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18:41 Changeset [2489] by gkronber

Worked on plugin infrastructure events and the display in the SplashScreen. #799

17:45 Changeset [2488] by gkronber

Worked on plugin infrastructure refactoring. (Fully functional revision). #799

17:44 Changeset [2487] by gkronber

Deleted plugin versions based on new persistence. #799

17:43 Changeset [2486] by gkronber

Copied main HL plugins from trunk for testing. #799

17:41 Changeset [2485] by gkronber

Copied main HL plugins from trunk for testing. #799

17:40 Changeset [2484] by gkronber

Copied main HL plugins from trunk for testing. #799

17:37 Changeset [2483] by gkronber

Copied main HL plugins from trunk for testing. #799

11:10 Changeset [2482] by mkommend

added predictor persistor (ticket #800)

11:09 Ticket #800 (Predictor persistor for HL3) created by mkommend
to save predictors directly from engines into a model analyzer file


18:25 Ticket #799 (Refactor plugin infrastructure) created by gkronber
18:25 Changeset [2481] by gkronber

Refactored class Loader in plugin infrastructure. #799

14:37 Ticket #551 (Call hooks for plugin status changes) closed by gkronber
wontfix: Hooks for OnInstall, OnDelete, OnPreUpdate, OnPostUpdate are not …


18:06 Changeset [2480] by swagner

Added AssemblyInfo.cs to project HeuristicLab.Selection.Uncertainty (#798)

18:03 Changeset [2479] by swagner

Corrected plugin meta data of HeuristicLab.AdvancedOptimizationFrontend and HeuristicLab.MainForm.WindowsForms, corrected build configurations (#798)

17:57 Changeset [2478] by mkommend

accidently removed necessary plugin file from HeuristicLab.SQLServerCompact with r2744 (ticket #798)

17:48 Changeset [2477] by mkommend

Added AssemblyInfo.cs and missing plugin files in plugin class to project HeuristicLab.SQLServerCompact (ticket #798)

17:39 Changeset [2476] by swagner

Added AssemblyInfo.cs to project HeuristicLab.Common (#798)

16:52 Changeset [2475] by gkronber

worked on plugin infrastructure refactoring. #799

16:51 Ticket #798 (Correct plugin meta data) created by swagner
16:50 Ticket #796 (Implement generic EventArgs) closed by swagner
fixed: Done in r2474.
16:50 Changeset [2474] by swagner

Implemented generic EventArgs (#796)

15:14 Ticket #797 (Update plugin dependencies in HeuristicLab.GP.Algorithms) created by swagner
14:40 Changeset [2473] by epitzer

Allow changing the name of an ObservableBackgroundWorker. (#769)

14:15 Ticket #796 (Implement generic EventArgs) created by swagner
Instead of implementing specific EventArgs for each kind of contained …
10:13 Changeset [2472] by gkronber

Created a branch for the refactoring for the refactoring of PluginInfrastructure #799


16:01 Ticket #795 (Splash screen fires an InvalidOperationException if the starter is ...) created by mkommend
Occurs in method SetInfoText line 83. Exception text: Invoke or …


15:28 Ticket #786 (Allowed algorithms are not set correctly for all target variables) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed with r2471.
15:28 Changeset [2471] by gkronber

Fixed #786 (Allowed algorithms are not set correctly for all target variables)


16:05 Changeset [2470] by mkommend

fired remove event in clear method of ObservableCollection, to give listeners the opportunity to deregister from events (ticket #779)

13:48 Changeset [2469] by mkommend

moved registering of mainform from ctor to mainform.load event, because designmode property is not set in the ctor (ticket #771)

13:20 Changeset [2468] by mkommend

renamed method for determining default viewable types in ContentAttribute (ticket #771)

13:18 Changeset [2467] by mkommend

added CreateView methods in MainFormManager (ticket #771)


17:16 Changeset [2466] by mkommend

implemented ContentAttribute and adapted MainFormManager (ticket #771)

10:59 Changeset [2465] by abeham

updated v3.2 debug configuration


17:10 Changeset [2464] by mkommend

removed generic base class ViewBase<T> (ticket #771)

15:01 Changeset [2463] by mkommend

changed detection of design mode in MainFormBase (ticket #771)

14:06 Changeset [2462] by mkommend
  • removed virtual binding of !Item property in ViewBase
  • removed FireMainFormChanged after the GUI was created (ticket#771)
12:49 Changeset [2461] by mkommend

separated ViewBase<T> into ViewBase and ViewBase<T> (ticket #771)


16:40 Changeset [2460] by mkommend

added check if MainFormBase is created during design mode (visual studio designer)
to suppress registering at the MainFormManager (ticket #771)

10:07 Changeset [2459] by mkommend

deleted branch for mainform refactoring (ticket#771)


17:17 Changeset [2458] by mkommend

integrated branch MainForm refactoring into trunk (ticket #771)

14:47 Ticket #794 (Integration of the project folder into the subversion repository) created by kgrading
The whole project folder of 2009 is still compressed on kgradings …
14:23 Changeset [2457] by mkommend

removed unnecessary classes from HeuristicLab.MainForm (ticket #771)

11:06 Changeset [2456] by mkommend

implemented last changes in MainForm as discussed with SWA (ticket #771)


18:10 Changeset [2455] by gkronber

Added test for ProbabilisticTreeCreator. #791 (Tests for GP operators and structure identification evaluators)

16:07 Changeset [2454] by gkronber

Implemented NodeBasedVariableImpactCalculator. #793

16:01 Ticket #793 (Node impact based variable impact calculation operator) created by gkronber
Variable impacts calculated by the standard variable impact calculator …
15:40 Ticket #363 (Feature to export the currently displayed data in a simple table-based ...) closed by gkronber
invalid: Component CEDMA.Charting has been replaced by MSCharts.
10:20 Changeset [2453] by mkommend

added missing license information for HeuristicLab.MainForm (ticket #771)

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