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20:39 Ticket #1080 (Implement Methods in MembershipProvider) created by bfarka
public override int GetNumberOfUsersOnline() { return 0; } …
20:34 Ticket #1079 (Create Docu of MembersipProvider) created by bfarka
Create Documentation of MembershipProvider
20:32 Ticket #1078 (Create Docu of RoleProvider) created by bfarka
Document de Roleprovider
20:30 Ticket #1077 (Check RoleProvider) created by bfarka
Finish all methods of RoleProvider an all tests should pass
18:57 Changeset [3992] by cfleisch

LockUser/UnlockUser in Membership Provider implemented (#1055)

15:45 Ticket #1076 (Enhance visualization of DataTables) created by epitzer
The DataTable currently only supports visualization of line charts of …
15:42 Ticket #1075 (Analyzers disappear when changing the evaluation function for ...) created by epitzer
When changing the evaluation function in a …
14:30 Ticket #1074 (Improve efficiency of operators and data-structures for regression problems) created by gkronber
14:29 Ticket #1073 (Improve efficiency of symbolic-expression tree encoding) created by gkronber
14:26 Ticket #938 (Data types and operators for regression problems) closed by gkronber
14:12 Ticket #903 (LinearRegressionOperator doesn't work for autoregressive modeling) closed by gkronber
wontfix: Time series prognosis with linear regression has to be reimplemented …
14:11 Ticket #878 (SymbolicRegressionFunctionLibraryInjectorAttribute should be removed) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed in version 3.2
14:03 Ticket #1072 (Implement OptimizerRunner) created by mkommend
The OptimizerRunner should be an additional view to execute …
13:58 Ticket #1071 (GP Grammars should contain Symbols instead of strings in the internal ...) created by mkommend
13:32 Ticket #871 (Implement operators for NSGA-II multi-objective GA) closed by gkronber
duplicate: Duplicate of #1040
13:31 Ticket #820 (Hinge function symbol for symbolic regression) closed by gkronber
wontfix: Not relevant anymore.
13:30 Ticket #836 (Initial population doesn't contain all functions in combination with ...) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed with version 3.3
13:20 Ticket #987 (HiveEngine doesn't raise the JobFailed event if an exception occurs in ...) closed by gkronber
13:16 Ticket #772 (Text export of SVM models) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed in version 3.3
13:15 Ticket #1070 (Port SymbolicExpressionTree manipulation operators from 3.2 to 3.3) created by gkronber
13:15 Ticket #1069 (Port SymbolicExpressionTree crossover operators from 3.2 to 3.3) created by gkronber


18:47 Ticket #1068 (Add a new 3-opt move generator: StochasticInsertionMultiMoveGenerator) created by abeham
Sometimes you don't want to make exhaustive insertion moves, but also …
18:45 Ticket #1067 (Translocation Soft Tabu Criterion can be made even softer) created by abeham
Currently it forbids moving a number in the permutation that was just …
15:54 Changeset [3991] by svonolfe

Fixed small issues in the VRP implementation (#1039)

15:36 Ticket #1066 (Store Batchrun name and Experiment name in a Run object) created by abeham
Currently there's only Algorithm.Name.
15:28 Changeset [3990] by gkronber

Improved GlobalSymbolicExpressionGrammar regarding memory efficiency and fixed a bug in cloning. #938

15:26 Changeset [3989] by gkronber

Improved LINQ statements in SubtreeCrossover to make them more efficient. #938

15:25 Changeset [3988] by gkronber

Added caching of tree size and height values and changed postfix and prefix iteration methods in SymbolicExpressionTreeNodes. #938

15:17 Changeset [3987] by gkronber

Turned of 'Treat warnings as errors' option in the release configuration of the persistence plugin to allow release builds without compiler errors. #548

15:14 Changeset [3986] by gkronber

Moved code for the manipulation of SymbolicExpressionTrees to include the linear scaling calculation into a static method. #938

15:12 Changeset [3985] by gkronber

Fixed statements that modify the list of sub-trees of a SymbolicExpressionTreeNodes directly. #938

15:10 Changeset [3984] by gkronber

Changed implementation of extension method for the calculation of std. dev. of IEnumerable<double> to a routine which calculates the std. dev. in a single iteration over the enumerable. #938

