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#2383 Some charts for regression solutions throw an exception if the target variable contains missing values gkronber defect high Problems.DataAnalysis.Views 3.3.11
#2930 Prevent UI-Freeze in case of Endpoint-Failure mkommend enhancement high Clients.OKB trunk
#2934 InputVariables of ProblemData can be renamed in the GUI gkronber defect high Problems.DataAnalysis trunk
#1973 Linear regression models with more than 256 variables are not supported gkronber defect medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis trunk
#2874 Widgets for workers and folds are not aligned correctly in the CrossValidationView pfleck enhancement medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views trunk
#2876 Open BubbleChart from Boxplot View mkommend feature request medium Optimization.Views trunk
#2878 Error in Deserialization of ConstantOptimizationEvaluator mkommend defect medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression trunk
#2880 RunCollectionBoxPlotView axis-selection bug with DropDown mkommend defect medium Optimization.Views trunk
#2885 Select all with Ctrl+A in RunCollectionView abeham enhancement medium Optimization.Views trunk
#2887 Restructure HL SVN repository swagner task medium General trunk
#2888 Disallow zoom in Partial Dependence Plots gkronber enhancement medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Views trunk
#2897 Dataset (and ModifiableDataset) constructor accepts unsupported values mkommend defect medium Problems.DataAnalysis trunk
#2905 Partial dependence plots throws exception for support vector regression solutions gkronber defect medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis trunk
#2908 Make ResourceRegressionInstanceProvider csv functionality useable from another assembly gkronber defect medium Problems.Instances trunk
#2909 NCAModelCreator throws exception abeham defect medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis
#2911 Add TSQL Formatter for ISymbolicExpressionTreeStringFormatter gkronber enhancement medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic trunk
#2912 PositiveClass value not preserved in the SolutionComparisonView mkommend defect medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification trunk
#2914 ResidualAnalysisView hides double columns containing NaN mkommend defect medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Views trunk
#2916 Improve serialization of IndexedDataTable abeham enhancement medium Analysis trunk
#2923 Penn ML Benchmark Problem Instances gkronber enhancement medium Problems.Instances trunk
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