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#2107 Visualization.ChartControlsExtensions Chart export dialog saves emf files as png
#2010 Problems.TravelingSalesman Some TSP instances do not load
#2070 Problems.Instances TableFilesParser does not parse correctly
#2110 Problems.Instances Import/Export for ProblemInstanceConsumers of multiple data types is not shown
#2067 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Relative error is calculated incorrectly in the RegressionSolutionEstimatedValuesView
#2056 Problems.DataAnalysis File name `OnlineOnlineCovarianceCalcualtor.cs` spelled wrong
#2066 Problems.DataAnalysis TimeSeriesProblemData does not adapt training and test ranges
#2102 Problems.DataAnalysis The "Data Analysis" menu should not be a top-level menu in the optimizer
#2043 Optimizer Create experiment dialog doesn't handle ConstrainedValueParameter<ValueTypeValue> correctly
#1501 Optimization.Views `RunCollectionBubbleChartView` crashes when a run is added during a foreach loop over runs
#1677 Optimization.Views Rows in the RunCollectionTabularView don't respect filters
#1833 Operators Checked operator information is lost in run
#2030 Hive.Server Improve Hive Server performance
#2087 Hive.Server HiveException: Add task fails with: The query results cannot be enumerated more than once.
#2064 Hive.Client Fix sorting in Hive Job Manager and ItemCollectionView
#2085 Hive.Client InvalidOperationException when refreshing in the Hive Job Manager
#2097 Hive.Client Hive Job Manager crashes when downloading a job that cannot be deserialized
#2078 General Mono Fixes for HeuristicLab 3.3.9
#1421 Data.Views Change of StringValue in ItemCollection View does not react on Enter
#2044 Core.Views Checked state of Items in a CheckedItemsListView is changed when the item positions are changed
#1483 Analysis The default constructor for DataRow should not be public
#2052 Algorithms.DataAnalysis BatchRun only executes one run of a CrossValidation
#2065 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Neural network covariance function does not work correctly in combination with masking
#2101 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Several incorrect names/descriptions in class NeuralNetworkClassification
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