15:08 Changeset [3983] by gkronber

Added default constructor for Defun symbol. #938

15:05 Changeset [3982] by gkronber

Fixed incorrect override of Apply(), in SymbolicRegressionEvaluator #938

15:03 Changeset [3981] by gkronber

Fixed cloning of Datasets which was changed to a broken solution with r3933. #938

15:01 Ticket #1065 (Calculation of relative Error is incorrect in ...) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed with r3980.
15:01 Changeset [3980] by gkronber

Fixed calculation error in operator to calculate the relative prediction error. #1065

14:32 Ticket #1065 (Calculation of relative Error is incorrect in ...) created by gkronber
14:31 Ticket #1036 (Variable impacts should be calculated as the integral of relative ...) closed by gkronber
13:46 Ticket #867 (Implement OperatorGraphVisualization based on Netron) closed by mkommend
13:42 Ticket #867 (Implement OperatorGraphVisualization based on Netron) reopened by mkommend
10:58 Changeset [3979] by mkommend

corrected DataAnalysis.Views.ResultsView to use an internal DoubleMatrix (ticket #1020)


20:00 Changeset [3978] by bfarka

fixed bug in RomveUsersFromRoles and fixed some tests (1046)

19:57 Ticket #1064 (HeuristicLabMembershipProviderTest - tests fail) created by bfarka
Output VS Fail 1) Fehler bei "Assert.AreEqual". …
19:45 Changeset [3977] by dkahn

#1061 GetAllUsers with unit test. Under construction.

18:21 Changeset [3976] by bfarka

added first service method and unittest for service
added abstract unit test for starting a service host (1046)

15:11 Changeset [3975] by mkommend

added p-values for variable impacts (ticket #1011)


21:09 Changeset [3974] by bfarka

added unit tests to check if the unique constraints on rolename username email are working (1046)

19:34 Changeset [3973] by bfarka

added missing unit test (1046)

19:21 Changeset [3972] by hmayr

minor changes (#1046)

19:07 Ticket #1062 (create unique constraints (username, mail)) closed by bfarka
19:06 Changeset [3971] by bfarka

creating unique index for username, email and rolename (#1062)

18:29 Ticket #1063 (Database Configuration) closed by bfarka
18:28 Changeset [3970] by bfarka

made Database configable with app.config in the Persistence Project --> 2 different DBs can be configured (one for UnitTesting and a real one) (#1063)

17:27 Ticket #1063 (Database Configuration) created by bfarka
Make Database configable --> two databases are needed, one for …
15:49 Ticket #1062 (create unique constraints (username, mail)) created by bfarka
create unique constraints on username and mail on HeuristicLabUser …
15:41 Ticket #1061 (FindUserByEmail FindUserByName GetAllUsers) created by bfarka
Implementing UserByEmail FindUserByName GetAllUsers and Unit Tests for …
14:44 Changeset [3969] by mkommend

implemented first version of RunCollectionVariableImpactView (ticket #1011)

13:55 Ticket #867 (Implement OperatorGraphVisualization based on Netron) closed by mkommend
fixed: This ticket will be closed, because the main implementation is …
13:55 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by mkommend
13:51 Ticket #1060 (Improve OperatorGraphVisualizationView) created by mkommend
This ticket collects all review comments for the …
13:42 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by mkommend
13:42 Ticket #1059 (Do not allow infinitely small views.) created by mkommend
Currently views can become infinitely small. It would be better so …
13:39 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by mkommend
13:36 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by mkommend
13:31 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by mkommend
13:30 Ticket #1058 (The TabControl does not get the focus when something is dragged over it) created by mkommend
solution: implemented derived control, which reacts on drag over …
13:26 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by mkommend
13:25 Ticket #1057 (State of views should be indicated in the UI (loading/running/paused)) created by mkommend
Different states should be available to give the user a better …
13:20 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by mkommend
13:19 Ticket #1056 (Improve BubbleChartView for RunCollection) created by mkommend
The bubble sizes are not scaled optimally and for categorical values a …
12:40 Changeset [3968] by bfarka

added field "isLocked" to linq classes (#1055)

12:02 Ticket #1055 (Implement LockUser/UnlockUser in Membership Provider) created by bfarka
Implementation (and UnitTest) for the two methods: LockUser, …
10:34 Changeset [3967] by mholper

implemented Method HeuristicLabRoleProvider.GetUsersInRoleTest and UnitTest (#1046)


16:11 Changeset [3966] by jhaider

added regions for vars and Properties, implemented some Properties (#1046)

