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#1596 Problems.DataAnalysis Allowed input variables and variable names in VariableSymbol are out of sync
#1574 Optimization An experiment with batch runs containing SVM regression cannot be paused
#1690 Algorithms.ParticleSwarmOptimization BestQuality in PSO equals CurrentBestQuality
#1543 Optimization.Views BoxPlot view cannot be zoomed often when viewing relative difference on the y axis
#1645 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Bug in simplification of logarithm expressions
#1671 Problems.DataAnalysis CSV import does not work correctly for data files containing only integer values
#1615 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Changing input variables of data analysis problems is very slow after the algorithm has been executed
#1684 Problems.DataAnalysis Classifcation- and RegressionProblems cannot be saved
#1195 General ConfigMerger should merge <system.diagnostics>
#1637 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Content update in the DataAnalysisSolutionView clears the selected result and corresponding view
#1694 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Correct bugs in CrossValidation
#1626 Optimization Crash in RunCollectionEqualityConstraint when querying non-existing variable
#1557 Problems.DataAnalysis Data analysis analyzers do not profit from parallel engine execution
#1623 Analysis DataTable- and DataRowVisualProperties are not fully backwards compatible
#1595 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Ensemble solutions are not named meaningfully
#1643 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views ErrorCharacteristicsCurveView uses wrong data points
#1650 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Exception occurs when selecting EPSILON_SVC as SVM type in SupportVectorClassification
#1606 Optimization.Views Experiment Tree View does not display the detailed content when clicking on the icon of a node
#1587 Optimization.Views ExperimentTreeView does not show current item when using the arrow keys
#1667 Problems.ExternalEvaluation ExternalEvaluation waits indefinitely for clients if unchecked alternatives exist
#1609 Problems.DataAnalysis Importing large CSV files can lead to out of memory exceptions
#1620 Problems.DataAnalysis Importing large classification problems can lead to out of memory exceptions
#1675 Problems.DataAnalysis Infinity looping occurs in empty solution ensembles
#1589 Core.Views ItemListView does not update the mapping between items and listViewItems correctly
#1706 General Move outdated plugins to extra solution
#1573 Optimizer Nested Optimizers cannot be executed separately
#1588 Optimization NullReferenceException occurs during parallel execution of experiment optmizers
#1701 Common Object traversal hitting security sensitive fields can crash while sandboxed
#1657 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding PTC2 does not create evenly distributed trees according to the size constraints
#1586 Problems.QuadraticAssignment QAP is not fully backwards compatible
#1655 Core.Views Reconfiguring the TypeSelector can lead to a wrong type being selected
#1601 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views RegressionSolutionLineChartView shows wrong training output
#1670 Problems.DataAnalysis RelativeAverageError is wrongly calculated for RegressionSolutions
#1705 General Remove solution folders
#1581 Algorithms.DataAnalysis SVM prediction is very slow
#1714 Optimization Stopping optimizers in experiments enables the wrong buttons on the experiment
#1635 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views Symbolic regression variable impact calculation does not work for cross-validation runs
#1685 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification.Views The simplifier for symbolic classification solutions behaves unexpectedly because it uses a different method to determine the classification threshold
#1631 Core ThreadSafeLog doesn't work with LogView
#1715 Operators.Views.OperatorGraphVisualization Type names of operators are not shown in the OperatorGraphView
#1651 Core TypeSelector and new item dialog are slow because they create instances
#1602 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Variable name changes are not recognized properly
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