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14:45 Changeset [2536] by gkronber

Implemented cycle detection of plugin dependencies. #799

11:31 Ticket #809 (Selecting many items in a large ItemListView takes a long time) created by abeham
In !ItemListView_T.cs line 124: […] should better be […] My …


18:00 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DeveloperGuidelines edited by gkronber
Added a list of frequent mistakes that came to my mind. (diff)
15:55 Changeset [2535] by mkommend

corrected median implementation (ticket #808)

15:54 Ticket #808 (Median calculation is wrong in Statistics class) created by mkommend
if the number of elements is even the wrong elements are picked (line 174)
13:13 Changeset [2534] by mkommend

corrected saving of InputVariableResults (ticket #759)


15:07 Changeset [2533] by mkommend

added try catch block while querying the loaded assemblies (ticket #807)

15:06 Ticket #807 (ProgrammableOperator throws an NotSupportedException when used with ...) created by mkommend
line 113
10:43 Changeset [2532] by mkommend

added new virtual method for form closing (ticket #771)


18:00 Changeset [2531] by epitzer

remove all non 3.3 projects from HL solution (#802)

15:15 Changeset [2530] by mkommend

changed modeling database backend to use a shared read connection => notification by exception if another program is connected to the database (ticket #759)

09:10 Changeset [2529] by gkronber

Corrected plugin meta data of HL.Assignment.QAP and HL.MainForm.WindowsForms. #798


20:32 Changeset [2528] by gkronber

Worked on update location service. #799

20:27 Changeset [2527] by gkronber

Implemented changes as requested by swagner. #799

16:43 Ticket #806 (Refactor cloning) closed by swagner
fixed: Done in r2526.
16:43 Changeset [2526] by swagner

Refactored cloning (#806)

16:23 Changeset [2525] by mkommend

adapted SQLServerCompact database backend to meet new requirements regarding multiple connections (ticket #800)

15:25 Ticket #806 (Refactor cloning) created by swagner
The IStorable interface should be removed and the cloning procedure …
15:17 Ticket #804 (Remove HeuristicLab.Constraints) closed by swagner
fixed: Removed constraints in r2524.
15:17 Changeset [2524] by swagner

Removed plugin HeuristicLab.Constraints (#804)

11:29 Changeset [2523] by epitzer

Update data binding after collection changed (#805)

11:16 Changeset [2522] by swagner

Added missing file IEditable (#770)

11:14 Ticket #803 (Prepare solutions and project structure for working on the ...) closed by swagner
11:12 Changeset [2521] by swagner

Removed projects from HeuristicLab 3.3 which are not required for the release (#803)

11:08 Changeset [2520] by swagner

Implemented first draft of MainForm support in HeuristicLab.Core/HeuristicLab.Core.Views and all other depending plugins (#770)

11:07 Changeset [2519] by mkommend

changed ContentAttribute to not be inherited (ticket #771)

10:25 Changeset [2518] by epitzer

Use DataGrid to monitor several grid client instances inside a single grid application. (#805)

10:03 Ticket #805 (Support spawing multiple GridClients inside a single GridClientApplication) created by epitzer
On machines with more than one core, it should be possible to run …


17:19 Ticket #804 (Remove HeuristicLab.Constraints) created by swagner
Constraint handling as it is done in the HeuristicLab.Constraints …
16:35 Changeset [2517] by gkronber

Worked on plugin installation manager and update location service. #799

13:53 Changeset [2516] by gkronber

deleted folders for update service and update client. #799


18:16 Changeset [2515] by mkommend

corrected bug in ObservableCollection clear method (ticket #779)

18:13 Changeset [2514] by mkommend

added ability to generate separators in between menu- and toolbaritems (ticket #771)

17:47 Changeset [2513] by gkronber

Worked on command line interface for plugin management. #799

16:21 Ticket #4 (Update only visible grid-cells when updating a DatasetView) closed by mkommend
fixed: added null check in !datagridView_CellValueNeeded r2512
16:21 Changeset [2512] by mkommend

added null check in !datagridView_CellValueNeeded (ticket #4)

