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Ticket Component Summary
#2282 Algorithms Implement PPP for HeuristicLab
#2234 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Implement grid search for LibSVM parameters
#2237 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Implement grid search for random forest parameters
#2232 Algorithms.VariableNeighborhoodSearch Split ILocalImprovementOperator
#2031 Analysis Implement views for statistical hypothesis testing
#2223 Core Directed graph class for HeuristicLab
#2245 DataPreprocessing Shuffle manipulation treats the training and test partition separately
#2253 Encodings.BinaryVectorEncoding BinaryVectorCreator should have a probability property
#2252 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Tree nodes for symbolic expression trees are derived from Item
#2268 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Tree grammars take up a lot of space in a persisted HL file containing multiple trees
#2265 MainForm.WindowsForms Support for opening .hl files via drag and drop from windows explorer.
#1668 Optimization Provide a SimpleAlgorithm base class or interface
#2120 Optimization RunCollection doesn't update ResultNames or ParameterNames when items are added to a run afterwards
#2174 Optimization Add programmable optimization problem
#2266 Optimization Synchronous control methods in IExecutable
#2271 Optimization.Views Change title of "Parameters"-tab to "Algorithm" in the algorithm view
#1802 Persistence Improve serialization and deserialization of enumerables of primitive types
#2242 Persistence Datatypes Queue and Queue<> are not serializable
#2294 PluginInfrastructure ApplicationManager should be able to discover types from specified assemblies
#2278 Problems.DataAnalysis New quality measures for ClassificationSolutions
#2098 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Excel export of symbolic data analysis solutions should support boolean functions
#2164 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Tree matching functionality for symbolic expression trees
#2215 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic More accurate tree similarity measure based on tree bottom-up distance
#2218 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Move the SymbolicExpressionImporter from HeuristicLab.Tests to the main solution
#2238 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Reduce memory footprint of GP solutions
#2285 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic SymbolicDataAnalysisSingleObjectiveValidationAnalyzer does not implement IStochasticOperator
#2287 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic ConstantsOptimizationEvaluator cannot handle roots
#2220 Problems.Instances Improve the generation of all possible combinations of values in ValueGenerator.cs
#2229 Problems.VehicleRouting Enable loading of best known solutions for mult-depot VRP
#2262 Scripting Improve the scripting environment
#2303 Scripting Throw a more specific exception if script compilation fails
#2211 Tests Provide unit tests for samples and scripts creation and execution
#2279 Visualization.ChartControlsExtensions Improve HistogramControl
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