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source: branches/2924_DotNetCoreMigration/HeuristicLab.PluginInfrastructure/3.3/Interfaces/IRunner.cs @ 17013

Last change on this file since 17013 was 17013, checked in by dpiringe, 4 years ago


  • some changes in CLIApplication.cs to reduce unnecessary allocation of string objects
  • renamed AppTest to ConsoleOptimizer and fixed race condition
  • replaced enum RunnerJob with class RunnerMessage for more control of saved data
  • changed usage of BinaryFormatter with HEAL.Attic, following types are now Storable:
    • ConsoleOptimizer
    • InspectApplication
    • ApplicationBase
    • ApplicationRunner
    • AssemblyInfo
    • Runner
    • UniPath
    • RunnerMessage
  • switched QuietMode from ApplicationRunner to IRunner
  • DockerRunnerHost can now automatically build docker images for linux and windows containers (also identifies which container type is active) -> removes the condition to have the image preinstalled
    • to achieve this, there are two new folders DockerLinuxBuild and DockerWindowsBuild included in build output, which include Dockerfiles to build images for linux and windows container
  • added NuGet package System.CodeDom to project HeuristicLab.Scripting-3.3
  • added method Send(RunnerMessage) to IRunnerHost and transferred methods Pause and Resume to IRunner
  • added internal reference of RunnerHost in Runner
  • added abstract method SendMessage(RunnerMessage) in RunnerHost which gets called from method Send(RunnerMessage)
  • because of a Google.Protobuf "bug", RunnerMessages cannot get serialized/deserialized directly on stream -> workaround with a byte array, which gets written and read
    • additionally, the length of the array gets sent first (length as integer -> 4 bytes)
    • static method in RunnerMessage to read a message from a stream
    • the method SendMessage(RunnerMessage) in RunnerHost implements this functionality
File size: 439 bytes
1using System.Collections.Generic;
3namespace HeuristicLab.PluginInfrastructure {
4  public interface IRunner {
5    /// <summary>
6    /// Assemblies which the child process needs to load.
7    /// </summary>
8    IEnumerable<AssemblyInfo> AssembliesToLoad { get; set; }
10    /// <summary>
11    /// Method to run the runner.
12    /// </summary>
13    void Run();
15    void Pause();
16    void Resume();
17    void Cancel();
18  }
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