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#2818 GUI is unresponsive if multiple displayed algorithms are running mkommend defect highest Optimization.Views 3.3.14
#2371 Setting the seed for ValueGenerator not possible (for data analysis problems) gkronber defect high Problems.Instances 3.3.11
#2667 ObjectDisposedException might crash HL in ProgressView in combination with importing data from CSV file gkronber defect high MainForm.WindowsForms 3.3.14
#2669 TargetVariable information is lost in DataAnalysisModels mkommend defect high Problems.DataAnalysis 3.3.14
#2717 The feature correlation view sometimes shows wrong double.NaN values mkommend defect high Problems.DataAnalysis.Views 3.3.14
#2764 MenuItem CreateHiveJob operates on the displayed content mkommend defect high Hive.Client 3.3.14
#2774 Individuals should be able to store additional data mkommend feature request high Optimization 3.3.14
#2778 Shuffling manipulation in the DataPreprocessing does not work as expected mkommend defect high DataPreprocessing 3.3.14
#2781 BioBoost: Demo file cannot be opened because of a missing plugin dependency gkronber defect high General branch
#2814 Remove CreatorsUpdate Quick-Fix abeham enhancement high General 3.3.14
#745 More advanced linear regression methods with included feature selection gkronber feature request medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis 3.3.14
#2258 Executable.Start executes it asynchronously jkarder enhancement medium Optimization 3.3.10
#2442 Linq Expression Trees Interpreter for HeuristicLab mkommend enhancement medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic 3.3.12
#2524 It should be possible to pause BasicAlgorithms gkronber feature request medium Optimization 3.3.14
#2529 AR1 is not evaluated correctly on the test partition gkronber defect medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis 3.3.13
#2540 StringConvertibleMatrixView may throw an exception if it is reused mkommend defect medium Encodings.RealVectorEncoding 3.3.13
#2547 Method ConvertToOptimizationRun should be moved from QueryView to QueryClient gkronber defect medium Clients.OKB 3.3.13
#2553 Provide access to script's compiled instance as dynamic object jkarder feature request medium Problems.ExternalEvaluation 3.3.13
#2560 Enable uploading and downloading of characteristic values in okb gkronber feature request medium Services.OKB 3.3.13
#2588 Enable uploading and downloading of solutions in okb gkronber feature request medium Services.OKB 3.3.13
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