source: branches/3026_IntegrationIntoSymSpace/HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.OptimizerIntegration/ViewModels/RangeVM.cs

Last change on this file was 17843, checked in by dpiringe, 2 months ago


  • removed property ConvertableType from all converters
  • removed the option to fixate or loosen the path of JsonItems (obsolete)
  • added a abstract formatter SymbolicRegressionSolutionFormatterBase as base formatter for ISymbolicRegressionSolution
  • unified the construction of exporter controls
  • code cleanup
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1using System;
2namespace HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.OptimizerIntegration {
3  public abstract class RangeVM<T, JsonItemType> : RangedValueBaseVM<T, JsonItemType>
4    where T : IComparable
5    where JsonItemType : class, IRangedJsonItem<T>
6  { }
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