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#2039 Problems.TravelingSalesman Improve performance of the TSPSimilarityCalculator
#1910 Problems.TestFunctions Program crash when setting the problem size in single objective test function problem
#1912 Problems.Instances Friedman-II benchmark function should have 10 input variables
#1979 Problems.Instances Some Regression Problem Instances are not correct
#1981 Problems.Instances The wrong ProblemInstanceProviderView is chosen for RegressionProblemInstances
#2001 Problems.Instances Some Real World Regression Problem Instances are not correct
#1963 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Adding and removing multiple solutions in an ensemble takes too long
#1978 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views ClassificationEnsembleSolutionEstimatedClassValuesView may not calculate correct results
#2046 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views The Scatterplot in the ClusterVisualizationView does not have a name
#1815 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views Grammar view shows incorrect checkboxes for the enabled state of symbols when locked
#1865 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views VariableView and VariableConditionView shall show all variables
#1965 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views Simplifier folds all nodes automatically if NaN occurs during the evaluation
#1951 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression SymbolicRegressionEvaluators handle invalid values differently than the models created by the analyzers
#1925 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification IndexOutOfRangeException in SetClassDistributionCutPointThresholds
#1805 Problems.DataAnalysis Estimation limits of data analysis solutions are not accessible
#1915 Problems.DataAnalysis ClassNames caching leads to problems when dataset is not cloned
#1919 Problems.DataAnalysis Classification ensemble cannot be loaded if no samples are in training
#1920 Problems.DataAnalysis Models of an Ensemble may get a different problem data if loaded
#1928 Problems.DataAnalysis The accuracy maximizing threshold calculator returns sub-optimal thresholds for multi-class classification
#1990 Persistence The serialized DefaultComparer from Mono has the wrong format
#1918 Optimization.Views Overflow in RunCollectionBoxPlot view
#1945 Optimization.Views Topmost point cannot be selected in the run collection bubble chart view
#1993 Optimization.Views BubbleChart doesn't react correctly if jitter is used on categorical values XAxis
#1984 Optimization.Operators TabuMaker throws an exception if TabuTenure is less than or equal to 0
#2003 Optimization UserDefinedAlgorithms enable all provided analyzers by default
#2013 Operators MultiOperator doesn't update the parameters when the Operators parameter is set
#2006 MainForm.WindowsForms Fix memory leaks in MainForm.WindowsForms and the OperatorGraphVisualization
#1580 Hive.Slave Permission set granted for sandboxed application domains is not secure
#2019 Hive.Server Improve the use of db transactions in the Hive server
#1882 Hive.Client Hive client view doesn't show all runs of a batch run
#1958 Hive.Client Resource selection with the resources dialog only works when the resources textbox is edited afterwards
#2015 Hive.Client Deleting Hive Jobs should be done asynchronously
#1939 ExtLibs Update docking library Winforms UI 2.3.1 to DockPanel Suite v2.7
#1900 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding ReplaceBranchManipulation throws an overflow exception while calculating the maximum extension length for larger depth limits
#2037 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Grammar produces incorrect minimum expression lengths/depths
#1969 Encodings.IntegerVectorEncoding UniformOnePositionManipulator should not include the upper bound
#1916 Data.Views StringConvertibleValueView doesn't recognize it is read-only when validating textbox
#2042 Data ToString of ValueTypeMatrix and -Array slows down pasting of values in the GUI
#1590 Core Counting ExecutionTime may not be safe to date changes
#1898 Common Object graph traversal fails when encountering objects of type System.Reflection.Emit.SignatureHelper
#1901 Collections CollectionItemChangedEventArgs use null to indicate that no oldItems were present
#1903 Analysis.Views Movie view of histogram fails if min and max are specified
#1911 Analysis Scatter Plot can't be saved
#1996 Algorithms.GeneticAlgorithm IslandGA does not work with stochastic evaluator
#1988 Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views In the CrossValidationView it is not possible to change the algorithm type (regression/classification) after an algorithm has been set
#1534 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Race condition in cross validation
#1917 Algorithms.DataAnalysis In the CrossValidationView the value for the samples end field is not updated when a new problem is loaded
#1975 Algorithms.DataAnalysis "New Algorithm" and "Open Algorithm" buttons are not disabled while crossvalidation executes
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