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#3060 9 months Optimization Exceptions thrown in IOptimizer.StartAsync are sometimes unhandled
#3033 14 months Hive.Slave Hive slave can register itself multiple times with different client ID
#3023 15 months Services.Authentication Hive user creation sometimes fails due to unmet password requirements
#3041 3 months Hive.Server IsDisposable is overwritten when slaves say Hello
#2973 8 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views Maximizing VariableImpactView shows no data
#3030 8 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis RF/GBT SurrogateModel triggers unnecessary recalculation
#3051 8 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Synchronization issue of data members with [ThreadStatic] attribute in Batch and Native interpreters
#3020 12 months Algorithms.GeneticAlgorithm The MutatorParameter of genetic algortihms is replaced during deserialization
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