15:56 Changeset [3965] by jhaider

added support for Cryptography (#1046)

13:11 Changeset [3964] by mholper

formated with vssettings, added missing .Dispose() to following HeuristicLabRoleProvider Methods: GetAllRolesTest, IsUserInRole, CreateRole,GetAllRoles (#1046)

12:51 Changeset [3963] by mholper

implemented RoleProvider.IsUserInRole (#1046)

11:58 Changeset [3962] by hmayr

changed all association names in linq classes (e.g. form singular to plural, ...) (#1046)

11:52 Changeset [3961] by jhaider

added ValidateUserTestEncrypted edited ValidateUserTest (#1046)

11:45 Changeset [3960] by bfarka

added bugfixes and unittests for roleprovider (#1046)

11:39 Changeset [3959] by hmayr

minor changes (#1046)

11:13 Changeset [3958] by jhaider

added Initialize and ApplicationName (#10436)

11:00 Changeset [3957] by jhaider

Added ValidateUser (#1046)

10:18 Changeset [3956] by hmayr

following changes (#1046):

  • implemented some methods of HeuristicLabMembershipProvider and unit tests
  • tests for ChangePassword and ChangePasswordQuestionAndAnswer do not work at the moment!
10:13 Changeset [3955] by bfarka

created impl and test of AddUsersToRoles (#1046)

08:13 Changeset [3954] by bfarka

implemented RoleProvider.FindUsersInRole (#1046)


23:34 Changeset [3953] by bfarka

implemented one more function and a unittest for it (#1046)

21:00 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by abeham
forgot to include reference to ticket #1052 (diff)
20:58 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by abeham
20:57 Ticket #1054 (Add an explanatory description to the CurrentSuccessRatio result) created by abeham
As reported by swinkler * IMHO the meaning of the result …
20:55 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by abeham
20:53 Ticket #1053 (Change the click behaviour of the ViewHost icon) created by abeham
Currently the ViewHost icon is a label that can be right- and …
20:45 Ticket #1052 (Textboxes are not validated after clicking in a control's background) created by abeham
It would be nice to have textboxes validating upon clicking "anywhere …
20:41 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by abeham
20:40 Ticket #1051 (Add min and max value of the TestFunction's 2D graphical display) created by abeham
Comment from swinkler: I like the graphical display of the …
20:38 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by abeham
20:37 Ticket #1050 (Improve description of SearchIntervalFactor in the ...) created by abeham
Reading this again and again, I never know what this parameter …
20:27 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by abeham
20:27 Ticket #1049 (Provide a default instance when creating a new ValueParameter) created by abeham
Adding a new ValueParameter<T> could create a default value if T is …
20:24 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by abeham
20:24 Ticket #1048 (Running a tabu search algorithm it could be interesting to view ...) created by abeham
PercentTabu measures how much of the neighborhood is currently found …
20:22 Changeset [3952] by bfarka

added implementation of GetAllRoles in RoleProvider (#1046)

20:21 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by abeham
20:16 Ticket #1047 (Execution time should be treated as a numerical variable in the run ...) created by abeham
"Execution Time" is a TimeSpanValue result and is treated as a …
19:48 Changeset [3951] by bfarka

changed persistence for roles and implemented first Method in RoleProvider --> FinAllUsers (#1046)

18:22 Changeset [3950] by hmayr

minor changes (#1046)

17:42 Changeset [3949] by hmayr

following changes (#1046):

  • changed AbstractHeuristicLabTest.cs
16:30 Changeset [3948] by hmayr

following changes (#1046):

  • extended HeuristicLabUser.cs (additional methods)
  • implemented a 2. demo method for HeuristicLabMembershipProvider.cs
  • recreated two test classes in English language
15:01 Changeset [3947] by svonolfe

Fixed some problems in the VRP implementation (#1039)


15:35 Changeset [3946] by epitzer

Revise CompactNumberArray2StringSerializer: split text into several smaller strings to mitigate memory problems for very large arrays (#1138)

11:17 Changeset [3945] by epitzer

Remove casts in number array serializer and add handling of lower bounds (#1138)

11:15 Changeset [3944] by epitzer

Add missing string builder capacity calculation (#1138)

00:23 Changeset [3943] by hmayr

following changes (#1046):

