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#1721 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Persistence of random forest solutions takes a long time and creates really big files
#1971 Core.Views Adding and removing multiple items in the ItemCollectionView<T> takes too long
#2090 Hive.Server HiveException: Invalid attempt to read when no data is present.
#2092 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views The root node of symbolic expression trees should not be shown if it has only one child
#2104 Optimizer When closing the optimizer a warning is shown to save views even though they cannot be saved
#2106 Tests SubScopeSorter is not using a stable sort
#2111 Persistence Unit test for font persistence fails
#2113 Hive.Slave Update Hive Slave Configurations
#2117 Hive.Client Open Hive Job Manager for more task types
#2121 Optimization.Views Bubble chart view throws exception on hidden categories
#2122 Hive.Client Exception appears on multiple refreshes of Hive Job Manager
#2125 Algorithms.DataAnalysis All covariance functions return the full gradient vector even when parameters are partially fixed
#2126 Problems.Scheduling UI glitch in Job Shop Scheduling Problem View
#2127 Problems.Scheduling.Views Visualization in Job Shop Scheduling Problem View doesn't get refreshed when changing problem instances
#2129 Problems.Scheduling Strings for JSSP jobs and tasks are not updated in job list and task list
#2130 Problems.Scheduling Exception occurs in the JSSP decoder for a basic problem instance (1 job, 3 tasks on 3 different resources)
#2131 Problems.LinearAssignment Maximization is ignored in linear assignment problem
#2132 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification Impact calculation for symbolic classification solutions throws a NullReferenceException
#2137 Problems.Instances The calculated stdev of the noise for feature selection problems is wrong
#2140 Problems.VehicleRouting Fix event handling for the Vehicle Routing Problem
#2141 Problems.VehicleRouting The evaluator is incorrectly initialized after deserialization
#2145 Problems.DataAnalysis The dataset constructor type check is too restrictive
#2146 Random Bug in SampleProportionalWithoutRepetition extension method
#2153 Hive.Slave Add a timeout for stopping a Hive task
#2154 Hive.Slave Failed Hive tasks should not be rescheduled
#2155 Optimizer Exception when samples on the start page cannot be loaded
#2157 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Incorrect naming for y-axis in the error characteristic view for regression solutions
#2160 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views CreateEnsembleMenuItem doesn't clone the selected DataAnalysisSolutions
#2166 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic SymbolicDataAnalysisAnalyzer must not use AsParallel for parallel execution
#2167 MainForm.WindowsForms Illegal cross-thread exception in MainForm when removing progress control from view
#2173 Core Wrong argument is passed into base constructor in ComparisonConstraint
#2176 Algorithms.CMAEvolutionStrategy CMA-ES doesn't use SolutionCreator
#2180 Problems.TestFunctions Best solution analyzer does not clone the real-vector
#2181 Selection OffspringSelector should have a default value for the FillPopulationWithParents parameter
#2182 Problems.VehicleRouting KeyNotFoundException in PushForwardInsertionCreator
#2183 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding The linear interpreter fails with an ArithmeticOverflow exception when compiling trees with length>255
#2184 Problems.VehicleRouting IndexOutOfRangeException when changing VRP Instances
#2187 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Typo in message box for "Export to Excel"
#2190 Problems.VehicleRouting Tabu search with the MultiVRPMoveGenerator throws an exception
#2191 Problems.VehicleRouting Bug in IterativeInsertionCreator
#2192 Persistence Discovering of StoreableHooks is not cached
#2193 Problems.ParameterOptimization BestSolutionAnalyzer does not add a result if the best quality is not better than the best known quality
#2196 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Caching in symbolic expression grammar is not thread safe
#2197 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Error characteristics curve shows an exception for data sets with empty training set
#2199 Scripting.Views VariableStoreView incorrectly labels variables as non-serializable
#2202 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views Visual glitch in the symbolic expression grammar editor
#2203 Scripting VariableStore is not cloned when a CSharpScript is cloned
#2207 General Adapt project files for linux
#2210 General Add missing changes to stable
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