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Last change on this file since 17471 was 17471, checked in by dpiringe, 13 months ago


  • deleted INamedMatrixJsonItem and all corresponding classes/views, because of bad design
  • added ILookupJsonItem and IValueLookupJsonItem (incl. all corresponding implementations, VMs, Views)
  • added IResultJsonItem
  • changed type of property Control from JsonItemBaseControl to UserControl in IJsonItemVM (because the details control now builds up with linked user controls -> allows better construction of dynamic controls)
  • added all properties of INamedMatrixJsonItem in IMatrixJsonItem
  • refactored a lot of views for better usage (TableLayoutPanel is used a lot now -> for better item positioning)
  • property ActualName is now located in ILookupJsonItem instead of IJsonItem
File size: 427 bytes
1using System;
2using System.Collections.Generic;
3using System.Linq;
4using System.Text;
5using System.Threading.Tasks;
7namespace HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.OptimizerIntegration {
8  public interface IMatrixJsonItemVM : IJsonItemVM {
9    bool RowsResizable { get; set; }
10    bool ColumnsResizable { get; set; }
11    IEnumerable<string> RowNames { get; set; }
12    IEnumerable<string> ColumnNames { get; set; }
13  }
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