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Ticket Component Summary Owner Version Modified
#2806 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Positive class value setting from classification problems is not set correctly in classification ensemble solutions 21 months
#2847 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Implement M5'-(Meta-)-Regression bwerth trunk 2 weeks
#2943 Algorithms.MOCMAEvolutionStrategy Allow all multiobjective BasicProblems for MO-CMAES bwerth 6 months
#2719 Analysis Datastream Analysis jzenisek branch 2 weeks
#2879 Analysis.Views Cancelling a DataTableVisualPropertiesDialog may take very long and block GUI bburlacu trunk 7 weeks
#2949 Core.Views AutoResize of columns in ItemListView reduces GUI update performance massively swagner 3 days
#2997 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding When using multi encoding in combination with several symbolic expression trees, only the grammar of the first used symbolic expression tree is used to generate syntax trees. rhanghof 3.3.15 6 weeks
#2875 General Release HeuristicLab 3.3.16 swagner 8 days
#2834 Hive.Client GUI might freeze when downloading multiple Hive jobs concurrently 18 months
#2839 Hive.General Implement project management for Hive jkarder trunk 3 weeks
#2877 Hive.General Hive Improvements swagner branch 2 weeks
#2845 MainForm Enhance Progress(View) pfleck trunk 10 days
#2798 Optimization Unify Important Multi-objective Calculations bwerth 21 months
#2944 Optimization.Operators Add generic multi-objective analyzers bwerth 9 months
#2726 Optimization.Views RunCollectionView for Parameter Analysis swagner branch 16 months
#2520 Persistence Persistence Overhaul gkronber trunk 8 days
#2864 Problems Implementation of PFSP and LOP fholzing branch 4 weeks
#2989 Problems Moving Peaks Benchmark swagner branch 3 months
#1776 Problems.DataAnalysis Improve Ensemble Classification with new Voting mkommend branch 9 months
#2966 Problems.DataAnalysis Implement Intervals and according calculation rules gkronber trunk 4 weeks
#2938 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic The parser for symbolic expressions in infix form parses negative numbers and fractions strangly gkronber trunk 5 months
#2950 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Support hash-based simplification of symbolic expressions bburlacu trunk 4 weeks
#2808 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification.Views Exception when changing the threshold in a classification threshold view 21 months
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