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#1112 Dragging of multiple items swagner feature request highest General 3.3.4
#1429 PluginValidator potentially disables plugins twice if they contain multiple assembly files this leads to an exception gkronber defect highest PluginInfrastructure 3.3.4
#1461 Release HeuristicLab 3.3.4 swagner task highest General 3.3.4
#852 Implement Particle Swarm Optimization swagner feature request high Algorithms.ParticleSwarmOptimization 3.3.4
#1172 Detach data-analysis problem and standard algorithms from the heuristic-optimization specific interfaces gkronber enhancement high Problems.DataAnalysis 3.3.4
#1187 Implement plugin for common client-side operations related to HeuristicLab services swagner feature request high Clients.Common 3.3.4
#1227 Support for symbolic simplification of logarithm, exponential, conditionals, and boolean operators gkronber feature request high ZZZ OBSOLETE: Problems.DataAnalysis.Regression 3.3.4
#1229 Refactor grammars of SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding in order to reduce memory footprint gkronber enhancement high Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding 3.3.4
#1288 Classes RandomEnumerable and MatrixExtensions are misplaced gkronber task high Problems.DataAnalysis 3.3.4
#1313 Provide a new default view for symbolic regression solutions gkronber feature request high Problems.DataAnalysis.Views 3.3.4
#1321 Implement possibility to apply SVM training on classification problems gkronber enhancement high Algorithms.DataAnalysis 3.3.4
#1325 Create VariableCondition symbol for GP gkronber enhancement high Problems.DataAnalysis 3.3.4
#1330 Implement Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP) abeham feature request high Problems.QuadraticAssignment 3.3.4
#1377 Enable hiding of parameters swagner enhancement high Parameters 3.3.4
#1418 Improve structure of data analysis specific classes gkronber enhancement high Problems.DataAnalysis 3.3.4
#1424 Performance issues when executing more than 17 algorithms swagner defect high Optimization 3.3.4
#1426 Persistence of SVM results fails gkronber defect high Algorithms.DataAnalysis 3.3.4
#1430 BestKnownQuality should be an optional value parameter in SingleObjectiveProblem<T, U> abeham defect high Optimization 3.3.4
#1442 Primitive type Tuple should be serializable epitzer feature request high Persistence 3.3.4
#1445 Runs disappear in moved Optimizer in an Experiment swagner defect high Core.Views 3.3.4
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