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#2389 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Implement lexicase selection for GP gkronber branch 2 years
#2704 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Generate random regression benchmark instances gkronber branch 2 years
#2922 DataPreprocessing.Views DataCompletenessChart is still slow gkronber branch 2 years
#2907 DataPreprocessing Refactoring of Datapreprocessing-Manipulations fholzing 2 years
#2817 Problems.BinPacking Improve speed of bin packing rhanghof branch 2 years
#2906 Problems.DataAnalysis Variable-Transformations for Data Analysis pfleck branch 2 years
#2990 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Variable-Impact-based Feature Selection pfleck branch 2 years
#2679 ### Undefined ### Trunk integration of GoalSeekingProblem bburlacu branch 2 years
#2635 Algorithms.OffspringSelectionGeneticAlgorithm Predict if a child should be rejected during OSGA offspring selection bburlacu branch 2 years
#2989 Problems Moving Peaks Benchmark swagner branch 2 years
#2938 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic The parser for symbolic expressions in infix form parses negative numbers and fractions strangly gkronber trunk 2 years
#2719 Analysis Datastream Analysis jzenisek branch 2 years
#3044 Problems.DataAnalysis Add scaling of input features djoedick branch 18 months
#3043 Problems.Instances Addition of new problem instances for scaling gkronber branch 18 months
#3039 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding BTC (Balanced Tree Creator) for HeuristicLab bburlacu trunk 16 months
#3059 Hive.Client Disallow upload of Hive jobs with unprepared algorithms jkarder 16 months
#3062 Hive.General Hive janitor does not properly clean up / generate statistics jkarder trunk 13 months
#3072 Hive.Server Hive tasks receive statelog updates from unauthorized slaves jkarder trunk 13 months
#3063 Hive.General Remove dead / useless code in Hive jkarder trunk 13 months
#3078 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views HL might crash after data import from CSV file for data-analysis problems gkronber trunk 12 months
#2825 Algorithms Implement NSGA-III gkronber 8 months
#3103 Algorithms Add G-SEMO multi-objective EA abeham trunk 4 months
#3076 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Interval Arithmetic Evaluators and Analyzers chaider branch 3 months
#3120 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification Gini index is calculated based on class values and on discriminant values for SymbolicClassificationSolutions gkronber trunk 2 months
#3121 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Exception in IntervalArithmeticEvaluator when using Square or Cube symbols gkronber trunk 2 months
#3117 ExtLibs Upgrade alglib version to 3.17 gkronber trunk 7 weeks
#3126 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Excessive use of memory caused by storing all Pareto-optimal solutions for multi-objective symbolic regression runs gkronber 3 weeks
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