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source: trunk/tools/FxCop/HeuristicLab.FxCop/RuleMetadata.xml @ 7350

Last change on this file since 7350 was 7350, checked in by abeham, 12 years ago


  • Changed storable hook name rule to correctly distinguish between BeforeSerialization and AfterDeserialization hooks
  • Added a new rule that checks if more than one storable hook is defined in a class
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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
2<Rules FriendlyName="HeuristicLab 3.3 FxCop Rules">
3  <Rule TypeName="EnforceStorableHookNames" Category="HeuristicLab.Persistence" CheckId="HL0001">
4    <Name>Enforce StorableHook Names</Name>
5    <Description>The method that is marked to be a storable hook should always be called similar to the respective hook type.</Description>
6    <Resolution>Method {0} is attributed as a StorableHook. It needs to be called {1}.</Resolution>
7    <MessageLevel Certainty="100">Error</MessageLevel>
8    <FixCategories>NonBreaking</FixCategories>
9    <Url></Url>
10    <Owner></Owner>
11    <Email></Email>
12  </Rule>
13  <Rule TypeName="EnforceOneStorableHookPerClass" Category="HeuristicLab.Persistence" CheckId="HL0002">
14    <Name>Enforce One StorableHook Per Class</Name>
15    <Description>Each class shall have only one storable hook of each type.</Description>
16    <Resolution>Class {0} declares {1} storable hooks of type {2}. Merge these into one hook.</Resolution>
17    <MessageLevel Certainty="100">Error</MessageLevel>
18    <FixCategories>NonBreaking</FixCategories>
19    <Url></Url>
20    <Owner></Owner>
21    <Email></Email>
22  </Rule>
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