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#2808 Exception when changing the threshold in a classification threshold view new defect medium
#2834 GUI might freeze when downloading multiple Hive jobs concurrently new defect medium
#2836 IsAlmost() uses a fixed epsilon for comparison new gkronber defect medium
#2840 Avoid side-effects in constructors of data analysis solutions new defect medium
#2851 IStringConvertibleMatrix should derive from IItem new defect medium
#2863 SingleObjectiveBasicProblem causes a virtual method call in the constructor new defect medium
#2868 Support for binary variables in GBT new gkronber defect medium
#2899 Description of GBM algorithm is wrong new defect medium
#2945 HeuristicLab.DataPreprocessing references Views projects new defect medium
#2970 Redrawing of DataGrid in Data Preprocessing is horribly slow new defect medium
#2979 Controls beneath a TabPage are excessively repainted when the TabControl is resized. new defect medium
#2980 Controls in the right panel of a SplitControl are excessively repainted when the splitter is moved. new defect medium
#2997 When using multi encoding in combination with several symbolic expression trees, only the grammar of the first used symbolic expression tree is used to generate syntax trees. assigned rhanghof defect medium
#3009 Node impacts are wrong when estimation limits are hit new defect medium
#3011 Unhandled Exceptions on the Optimizer's ui-thread causes HL to crash new defect high
#3012 ROC view shows 'transposed' curve for discriminant functions which produce high values for class 0 and low values for class 1 new defect medium
#3025 UnauthorizedAccessException when trying to deserialize read-only files new epitzer defect medium
#3029 Tree complexity calculation does not support all currenlty available functions new defect low
#3031 HiveJobManager access denied for shared job new jkarder defect medium
#3034 Mutable implementation of solution encodings new defect medium
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