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#2520 Persistence Overhaul gkronber enhancement high Persistence trunk
#2679 Trunk integration of GoalSeekingProblem bburlacu feature request high ### Undefined ### branch
#2906 Variable-Transformations for Data Analysis pfleck feature request high Problems.DataAnalysis branch
#2635 Predict if a child should be rejected during OSGA offspring selection bburlacu defect medium Algorithms.OffspringSelectionGeneticAlgorithm branch
#2707 New VRP Operators jzenisek enhancement medium Problems.VehicleRouting branch
#2719 Datastream Analysis jzenisek feature request medium Analysis branch
#2829 Revive HiveDrain mkommend feature request medium Tools tools
#2839 Implement project management for Hive jkarder feature request medium Hive.General trunk
#2877 Hive Improvements swagner enhancement medium Hive.General branch
#2938 The parser for symbolic expressions in infix form parses negative numbers and fractions strangly gkronber defect medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic trunk
#2943 Allow all multiobjective BasicProblems for MO-CMAES bwerth enhancement medium Algorithms.MOCMAEvolutionStrategy
#2950 Support hash-based simplification of symbolic expressions bburlacu feature request medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic trunk
#2959 Issues with the bottom-up similarity calculator bburlacu defect medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic trunk
#2966 Implement Intervals and according calculation rules gkronber feature request medium Problems.DataAnalysis trunk
#2968 Add a new formatter for symbolic expressions, which produces an infix expression as well as a list of all coefficient values chaider feature request medium Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic branch
#2989 Moving Peaks Benchmark swagner feature request medium Problems branch
#2990 Variable-Impact-based Feature Selection pfleck feature request medium Algorithms.DataAnalysis branch

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1776 Improve Ensemble Classification with new Voting mkommend feature request medium Problems.DataAnalysis branch
#1888 Optimization-as-a-Service swagner task medium General branch
#2582 Implement Hive Web Job Manager jkarder enhancement medium Hive.Client branch
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