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HeuristicLab 3.3.15 - Pending

Changes to the previous release that are available in the daily build of our stable branch and will become part of the next release: Download HeuristicLab daily build binaries.

Features and Enhancements:

Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2592 5 weeks Algorithms.CMAEvolutionStrategy MO-CMA-ES for Realnumbered Problem
#745 6 weeks Algorithms.DataAnalysis More advanced linear regression methods with included feature selection
#2581 7 weeks Algorithms.DataAnalysis Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) for symbolic regression models
#2631 4 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Confidence Intervals for Random Forest Regression
#2657 7 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Possibility to do multiple random restarts for non-linear regression (curve fitting) algorithm
#2687 7 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Support for time lags in non-linear function fitting
#2699 5 weeks Algorithms.DataAnalysis Radial Basis Function Regression
#2700 5 weeks Algorithms.DataAnalysis t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding
#2734 5 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Linear models represented should use the linear tree interpreter for evaluation
#2755 3 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis For gradient boosted trees with LogisticRegressionLoss the threshold for the discriminant function should be set to zero.
#2760 6 weeks Algorithms.DataAnalysis Shuffle samples in the cross-validation wrapper for data analysis algorithms
#2771 8 weeks Algorithms.DataAnalysis Support for factor variables in elastic net regression
#2782 6 weeks Algorithms.DataAnalysis Gaussian process regression should also calculate the leave-one-out predictive probability
#2690 6 weeks Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views Implement views for decision tree models (random forest and gradient boosted trees)
#2715 7 weeks Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views Multiple Histogram DataRows in DataTableView
#2792 5 weeks Algorithms.GeneticAlgorithm Genetic algorithm should choose a mutation operator by default
#2634 6 weeks Analysis Run-length distribution (RLD) Analysis of Algorithm Instances
#2744 6 weeks Analysis Add content and view for Gantt visualization
#2713 7 weeks Analysis.Views Configuration Context Menu for DataTableView and ScatterPlotView
#2765 7 weeks Analysis.Views ScatterPlot should support tag objects
#2729 3 months Core Allow excluding generic type in item attribute
#2732 3 months Data GetRow and GetColumn iterators for ValueTypeMatrix<T>
#2674 3 months Data.Views Copy&paste should also copy the row names for DoubleArrays
#2724 7 weeks Data.Views EnumValueView should consider the FlagsAttribute
#2663 5 months DataPreprocessing.Views Make Linechart and Histrogram of DataPreprocessing more userfriendly
#2693 8 weeks DataPreprocessing.Views Allow multi-selection for columns in the datagrid in the data-preprocessing tool
#2698 2 months DataPreprocessing.Views Multi-Scatterplot in Preprocessing crashes HL with high number of variables
#2709 5 weeks DataPreprocessing.Views DataPreprocessing Enhancements
#2761 8 weeks DataPreprocessing.Views DataPreprocessing should show the TypeSelectorDialog for creating filters
#2730 6 weeks Encodings Add similarity calculators and equality comparers for encodings
#2666 6 weeks Encodings.LinearLinkageEncoding Improve Performance of LinearLinkageEncoding
#2731 3 months Encodings.PermutationEncoding Improve performance of certain manipulations on Permutation
#2651 6 weeks ExtLibs Integrate igraph in HeuristicLab
#2814 11 days General Remove CreatorsUpdate Quick-Fix
#2743 5 weeks Hive.General Overhaul HL services
#2791 5 weeks Hive.Slave Checkpointing within Hive slaves should be improved
#2258 3 weeks Optimization Executable.Start executes it asynchronously
#2524 3 weeks Optimization It should be possible to pause BasicAlgorithms