16:20 Ticket #4 (Update only visible grid-cells when updating a DatasetView) reopened by mkommend
16:17 Changeset [2511] by swagner

Added new empty plugin HeuristicLab.Core.Views to move all views from HeuristicLab.Core to (#770)

16:12 Changeset [2510] by mkommend

renamed ViewBase.Initialized to ViewBase.Initialize (ticket #771)

15:49 Changeset [2509] by mkommend

added Initialized event to ViewBase in MainForm.WindowsForms (ticket #771)

15:47 Changeset [2508] by gkronber

Renamed MainForm to StarterForm and added possibility to start a specific application from the command line. #799

15:46 Changeset [2507] by gkronber

Renamed MainForm to StarterForm and added possibility to start a specific application from the command line. #799

14:50 Changeset [2506] by gkronber

Removed commented code. #799

14:48 Changeset [2505] by gkronber

Re-introduced fading out of splash screen. Replaced timer with a Windows.Forms.Timer which doesn't cause so much concurrency related headache (because it uses the EventQueue). #799


18:33 Changeset [2504] by gkronber

Worked on core of plugin infrastructure.

  • Collected all classes into a single assembly (HL.PluginInfrastructure)
  • Moved SplashScreen and MainForm from HeuristicLab.exe project into the plugin infrastructure.
  • Introduced namespaces
  • Added strict access modifiers (internal)
  • Fixed most FxCop warnings in plugin infrastructure core.
  • Fixed issues with plugin load/unload events
  • Deleted empty interface IControl



14:03 Changeset [2503] by gkronber

Moved classes from project PluginInfrastructure.Manager to PluginInfrastructure make it easier to declare strict accessibility constraints. #799

01:17 Changeset [2502] by swagner

Updated solution file of HL 3.2 (#798)

01:05 Changeset [2501] by swagner

Worked on Optimizer (#770)

00:27 Changeset [2500] by swagner

Corrected project name of plugin HeuristicLab.Selection.Uncertainty (#798)

00:21 Changeset [2499] by swagner

Corrected project name of plugin HeuristicLab.MainForm.WindowsForms (#798)

00:00 Changeset [2498] by swagner

Created new plugin HeuristicLab.Optimizer for the new optimization frontend (#770)


18:30 Changeset [2497] by gkronber

Minor changes in plugin infrastructure. #799

14:26 Changeset [2496] by gkronber

Renamed file type NativeAssembly to NativeDll. #799

14:25 Changeset [2495] by gkronber

Fixed loading of plugins in correct order as defined by plugin dependencies in AppDomains for applications. (ApplicationManager) #799


01:09 Changeset [2494] by swagner

Renamed solution "HeuristicLab" to "HeuristicLab 3.2" and removed projects of HeuristicLab 3.3 (#803).

00:50 Changeset [2493] by swagner

Removed unnecessary solution configurations and corrected project references and plugin dependencies in new solution HeuristicLab 3.3 (#803)

00:39 Changeset [2492] by swagner

Created new solution HeuristicLab 3.3 and new project HeuristicLab 3.3 for working on the HeuristicLab 3.3 release (#803)


22:50 Ticket #803 (Prepare solutions and project structure for working on the ...) created by swagner
For working on the release of HeuristicLab 3.3, the VS solutions and …
22:46 Changeset [2491] by swagner

Created branch for plugins adapted for testing the new persistence framework and the OKB (#802). This branch is required by epitzer.

22:44 Ticket #802 (Create branch for plugins adapted for testing the new persistence framework) created by swagner
A new branch "Persistence Test" has to be created to save the current …


12:09 Ticket #801 (GP: Description of Subtraction/Division does not fit) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed with r2490.
12:09 Changeset [2490] by gkronber

Fixed #801.

09:37 Ticket #801 (GP: Description of Subtraction/Division does not fit) created by abeham
Both are binary functions, the description reads as if they were n-ary …
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