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  • made interfaces for array/matrix JsonItems and for their VMs aswell (IArrayJsonItem, IArrayJsonItemVM, IMatrixJsonItem, IMatrixJsonItemVM), incl. base classes (ArrayJsonItemBase, ArrayValueVM, MatrixJsonItemBase, MatrixValueVM)
  • changed inheritance structure for already existing array/matrix JsonItems -> they inherit now from new base array/matrix base classes
  • added input elements to configure the size of an matrix or array in JsonItemMultiValueControl (incl. VM binding and validation)
  • splitted file JsonItems.cs into separate files for their corresponding types (IntJsonItems.cs, DoubleJsonItems.cs, BoolJsonItems.cs, StringJsonItem.cs, DateTimeJsonItem.cs)
  • changed location of deserialization of json values from JsonTemplateInstantiator into IJsonItem (implemented in JsonItem and set to virtual, overridden in MatrixJsonItemBase and ArrayJsonItemBase)
  • added new CLI argument StringArgument
  • some little UI improvements (location fixes, anchor fixes, ...)
File size: 282 bytes
1using System;
2using System.Collections.Generic;
3using System.Linq;
4using System.Text;
5using System.Threading.Tasks;
7namespace HeuristicLab.JsonInterface.OptimizerIntegration {
8  public interface IArrayJsonItemVM : IJsonItemVM {
9    bool Resizable { get; set; }
10  }
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