07/10/17 17:26:43 (3 years ago)


  • Added IStochasticOperator interface to MultiPSOTopologyUpdater
  • Changed parameter defaults to those described in the paper
  • Added analyzer placeholder for the last iteration (has not been previously analyzed)
  • Changed random topology initializer to include itself (to be able to use it with SPSOSwarmUpdater -> this should not change the old RealVectorSwarmUpdater)
  • Changed ring topology initializer to include itself (same as above)
  • Changed von neumann topology initializer to include itself (same as above)
  • Added SPSO compatible random topology initializer (as described in the paper by Clerc)
  • Changed sampling of the random directional vector to be uniformly random on the surface of a hypersphere to avoid a slight bias in diagonal direction
  • Updating SwarmBestQuality and BestRealVector parameters in SPSOSwarmUpdater (an oversight)
  • Added a faster method to create a copy of a RealVector (based on Array.Copy)
  • Updated the sample
  • Updated the sample's test results (due to changed sampling in SPSO2011ParticleUpdater)
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  • trunk/sources/HeuristicLab.Algorithms.ParticleSwarmOptimization/3.3/RingTopologyInitializer.cs

    r15091 r15181  
    2727namespace HeuristicLab.Algorithms.ParticleSwarmOptimization {
    28   [Item("Ring Topology Initializer", "Connected every particle with its preceeding and its following particle.")]
     28  [Item("Ring Topology Initializer", "Each particle is informed by its preceeding and its succeeding particle wrapping around at the beginning and the end of the swarm (in addition each particle also informs itself).")]
    2929  [StorableClass]
    3030  public sealed class RingTopologyInitializer : TopologyInitializer {
    4747      ItemArray<IntArray> neighbors = new ItemArray<IntArray>(swarmSize);
    4848      for (int i = 0; i < swarmSize; i++) {
    49         neighbors[i] = new IntArray(new[] { (swarmSize + i - 1) % swarmSize, (i + 1) % swarmSize });
     49        neighbors[i] = new IntArray(new[] { (swarmSize + i - 1) % swarmSize, i, (i + 1) % swarmSize });
    5050      }
    5151      NeighborsParameter.ActualValue = neighbors;
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