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Ticket Component Summary
#2243 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views JavaScript error when showing symbolic models in mathematical notation (MathJax)
#2393 DataPreprocessing.Views DataCompleteness chart is slow
#2525 Problems.ExternalEvaluation Some types are missing a StorableClassAttribute
#2530 Optimizer CreateExperimentDialog Error (EnumValue + FixedValueParameter)
#2532 Problems.VehicleRouting PotvinPDExchangeSingleMoveGenerator throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException
#2534 General Build.cmd does not work with Visual Studio 2015-only installations
#2535 Data.Views TextBox in StringConvertibleValueView is truncated
#2539 General MergeConfigs.cmd does not work correctly
#2543 Problems.DataAnalysis ClassNames cannot be changed for loaded and cloned ClassificationProblemData
#2544 Core ScopeList clones list items twice
#2551 Problems.ExternalEvaluation Encoding cannot be set through API for the ExternalEvaluationProblem
#2557 Problems.ExternalEvaluation Cached objects are troublesome for object graph traversal
#2562 Hive.Server Fix problem with tasks that get paused
#2563 CodeEditor Exceptions thrown during code folding/completion are not handled
#2565 Optimization.Views AlgorithmView clears the ViewType of the ProblemViewHost leaving the Viewhost in an invalid state
#2568 Data.Views UpdateRow/ColumnHeaders in StringConvertibleMatrixView should be public
#2570 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding SymbolicExpressionTree GetLength and GetDepth could return wrong results
#2574 Problems.DataAnalysis ClassificationPerformanceMeasures throw exceptions if only one class is present
#2575 Collections ObservableList's AddRange enumerates multiple times
#2576 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic VariableCondition symbol is deserialized incorrectly
#2578 MainForm MainForm throws NullReferenceException when default ctor is used
#2585 Optimizer Create experiment dialog throws an exception if more than one instance provider does not have any data descriptors
#2596 Optimization ExecutionTimeTerminator cloning error
#2598 Problems.DataAnalysis ProblemData cannot be changed for DataAnalysisProblems
#2599 DataPreprocessing DateManipulation throws a GDI exception
#2600 Core Incorrect set method of directed graph arc label property causes NullReferenceException
#2601 Problems.DataAnalysis ClassificationPerformanceMeasures are not recalculated when the data changes
#2603 Optimizer Unnecessary use of EventWaitHandle in CreateExperimentDialog
#2609 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Cannot apply constant optimization on simplified trees
#2614 Problems.Scheduling Name of Job Shop Scheduling Solution is not set (GUI lockup)
#2616 DataPreprocessing DataPreprocessing StatisticsView throws an exception for columns without any values
#2642 Problems.BinPacking Bin packing fails tests
#2643 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Subtree crossover can fail when tree size is larger than maximum tree size
#2644 ExtLibs Upgrade Sim# to 3.0.9
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