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source: branches/thasling/DistributedGA/DistributedGA.ContactServer/IContactService.cs

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1using DistributedGA.Core.Domain;
2using System;
3using System.Collections.Generic;
4using System.Linq;
5using System.ServiceModel;
6using System.Text;
7using System.Threading.Tasks;
9namespace DistributedGA.ContactServer {
10  [ServiceContract]
11  public interface IContactService {
12    [OperationContract]
13    void RegisterPeer(PeerInfo source); //Registers own instance at the contact-server
15    [OperationContract]
16    List<PeerInfo> GetPeerList(PeerInfo source); //Recieves all peers in the network from contact-server
18    [OperationContract]
19    void UpdateHeartbeat(PeerInfo source); //Sends heartbeat to contact-server
20  }
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