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Ticket Component Summary Owner Version Modified
#2435 ExtLibs Update AlgLib to most recent version mkommend branch 6 weeks
#2883 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Option to store actual model instead of a surrogate-model for RegressionSolutions mkommend branch 9 months
#2892 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Prediction intervals for linear regression models mkommend trunk 6 months
#2915 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Add support for abs(x), AQ(x) and CubeRoot(x) for symbolic regression problems pfleck trunk 4 days
#2936 Problems Generalized QAP Trunk Integration jkarder branch 2 months
#2949 Core.Views AutoResize of columns in ItemListView reduces GUI update performance massively swagner 11 days
#2950 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Support hash-based simplification of symbolic expressions gkronber trunk 5 weeks
#2959 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Issues with the bottom-up similarity calculator gkronber trunk 2 months
#2971 Problems.DataAnalysis Intervals for RegressionProblemData/SymbolicRegressionSolution mkommend branch 6 weeks
#2977 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Pearson R2 & Tree Similarity Multiobjective Evaluator mkommend trunk 5 weeks
#3004 Algorithms.GeneticAlgorithm IslandGA parameterizes Evaluator's Random to GlobalRandom instead of LocalRandom pfleck trunk 7 weeks
#3010 Core.Views Checked item views are slow when a lot of items are checked at once mkommend 11 days
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