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#2953 Problems.ExternalEvaluation Multi-objective external evaluation problem does not filter single-objective operators abeham depends-2520
#2844 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression.Views The number of iterations for constant optimization is fixed in the simplifier view gkronber
#2361 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification Adapted symbolic classification evaluators to increase the sensitivity of a model mkommend
#2866 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Hyperbolic functions for symbolic regression gkronber mergewith-2966
#2948 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Symbolic differentiation gkronber
#2958 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Vectorized/batch-mode interpreter for symbolic expression trees gkronber
#2991 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic DiversitySelector for symbolic data analysis problems gkronber
#2998 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Allow specification of floating point number format for the InfixFormatter gkronber
#3001 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic The excel formatter produces incorrect output for divisions (1/1*x) gkronber
#2955 Problems.DataAnalysis Improve evaluating models on new data gkronber
#3002 Problems.DataAnalysis Build dataset with row-wise data abeham
#2965 Persistence Cancelable Save (to File) Command jkarder depends-2845
#3005 Parameters There should be an option to make ValueParameters read only mkommend
#2978 Optimization.Views Enabling & disabling of controls in HL is slow gkronber depends-2845
#2561 Optimization TimeLimitRun does not work with the Hive Slave gkronber depends-2520
#2740 Optimization Multi encoding operators are not parameterized correctly abeham depends-2520
#2855 Optimization Showing the encoding or its operators in the run is highly wasteful gkronber
#2931 General Integration of LP and MIP Solvers based on Google OR-Tools in HeuristicLab abeham depends-2520
#2975 ExtLibs Update Sim# to 3.1.1 abeham
#2879 Analysis.Views Cancelling a DataTableVisualPropertiesDialog may take very long and block GUI gkronber
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