source: trunk/sources/HeuristicLab.Optimizer/3.3/Documents/PSO_Schwefel.hl @ 15214

Last change on this file since 15214 was 15214, checked in by abeham, 3 years ago


  • Fixed adaptive random topology updater
  • Adapted default values of the best attraction parameters
  • Changed code of the new topology initializer
  • Fixed the parameters of the SPSO particle updaters (c parameter is actually (personal|neighbor)bestattraction), reordered the method signature and provided defaults
  • Removed the max beyond parameter again
  • Updated the sample and updated the unit test
    • In the sample no inertia updating is used, but the topology initializers / updaters of SPSO are used
  • Property svn:mime-type set to application/octet-stream
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