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#2964 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views 'Mathematical representation' does not work
#2941 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Allow zero-variance features in k-nearest Neighbours
#2949 Core.Views AutoResize of columns in ItemListView reduces GUI update performance massively
#2879 Analysis.Views Cancelling a DataTableVisualPropertiesDialog may take very long and block GUI
#3010 Core.Views Checked item views are slow when a lot of items are checked at once
#2967 Scripting Ctrl+Z removes all code in C# scripts
#3006 DataPreprocessing.Views DataCompleteness Chart has Histogram View set as view name
#3013 DataPreprocessing DataPreprocessing should not be Storable
#2897 Problems.DataAnalysis Dataset (and ModifiableDataset) constructor accepts unsupported values
#2978 Optimization.Views Enabling & disabling of controls in HL is slow
#2878 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Error in Deserialization of ConstantOptimizationEvaluator
#2992 Common External Evaluation leads to Exceptions during Object Graph Traversal
#3015 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Fix bug and improve robustness of SimplifyMultiplication
#2961 Hive.Slave Hive slave does not properly unload plugins
#2910 Problems.DataAnalysis ImpactCalculation for IDiscriminantClassificationSolutions is wrong
#2856 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views In the partial dependence plots the histograms are not updated when the axis range of the corresponding line chart is changed.
#2934 Problems.DataAnalysis InputVariables of ProblemData can be renamed in the GUI
#3004 Algorithms.GeneticAlgorithm IslandGA parameterizes Evaluator's Random to GlobalRandom instead of LocalRandom
#2959 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Issues with the bottom-up similarity calculator
#2940 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Linear regression drops the constant offset if only string variables are used for modeling
#2908 Problems.Instances Make ResourceRegressionInstanceProvider csv functionality useable from another assembly
#2740 Optimization Multi encoding operators are not parameterized correctly
#2953 Problems.ExternalEvaluation Multi-objective external evaluation problem does not filter single-objective operators
#2909 Algorithms.DataAnalysis NCAModelCreator throws exception
#2928 Algorithms.NSGA2 NSGA-II is created with 0% mutation probability by default
#2891 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Neural network evaluation is not thread-safe
#2933 Optimization Parallel experiment execution can lead to identical seeds
#2905 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Partial dependence plots throws exception for support vector regression solutions
#2912 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification PositiveClass value not preserved in the SolutionComparisonView
#2914 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views ResidualAnalysisView hides double columns containing NaN
#2986 Encodings.IntegerVectorEncoding RoundedNormalAllPositionsManipulator applies bounds incorrectly
#2880 Optimization.Views RunCollectionBoxPlotView axis-selection bug with DropDown
#3000 Optimization.Views RunLengthDistributionView shows incorrect values for runs in which the target is reached in the last generation
#2976 Random SampleProportionalWithoutRepetition with Windowing may cause a NullReferenceException
#3008 DataPreprocessing.Views Search and Replace in Data Preprocessing is inverted
#2855 Optimization Showing the encoding or its operators in the run is highly wasteful
#2999 Tests Skip ContentViewAttributeTest for views that use System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser
#2894 Optimization Snapshots not initialized in TimeLimitRun
#2383 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Some charts for regression solutions throw an exception if the target variable contains missing values
#2962 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Subtree crossover distribution test displays incorrect statistics
#2995 Optimization.Views Support DateTimeValues in the RunCollectionBubbleChartView
#3001 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic The excel formatter produces incorrect output for divisions (1/1*x)
#2844 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression.Views The number of iterations for constant optimization is fixed in the simplifier view
#2561 Optimization TimeLimitRun does not work with the Hive Slave
#2900 General Upgrade .NET framework
#2982 Scripting.Views VariableStoreView does not update variable values correctly
#2939 Problems.DataAnalysis Variables cannot be added to an empty ModifiableDataset
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