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source: trunk/documentation/Certificate Installation/GenerateServiceCertificate.cmd @ 1584

Last change on this file since 1584 was 1584, checked in by mbecirov, 14 years ago

#528 Updated cmd to work properly on vista clients

File size: 941 bytes
1@echo off
2REM Use this tool to create a testcertificate on the server:
3REM ========================================================
4REM Options:
5REM -sr  specifies the Store Location -> must be the same as used in WcfSettings.cs!
6REM -ss  specifies the Store Sub Location -> must be the same as used in WcfSettings.cs!
7REM -n   certificate name, don't change!
8REM -sk  specifies the primary use
9REM ========================================================
11echo This batch will create and install a new service certificate
12echo for the HIVE Server!
13echo You must have administrator rights in order to access the
14echo local machine certification store, otherwise you will get
15echo an error message. In that case try to change the store location
16echo to CurrentUser and also change the store location in WcfSettings to CurrentUser.
18makecert -sk HTTPS-Key -ss My -sr LocalMachine -n CN=HIVE-Server -sky exhange
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