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#2944 Add generic multi-objective analyzers assigned bwerth feature request medium
#3036 Add help for the formula structure input for non-linear regression new defect medium
#1477 Additional problem instances for artificial ant problem new gkronber enhancement lowest
#3123 Allow to add new solutions to RegressionSolutionPartialDependencePlotView programmatically new enhancement medium
#2840 Avoid side-effects in constructors of data analysis solutions new defect medium
#3108 C# formatter's output for logical negations is incorrect new dpiringe defect medium
#2725 CPLEX Integration in HeuristicLab assigned abeham feature request medium
#2873 Cannot open the algorithm embedded in a CrossValidation in a new view new enhancement medium
#3046 Changing a symbolic regression problem instance takes a long time when the grammar view is shown. new defect medium
#2573 Chart aggregation view for indexed data tables new abeham feature request medium
#2979 Controls beneath a TabPage are excessively repainted when the TabControl is resized. new defect medium
#2980 Controls in the right panel of a SplitControl are excessively repainted when the splitter is moved. new defect medium
#3098 CrossValidation does not dispose resources (SemaphoreSlim and ManualResetEventSlim) new defect medium
#2842 DataAnalysisAlgorithms should all produce a result with the same name (Solution) new gkronber enhancement medium
#2899 Description of GBM algorithm is wrong new defect medium
#2882 Deserialization of RegressionModels triggers a recalcuatlion of estimated values assigned mkommend enhancement medium
#2606 Detailed View for VRP Solution new pfleck feature request medium
#3059 Disallow upload of Hive jobs with unprepared algorithms accepted jkarder defect high
#3050 DiversitySelector from Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic is discovered as a general selector new defect medium
#3057 DynamicALPS(main-loop) new kyang enhancement medium
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