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#1429 PluginValidator potentially disables plugins twice if they contain multiple assembly files this leads to an exception gkronber defect highest 3.3.4 10 years
#1431 Possibility to setup a plugin environment in code gkronber enhancement medium 3.3.4 10 years
#1432 Explicitly prevent discovery of specific types gkronber enhancement medium 3.3.4 10 years
#1454 PluginInfrastructure should be able to discover types implementing multiple interfaces gkronber feature request medium 3.3.4 10 years
#1466 Check if correct version of .NET framework is installed on startup gkronber enhancement medium 3.3.4 9 years
#1492 When downloading HeuristicLab as zip and extracting the files the exe and all dlls appear as blocked abeham defect medium 3.3.4 9 years
#1348 DefaultApplicationManager may crash in RegisterLoadedAssembly abeham enhancement low 3.3.4 10 years
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