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#1042 Optimizer Indication which view is currently saving
#1270 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Implement representation of symbolic expressions in Smalltalk syntax
#1508 Problems.DataAnalysis Plugin for optimization of trading rules
#1730 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Exporting symbolic data analysis solutions to excel files
#1909 Problems.TestFunctions Support for different real valued test functions should be implemented through a problem instance provider
#1961 Algorithms.CMAEvolutionStrategy CMAES algorithm implementation
#2021 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic SymbolicExpressionTreeLinearInterpreter
#2032 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Polynomial covariance function
#2038 Algorithms Reevaluation of elite individuals
#2047 Problems.Instances Handling of white spaces in the DataAnalysisImportDialog
#2054 Visualization.ChartControlsExtensions Option to hide axis when exporting images for publications
#2055 Tools Tool to reduce the file size of data analysis experiments
#2059 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Piece-wise polynomial covariance function
#2062 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Analyzer that tracks the best symbolic expression tree in the results
#2075 Data ValueTypeArrays should provide element names similar to row names for matrix types
#2079 Data.Views StringConvertibleValueView cannot be subclassed
#2081 Data New HL data types for dealing with files and paths
#2084 General OS X Compile Support for HL
#2094 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Show the training and test split for discriminant function classification models in the EstimatedValuesView
#2095 Common Improve object graph traversal by using a cache
#2099 Optimization.Views Improve names of RunCollection views
#2100 MainForm.WindowsForms Views should support displaying help texts
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