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  • DAL: Added a Delete method which deletes by experiment id.
  • HL DataTables will now be transposed and mapped as double[ROWS][COLUMNS] (transposed)
  • JS: Moved all classes into "modules" to prevent namespace pollution (using OAAS_MODEL for model classes, OAAS_VIEW for views and OAAS_CONTROLLER for controllers)
  • JS: Moved DatatypeMapper classes into Backbone views
  • JS: Models now correctly send DELETE requests
  • Added a new job overview page (which also renders run details) using AJAX
  • Using moment.min.js to format DateTime as string
  • Controllers now inherit from BaseController which provides a RedirectToLoginIfNecessary-method
  • Added loading animations to several AJAX bound places (loading experiments / scenarios)
  • Added a section to _Layout.cshtml which allows page-specific JavaScript includes (<script> only for a certain page)
  • Fixed Build/Edit of experiment menu redirecting to the wrong page
  • The Experiment Variation Dialog disables input fields, if the property has not been activated before
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1using System;
2using System.Collections.Generic;
3using System.Linq;
4using System.Text;
5using HeuristicLab.Services.Optimization.ControllerService.Model;
7namespace HeuristicLab.Services.Optimization.ControllerService.Interfaces {
8  public interface IScenarioManager {
9    string DispatchScenario(User user, OptimizationScenario scenario, JobExecutionDetails details);
10    IList<Job> GetJobs(User user);
11    Job GetJob(User user, string id);
12    bool DeleteJob(User user, string id);
13    IList<Model.Run> GetJobResults(User user, string id);
14    bool AddScenario(User user, string scenarioName, string scenarioXml, string scenarioMapper);
15    bool DeleteScenario(User user, string scenarioName);
17    string SaveExperiment(User user, Experiment experiment);
18    IEnumerable<string> GetExperimentNames(User user);
19    IEnumerable<Model.Experiment> GetExperiments(User user, bool namesOnly = false);
20    Experiment GetExperimentByName(User user, string scenario);
21    Experiment GetExperimentById(User user, string nodeId);
23    bool DeleteExperiment(User user, string experiment);
25    Task GetTaskData(User u, string jobId, string taskId);
26    Job GetTasks(User u, string jobId);
29    bool DispatchExperiment(User user, Experiment exp, JobExecutionDetails details);
30  }
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