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source: stable/HeuristicLab.ExtLibs/HeuristicLab.ALGLIB/3.7.0/HeuristicLab.ALGLIB-3.7.0/ALGLIB changes by HEAL.txt @ 14822

Last change on this file since 14822 was 14822, checked in by gkronber, 7 years ago

#2631: merged r14107 and r14230 from trunk to stable

File size: 285 bytes
1ALGLIB changes by HEAL
3ap.cs(ln 573)
4mkommend: added thread static attribute to RNG to have a separate instance per thread and allow modification of the seed
6dataanalysis.cs(ln 10048)
7pfleck: added "raw" version of dfprocess that returns the regression estimate for each tree
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