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Ticket Component Summary
#1674 Problems.ExternalEvaluation Implement multi-objective external evaluation problem
#1736 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views View for the ConstantRegressionModel
#1967 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Evolution of mean and covariance functions for Gaussian processes using GP
#1998 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Model Comparison for Classification
#2027 Algorithms Customizable termination criteria
#2069 Problems.GeneticProgramming Implement GP problem for code generation
#2116 Core.Views Implement a breadcrumb navigation for view hosts
#2175 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Calculate the complexity of symbolic expression trees
#2264 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Exporter for symbolic data analysis solutions to C# source code
#2269 Algorithms Implement ALPS
#2298 Scripting Add execution time to scripts
#2377 Optimization.Operators Parallelize SimilarityCalculators
#2385 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Boolean parameter for data-analysis algorithms to disable creation of a final solution
#2388 Hive.Server Improve new Hive statistics web page
#2391 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Error characteristics curve should support showing multiple regression solutions at once to easily compare solutions.
#2418 Common More efficient implementation of median
#2421 ZZZ OBSOLETE: Problems.ArtificialAnt Port artificial ant problem to new symbolic expression encoding
#2422 ZZZ OBSOLETE: Problems.LawnMower Port lawn mower problem to new symbolic expression encoding
#2429 Hive.Server Implement a maintenance WebApp plugin
#2454 General The ItemName of Creatables should include their respective acronym
#2461 Hive.Client Enable paging for downloading Hive Jobs
#2468 Hive.Slave Implement Checkpointing for the Hive Slave
#2469 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Create base class for problems using the SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding
#2470 Core ItemDictionary should allow to use a custom comparer
#2472 Problems.GeneticProgramming Create HeuristicLab.Problems.GeneticProgramming
#2473 Analysis.Views Automatically hide all columns containing only a single value in the "Table" run collection view
#2478 Algorithms.OffspringSelectionGeneticAlgorithm Offspring selection for Evolution Strategy
#2480 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Add optional flag to the evaluator to save the estimated values in the tree scope for symbolic regression problems
#2484 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Mathematica formatter for symbolic data analysis models
#2486 DataPreprocessing Allow add columns and rows for data preprocessing
#2488 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Quantile regression loss for gradient boosted trees
#2492 Problems.DataAnalysis Bound the return value of the OnlinePearsonsRCalculator to [-1,+1]
#2495 Optimization.Operators Allow configuring of migration direction in UnidirectionalRingMigrator
#2496 Hive.Client Provide more detailed information when no connection can be established in the Hive Job Manager
#2501 Algorithms.DataAnalysis It should be possible to use any IRegressionModel as mean function in a Gaussian process
#2507 Problems.ExternalEvaluation Open ExternalEvaluationProblem for extension
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