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#1477 Additional problem instances for artificial ant problem new gkronber enhancement lowest
#1938 Global setting for the number of displayed digits of real values assigned gkronber feature request low
#2531 Simplify the CreateExperimentDialog new pfleck enhancement medium
#2564 Set reasonable SolutionId in SolutionMessage assigned pfleck enhancement medium
#2573 Chart aggregation view for indexed data tables new abeham feature request medium
#2606 Detailed View for VRP Solution new pfleck feature request medium
#2681 Fix spelling of class names new mkommend task medium
#2722 Evaluator for symbolic regression models for learning a variance model assigned gkronber feature request low
#2725 CPLEX Integration in HeuristicLab assigned abeham feature request medium
#2798 Unify Important Multi-objective Calculations new bwerth enhancement medium
#2808 Exception when changing the threshold in a classification threshold view new defect medium
#2811 Implement LAHS (Late acceptance hill climbing) new abeham feature request medium
#2812 Use ConstrainedValueParameters in GaussianProcessRegression assigned fholzing feature request medium
#2825 Implement NSGA-III accepted gkronber feature request medium
#2828 IExecutable Methods should be thread-safe new enhancement medium
#2834 GUI might freeze when downloading multiple Hive jobs concurrently new defect medium
#2836 IsAlmost() uses a fixed epsilon for comparison new gkronber defect medium
#2838 NLR algorithm should support stopping and maybe even pausing new gkronber enhancement low
#2840 Avoid side-effects in constructors of data analysis solutions new defect medium
#2842 DataAnalysisAlgorithms should all produce a result with the same name (Solution) new gkronber enhancement medium
1 2 3 4 5
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