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#3057 DynamicALPS(main-loop) new kyang enhancement medium
#3058 Speed of symbolic regression evaluators accepted bburlacu defect medium
#3064 The ItemListView should delete items from bottom to top new defect medium
#3065 Upgrade Sim# to 3.3.1 reviewing jkarder task medium
#3066 Stackoverflow Exception in SymbolicExpressionGrammarBase when using large MaxTreeDepth new gkronber defect medium
#3068 Exceptions crashes HL when immediately loading the Hive Job Manager after starting the optimizer new defect medium
#3069 Race condition in AsynchronousContentView leads to exception and HL crash new defect medium
#3074 Use official native implementation of libsvm instead of our own unofficial C# port new gkronber enhancement medium
#3077 Improve message box if unknown type GUIDs are encountered by Attic new jkarder enhancement medium
#3080 Wrapper for native XGBoost new feature request medium
#3085 Partial dependence plot throws an exception when a variable is included in the model which is constant over the training or test set (e.g. = zero) new defect medium
#3086 Update BioBoost persistence code to use HEAL.Attic new enhancement medium
#3091 y-axis label is not updated when sliders are moved in partial dependence plots for regression solutions new defect medium
#3092 Local search methods throw exceptions with BasicProblems new defect medium
#3093 Simulated annealing does not create temperature variable for the algorithm new defect medium
#3096 Partial dependence plot for ensemble solutions new gkronber enhancement medium
#3097 ResultCollectionView should re-select the previously selected result when Content is changed new enhancement medium
#3098 CrossValidation does not dispose resources (SemaphoreSlim and ManualResetEventSlim) new defect medium
#3101 SymReg evaluators with parameter optimization do not consider estimation limits for the optimization new enhancement medium
#3106 Implementation of Analytic Continued Fractions for Regression new gkronber enhancement medium
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