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#1498 ZZZ OBSOLETE: Problems.DataAnalysis.Regression `BestQuality` Value in Symbolic Regression is greater than 1 with Pearson R² Evaluator
#1504 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views The InteractiveSymbolicSimplifier does not update the result values if a node is expanded
#1493 Problems.DataAnalysis NSGA-II crashes when started with a new symbolic regression or classification problem
#1429 PluginInfrastructure PluginValidator potentially disables plugins twice if they contain multiple assembly files this leads to an exception
#1492 PluginInfrastructure When downloading HeuristicLab as zip and extracting the files the exe and all dlls appear as blocked
#1413 Optimization.Views Remove bugs in BubbleChartView
#1424 Optimization Performance issues when executing more than 17 algorithms
#1430 Optimization BestKnownQuality should be an optional value parameter in SingleObjectiveProblem<T, U>
#1462 Optimization The selected MoveEvaluator of a SingleObjectiveTestFunction is not changed after changing the Evaluator
#1488 Operators.Views.OperatorGraphVisualization Cloning of OperatorShapeInfo is not thread safe
#1404 Operators.Programmable ProgrammableOperator "forgets" assemblies when they are recompiled
#1058 MainForm.WindowsForms The TabControl does not get the focus when something is dragged over it
#1464 MainForm.WindowsForms An exception is thrown if the ViewHost is smaller than 0 (width or height).
#1505 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views Input validation of the initial frequency field in the SymbolView doesn't work correctly on systems with German number formatting
#1472 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding StackOverflowException when SymbolicExpressionGrammar is configured wrong
#1460 Data.Views StringConvertibleValueView does not work correctly if its label is hidden
#1445 Core.Views Runs disappear in moved Optimizer in an Experiment
#1170 Core Checked state of items in CheckedItemList is changed when items are reordered
#1443 Common DoubleExtension IsAlmost does not handle infinity values correctly
#1185 Algorithms.SimulatedAnnealing Moves are applied to different individuals than they were generated for
#790 Algorithms.DataAnalysis RangeTransform of SVMProblem generated on the training is not always applicable to the validation or test
#1426 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Persistence of SVM results fails
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