  • extended DatabaseUtil.cs
  • extended HeuristicLabUser.cs
  • created HeuristicLabUserTest.cs
  • created AbstractHeuristicLabTest.cs
  • implemented a demo method in HeuristicLabMembershipProvider.cs to show usage of HeuristicLabUser.cs and DatabaseUtil.cs


22:36 Changeset [3942] by bfarka

added classes for role persisting and relation between user and role (#1046)

21:33 Changeset [3941] by hmayr

committed current changes for bfarka (#1046)

20:46 Changeset [3940] by hmayr

commit all current changes, so bfarka can try something (#1046):

  • extended DataClasses in Persistence.csproj
  • added DatabaseUtil.cs to Persistence.csproj
  • added HeuristicLabUserTest.cs to UnitTests.csproj
17:07 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by swagner
15:28 ReviewHeuristicLab3.3.0Application edited by swagner
00:57 Ticket #866 (SimOpt Communication refactoring) closed by abeham
fixed: The ExternalEvaluation problem has been implemented and documentation …
00:53 Ticket #1023 (Implement UserDefinedProblem) closed by abeham
fixed: The user defined problem has been implemented. Further changes and …
00:23 Changeset [3939] by hmayr

first commit from hmayr, just minor changes (#1046)

  • formatted source code files to fit HeuristicLab standards
  • deleted old LINQ to SQL Classes
  • create LINQ to SQL Class for HeuristicLabUser (just prototype)


20:43 Changeset [3938] by svonolfe

Added CVRP implementation using the Alba encoding (#1039)

18:46 Changeset [3937] by epitzer

Estimate or calculate StringBuffer sizes in advance, use iterator over string splits instead of arrays. (#1138)

17:00 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/OperatorsMoves edited by mkofler
16:56 NestedControlsBug edited by mkofler
Added attachments (diff)
16:53 NestedControlsDemo.hl attached to NestedControlsBug by mkofler
Nested controls demo
16:52 HL screenshot.png attached to NestedControlsBug by mkofler
Nested controls screenshot
16:46 Changeset [3936] by mkommend

improved StringConvertibleMatrixView (ticket #968)

16:46 Ticket #968 (Enhance StringConvertibleViews) reopened by mkommend
16:42 NestedControlsBug created by mkommend
16:40 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/OperatorsMoves created by mkofler
Added IMoveOperator doku (copy'n'paste from description)
16:32 Operators edited by mkofler
15:58 Changeset [3935] by epitzer

Add EasyXmlGenerator for easier review of generated XML. (#1139)

15:51 Changeset [3934] by gkronber

Fixed problem with shuffling and cross-validation in SVM cross-validation evaluator. #1009

13:21 Changeset [3933] by mkommend

removed cloning of dataset and made it readonly (ticket #938)


20:45 Changeset [3932] by bfarka

Added emty projects for services and persistence (#1046)

09:17 Changeset [3931] by kgrading

added minor speedups and better transaction handling to the server (#828)


20:30 Changeset [3930] by swagner

Added branch for the implementation of the HeuristicLab.Services.Authentication prototype (#1046)

20:08 Ticket #1046 (Implement HeuristicLab.Services.Authentication prototype) created by swagner
15:08 Ticket #1045 (Prune HeuristicLab.ProtobufCS projects) closed by abeham
duplicate: too fast
15:07 Ticket #1045 (Prune HeuristicLab.ProtobufCS projects) created by abeham
Some of them are unnecessary
15:07 Ticket #1044 (Prune HeuristicLab.ProtobufCS projects) created by abeham
Some of them are unnecessary
10:42 Ticket #1043 (BatchRuns should show which repetition is currently processed) created by mkommend
It should be shown in the GUI which run is currently processed (e.g. …
10:41 Ticket #1042 (Indication which view is currently saving) created by mkommend
There is no possibility to see which view is currently saving its …


17:51 Changeset [3929] by abeham


  • Added SymbolicExpressionTreeStringFormatter
14:57 Ticket #1041 (Add converter for symbolic expression trees) created by abeham
14:52 Changeset [3928] by mkommend

added plugin files for VRP and VRP.Views to SVN ignore list (ticket #1039)

14:48 Changeset [3927] by mkommend

added simplify button in InteractionSymbolicRegressionSolutionSimplifierView (ticket #1010)

14:43 Changeset [3926] by mkommend

removed ScaledSymbolicExpressionTree from the scopes in the ValidationBestScaledSymbolicReressionSolutionAnalyzer and
made SymbolicExpressionTree to work without a root node (ticket #938)

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