset [4015] by svonolfe

Improved VRP solution view (#1039)


22:30 Changeset [4014] by jwolfing

added new comments to methods, createUser, changePasswordQuestionAndAnswer (#1079)

22:00 Changeset [4013] by jwolfing

Add comments to following methods, initialize, changepassword (#1079)

18:36 Changeset [4012] by abeham


  • Added empty plugin for NSGA-II
14:36 Changeset [4011] by mkommend
  • refactored ViewHost and various views to use fewer nested controls
  • added UnitTests for ContentViews to ensure proper using of the ContentAttribute
  • fixed some views which could not handle null as Content

(ticket #972)

11:26 Changeset [4010] by mkommend

fixed RunCollectionVariableImpactView (ticket #1011)

03:26 Changeset [4009] by bfarka

fixed bugs in membership provider 32 out of 43 tests are now passing.. (#1046)

02:39 Ticket #1064 (HeuristicLabMembershipProviderTest - tests fail) closed by bfarka
02:38 Ticket #1055 (Implement LockUser/UnlockUser in Membership Provider) closed by bfarka
02:20 Changeset [4008] by dkahn

#1061 Extended tests for GetAllUsers() and added FindUsersByEmail() and FindUsersByName() plus unit tests.

01:48 Changeset [4007] by dkahn

#1061 Moved a paging into a dedicated method to prevent redundancy

01:03 Changeset [4006] by dkahn

#1061 Implemented GetAllUsers with unit test. Returning an ordered collection is still to be done


21:31 Changeset [4005] by jhaider

added implementation (#1080)

17:14 Changeset [4004] by bfarka

fixed min passwordlength test #1046

16:56 Changeset [4003] by bfarka

fixed unit test for password #1046

16:01 Changeset [4002] by bfarka

made struture changes in persistence classes and provider

15:07 Changeset [4001] by gkronber

Changed calculation of linear scaling parameters to a more numerically stable solution. #1074

13:50 Ticket #1077 (Check RoleProvider) closed by mholper
fixed: Rev. 4000 all RoleProviderMethods implemented, Unittest for these …
13:48 Changeset [4000] by mholper

implemented last Method HeuristicLabRoleProvider.DeleteRole and UnitTest (#1046)
--> HeuristicLabRoleProvider finished now, all HeuristicLabRoleProviderTest passed (#1077)

13:14 Changeset [3999] by mkommend

corrected project files for changeset r3997 and r3998 (ticket #1073)

12:33 Changeset [3998] by gkronber

Minor efficiency improvement in crossover for symbolic expression trees. #1073

11:59 Changeset [3997] by gkronber

Minor improvements concerning efficiency of symbolic expression tree encoding data structures and operators. #1073

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