#2774 7 weeks Optimization Individuals should be able to store additional data
#2783 7 weeks Optimization Provide useful helper methods in BasicProblem
#2758 7 weeks Optimization.Views RunCollectionView is too slow
#2800 6 weeks Optimization.Views Hiding lots of runs in the BubbleChart should be faster
#2736 6 weeks Problems Implement Graph Coloring Problem
#2739 4 weeks Problems.BinPacking Improve binpacking visualization
#2762 4 weeks Problems.BinPacking New heuristics for BinPacking
#2706 6 weeks Problems.Binary Binary problems should include similarity calculators for population diversity analysis
#2649 11 months Problems.DataAnalysis OnlineNMSECalculator should use population variance instead of sample variance
#2672 5 months Problems.DataAnalysis Online calculators should be cloneable
#2697 6 weeks Problems.DataAnalysis Refactor certain parts for data-based modeling
#2757 6 weeks Problems.DataAnalysis Provide friction test datasets as regression problem instances
#2442 3 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Linq Expression Trees Interpreter for HeuristicLab
#2650 6 weeks Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Support for categorical variables (R factors) for symbolic regression with GP
#2677 7 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Support for multi-argument functions for non-linear function fitting
#2686 6 weeks Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Support for time lags in constant optimizer
#2692 7 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic The 'mathematical view' for symbolic expressions should show factors = 1 directly in the formula.
#2742 5 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Possibility to store the history of best solutions for single-objective symbolic regression
#2741 5 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Extend the multi-objective symbolic regression analyzer to analyze the test error in the Pareto-front
#2802 5 weeks Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Provide a well-configured sample for symbolic regression with GP with strict offspring selection
#2632 11 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Legends for charts for data analysis solutions should show the target variable when possible
#2662 7 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Show Y-Value in Target Response Gradients
#2670 6 weeks Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Target Response Gradient charts should be renamed
#2673 8 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Solution view for variable impacts
#2718 3 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views View to analyze residuals over the rows of the dataset for regression solutions
#2749 4 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views DataAnalysisSolutionViews should never show ResultViews
#2750 4 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views EstimatedValuesView for RegressionSolutions does not show residuals
#2759 4 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Change problemdata of DataAnalysisAlgorithms
#2779 6 weeks Problems.DataAnalysis.Views For model validation and inspection an analysis of residuals over input variables could be insightful
#2553 5 weeks Problems.ExternalEvaluation Provide access to script's compiled instance as dynamic object
#2660 6 weeks Problems.Instances Extend VariableNetworkInstances to include problems with no noise and to calculate actual variable relevance
#2737 5 weeks Problems.Instances TSPLIBInstanceProvider only sets best known quality if also optimal tour is known
#2705 8 weeks Problems.VehicleRouting Best-known quality only VRP solutions
#2703 4 months Random Gamma distribution for HeuristicLab
#2560 8 weeks Services.OKB Enable uploading and downloading of characteristic values in okb
#2588 8 weeks Services.OKB Enable uploading and downloading of solutions in okb
#2694 2 months Visualization.ChartControlsExtensions Lazy-loading of the ExportDialog in the EnchancedChart


Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2753 3 months Algorithms.ALPS ALPS does not reparameterize the evaluator
#2529 3 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis AR1 is not evaluated correctly on the test partition
#2652 11 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Scaling of variable values is missing for k-nearest neighbors models
#2653 10 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis GetEstimatedValues is not thread-safe for k-nearest neighbours model
#2712 7 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis GaussianProcesses define a Maximization parameter
#2752 5 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Dataset partitions are not set correctly in for GBT with logistic regression loss
#2756 6 weeks Algorithms.DataAnalysis GBT with logistic regression loss function cannot be used in cross-validation
#2763 3 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Qualities-Chart for GBT should start at 0
#2815 9 days Algorithms.ParameterlessPopulationPyramid Implement cloning and serialization of P3 correctly
#2797 4 weeks Algorithms.ParticleSwarmOptimization Improve PSO implementation
#2799 6 weeks Analysis.Views DataTable and ScatterPlotView (De)RegisterEvents base-calls missing
#2547 8 weeks Clients.OKB Method ConvertToOptimizationRun should be moved from QueryView to QueryClient
#2746 4 months Common Overflow issues in binomial coefficient calculation
#2778 3 months DataPreprocessing Shuffling manipulation in the DataPreprocessing does not work as expected
#2714 5 months DataPreprocessing.Views DataGridView key events do not work correctly
#2540 5 weeks Encodings.RealVectorEncoding StringConvertibleMatrixView may throw an exception if it is reused
#2647 5 months Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Crossover does not remove swapped subtrees from the non-root parent
#2685 3 months Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding SymbolicExpressionGrammars calculate the min length and depth of expression wrong
#2689 4 months Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Parameters of SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding are not prefixed with the encoding name which causes problems when used in MultiEncoding
#2794 7 weeks Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views Pad and center tree chart & layout
#2648 6 months ExtLibs Correct outputpath of sim# 3.0.9
#2735 5 months ExtLibs Netron diagramming build problems using Build.cmd
#2803 6 weeks ExtLibs Fix igraph tests
#2664 3 weeks General Adapt project files for linux
#2781 3 months General BioBoost: Demo file cannot be opened because of a missing plugin dependency
#2788 2 months General Blue screen on some Windows 10 systems
#2764 3 months Hive.Client MenuItem CreateHiveJob operates on the displayed content
#2784 5 weeks Hive.General Pausing of Hive tasks does not work
#2667 4 months MainForm.WindowsForms ObjectDisposedException might crash HL in ProgressView in combination with importing data from CSV file
#2716 6 weeks MainForm.WindowsForms Exception in RemoveOperationProgressFromContent
#2711 5 months Optimization The execution state of algorithms is not synchronized correctly if an exception occurs during the stop operation
#2786 3 months Optimization Cursor keys in optimizer menu navigate in wrong direction
#2816 11 days Optimization BasicAlgorithms are not cloned correctly
#2810 5 weeks Optimization.Views Tooltips in Bubblechart for non-numerical values is wrong
#2785 3 months Problems.BinPacking BinPacking doesn't respect stacking constraints
#2669 7 months Problems.DataAnalysis TargetVariable information is lost in DataAnalysisModels
#2683 7 months Problems.DataAnalysis Exception when trying to open the data preprocessing view for regression solutions
#2723 6 weeks Problems.DataAnalysis Providing variable values as double[] to Dataset fails at runtime
#2710 5 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Editing variable nodes in the tree simplifier fails if the variable symbol does not contain any variable names
#2675 11 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views TimeframeFeatureCorrelationCalculator cuts the observations within the window at the start and appends them to the end
#2702 7 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Axis for estimated values and for predicted values should be switched in the scatter plot view
#2717 7 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views The feature correlation view sometimes shows wrong double.NaN values
#2807 5 weeks Problems.DataAnalysis.Views PartialDependencePlot throws Exception with constant values
#2371 11 months Problems.Instances Setting the seed for ValueGenerator not possible (for data analysis problems)
#2661 6 weeks Problems.Instances Remove bugs in TableFileParser
#2688 6 weeks Problems.Instances Encoding is not forwarded to the table file parser while importing CSV files
#2720 3 months Problems.Instances Exporting of JSSP problem instances does not work
#2801 6 weeks Problems.Instances Typos in csv importer dialog
#2790 6 weeks Problems.Scheduling Island GA throws exception when applied to JSSP
#2775 7 weeks Problems.TestFunctions MultiRealVectorCrossover throws exception when applied during multi-objective optimization
#2696 6 weeks Problems.VehicleRouting Clear BestKnownSolution and BestKnownQuality when problem instances changes
#2721 6 months Random Shuffle extension method throws on empty enumerable
#2787 7 weeks Scripting.Views Opening a C# script on Windows10 causes a change of DPI settings (scaling of widgets)
#2728 6 months Visualization.ChartControlsExtensions Fix EnhancedChart resetting the zoom level


Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2751 7 weeks General Upgrade build process for HL
#2805 5 weeks General Update mergeinfo of stable branch to include already merged revisions